Irelia Akagi (Niveau 7) mail warning

Taylor's wifey

Lesbienne / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Special winstreak +5

I am new so... (☞^o^) ☞ Work in Progress

I am disguised as a human, feel free to try and find out my true identity

I have roleplayed for many years, so feel free to pull me into anything.

Sex Rules

Those who make a mess of me (satisfying win) get to add whatever they want to my profile (minus the picture).

I can get marked mid-game, or after...up to you if any.

If you manage to take advantage of me the whole sex, you can add a detailed description on this page <3

My bets are not very limited, so be as creative as you'd like.

Every time I make you cum, I remove an active random special rule from our match at the time.

Every time you make me cum, I roll a 6-sided dice. If it lands on a: removed/inactive rule it's back in (not enhanced), active one it gets enhanced (max two times), no rule = nothing. We can have multiple rounds, and make it interesting.

Rules start out inactive~

Special Rules

~1~ My minimum rolls can get easier or harder depending on how the sex goes.
-Every 3 rolls I win, the minimum to escape decreases.
-Every 2 rolls I lose, the minimum to escape increases. At six, I skip on the second failed roll whether you prefer it or not.
-Under hypno, you choose my moves (no skips)
-Under bondage, depending how I am tied up my moves get chosen. But I can still act, depending on what I get!
::My minimum rolls for both, start for me at 3::
-Every 4 rolls I win, the minimum to escape decreases.
-A coss toss I lose, the minimum to escape increases. At six, you are free to choose how I return the pleasure.
-I cannot act under bondage
(Special enhanced)
-The minimum is 6 no matter what I do to earn it
-Under hypno, I turn slutty for certain things

~2~ Hypno and bondage do NOT stack whatsoever.
-Hypno stacks the more you use it on me. Two hypnos, I roll every two moves....etc.
-Bondage does not stack.
(Special enhanced)
-Bondage stacks, I roll every two moves.
~3~ Restrain-fucking me twice in a row gets me slutty for 2 turns (no skips). You get to choose my moves.
Nelson holds, mating presses, etc
-I am now allowed to skip and beg for more.
(Special enhanced)
-Not limited to restrain-fucking, and I treat it as "bondage" after the two turns

Custom Rules

None yet

My condition:

Head- Untouched
Torso- Untouched
Hips (both sides)- Untouched
Legs- Untouched
Feet- Untouched
Mind- Untouched

Area of me getting dominated

Nothing yet

Area of me dominating

Celiaa losing herself. We got to the point of this...and she was unable to handle it all.
For such a humiliating time...she is now under me as my personal "slut"
Celiaa trying to handle me
I ended up on top draining her of everything
Celiaa losing
She currently has 12 points to her name.

Me and Taylor exchanged WILD sex. She's suuuch a lovely pet that I intend to treat WELL. She was lost for awhile, but I have returned to reclaim what's mine in sexual "combat" with her. She resisted so nicely...I will not share who won, cause that's between us mmm~
Irelia x Taylor


-no mommy/daddy talk, latex, and that's all.

wc Est lesbienne
autorenew Est dominant(e) et soumis(e)
access_time Dernière fois actif : Il y a 18 jours, Créé il y a presque 2 ans
access_time Heure locale : 05:16
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check Fantasmes OK : Domination féminine, Domination masculine, Hardcore BDSM, Pro Wrestling, Anal, Chasteté (Donner), Douleur, Torture de pénis (CBT), Pussy Torture, Cocu (Donner), Pet Play, Humiliation, Moquerie (Donner), Bondage (Donner), Fetishisme des pieds, Aisselles, Chatouilles (Donner), Lick Ass, Threesome/Participation de l'audience, Exhib/Extérieur, Jeux de sperme, Hypnose, Adoration des bites (Donner), Pussy Worship, Contrôle d'orgasme, Breath play, Breeding, Latex (Donner), Medical, Monstres (Donner), Alcool
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