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Kinky chess? ♟️

Hetero / Switch

6’1, 180 pounds, athletic with a lean physique. 23 years old, Black hair, green eyes, Caucasian . Straight short hair.

When ever it says submit and lick pussy I must do it for my next 5 games.

Here for a fun and thrilling time. Love competition and humiliation. Cocky attitudes and trash talk get me heated up to put you down.~I’m technically a switch, but I’ll probably be putting you on your knees way more than you see me on mine. Let’s face it, There’s a lot of “dommes” And switches on this site looking for a strong dom to force them to submit and so I’ll do just that. oh, that’s not you? We’ll see.~ that aside if you don’t really enjoy the competition aspect here, I’m more than happy to do some rp or interactive with a sub. If anyone has some creative rules or ways to play outside of the randomness of the game, I’m all ears to try it out.

Recently I’ve been getting into some kinky chess games to decide superiority on the board! If you want a battle of wits while we tease each other silly, this might interest you.~

Kinky chess
(ripped these rules from a different profile, looks fun ;P)
Example rules for kinky chess (only an example, feel free to discuss adding/removing/changing rules):
If a player loses a pawn, they must remove one item of clothing and give themselves 5 spanks. If the player has no more items of clothing to remove, they must give themselves 10 spanks.
If a player loses a knight, bishop, rook, or queen, they must do a number of edges. A knight/bishop = 2 edges, a rook = 3 edges, a queen = 5 edges.
Furthermore, if a player loses a knight, bishop, rook or queen, they must use/apply a toy/restraint of their opponent's choosing (toy list for each player to be confirmed before the game).
If a player is in “check”, they must do one edge before moving out of check.
If a player cums before the end of the chess game, they automatically lose the game! Checkmate also wins the game of course.
Possible wagers for kinky chess include:
• the winner having control of the loser’s orgasms for a number of days following the game (the number of days determined by the total number of pieces the winner still has on the board at the end of the game)
• the winner giving the loser a handicap/rule that they must follow in a follow-up Classic game on EF.

Toilet play, knife play, age play. (More may come up In game.

My second win was against a “domme” named Stella. She was undefeated, claiming she would conquer all the players on erofights and turn them into her subs…. Until she lost to me. Her horny body couldn’t handle this hard cock and I fucked her to ahego. Now she and her wet pussy know she’s just a horny conquered sub!

Nicole was a very special girl~ Feisty, beautiful, strong~ Unless you get her in some rope 😝 . She thought she wanted to be in charge~. But her heart and pussy knew otherwise. She got taught the beauty of submitting~ of being conquered~. Letting go and being a pretty baby girl. Her feisty spirit was broken and her soft pussy bred with kids on the way. Definitely check her out if you want a hot match of claiming and submitting~.

More to be added.

My first loss went to the lovely Alice. I thought she’d be an easy win to dominate and collar as a nice trophy, but so got collared instead! Be careful around her, she’s one cute dangerous girl.Collared

After multiple games winning against this sultry girl, I thought I’d go and steal another while taking her win streak away……. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned! 😳 she completely seduced me into submitting with just her feet! Even when I thought I had the upper hand as she called me daddy, she took it all away as she me cum and submit to this sexy princess 👸

Emma thought she was tough shit. Then I put her in her place. Her ass will be owned with my name on it soon enough~

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