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Bi / Switch

Witch in training.

Yes, boys can be witches.

My outfit? Teacher says this is what all witches wear...

What?!?! I'm not cute! You're cute! Say that again and I'll cast a spell on you~

James turned my spell against me. Now whenever I get played with by tentacles, I roll a dice and skip on 4 or less for the next 3 games (3/3).

Tony tried to capture me for his dark lord, but couldn't resist my magic. Now I'm on the run from his army.

I was convinced that I could turn Saikou into my pet, but he had me begging to be his mate instead.

Lady Veronica Dominaque thought I would be easy prey. But the cocky witch underestimated me and ended up at the end of a leash. A quick walk around town showed everyone just how powerfull she was.

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