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Hi there!
My name is Natasha, I'm 28 and Curvy/BBW. I have thick thighs, and a nice big ass. My chest is 38DD. Oh and yes, that is me in my Avatar image. I'm always told I'm great at giving head with an awesome view of my ass while doing so. As far as this game goes, total switch. It depends on my mood. If you're dominant I like testing just how dominant you are. Masochism is something I really dance around with and enjoy the descriptions I get in these games. On that note, I play as best as I can when I'm a sub. Some of you are so descriptive when dominating me, I'm too busy to write just as much detail back. So if you don't like my short answers, tough, stop being so damn good at this then. Lol
My dominant side comes in when I'm choosing to play with boys waiting for JOI. You're ready for what ever I want and I love that. No complications there at all. Occasionally I like to fight for the right to dominate, like the wrestling style matches. I'm fairly new to the role-playing thing, so it's been helping me learn and build the skills there and reminding me just how descriptive I can be if I take my time. But again, if I'm getting owned in game, chances are I'm busy getting off but I'm nice enough to write something decent back, something my opponent can work with lol.
This is all for now, will continue to edit when necessary.
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