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Greetings, traveler, and welcome to Castle Voldaitt my current home, would you like a snack or something to drink?~
While my servants get you it, let me introduce myself, I am Tony, the king of these lands. And yes, I am a vampire. But don't worry, I don't bite~

You may be now wondering how a vampire came to this position, don't you? Well, I can quickly explain the events that led me to become this. Some rather unpleasant and bad events lead to an outbreak of a civil war in this kingdom. This was at the time I was still a Viscount. Oh right, before I forget, please use that title, I like the ring of it much more than King. Now, where was I... Ah! Yes, as soon as the war reached the borders of my lands and threaten the safety of my people, I knew that I could no longer watch idly by and had to take action. To not put anyone close to me in danger, I moved alone and succeed to pacify the capital in one night, and from there on the rest of the kingdom. For six years now I have been the ruler of this closed kingdom which now finally begins to look outward again.

So please stay awhile and tell me a bit about the outside world, dear traveler. You will be, for the duration of your stay here, my esteemed guest maybe we'll get to know each other a little better at dinner over a bottle of vine or a walk outside in the garden~

About me:

Game maintainer for Dungeon Adventure mode. If you need support or have any questions drop me a DM
I consider myself a switch with a big lean to the dom side and will not let everyone make me sub. So try not to force it I will tell you of course but if you repeatedly try to do it I will leave the game
I generally play hentai or dungeon mode and also play over dm either here or on Discord
Here is also a pic of my kinks ask me if any of them are in the maybe category and we can talk about if I'm up for it to include them in our play

The character I'm trying to play is a combination of Dracula and Strahd but only as a guideline really
The canon part is that my character is rather caring and romantic but if the need arises he will do what is necessary to keep his friends and family close. So I can also play a full-on villain for a non-canon story if that is what you wish
That brings me to one important thing I like to roleplay and mostly roleplay so if you came here for something competitive or just clicking on the actions I don't think we would match really but if you think otherwise you can still try your luck
Also if you want an example of a location of a dungeon to explore there are three further down the profile
And before I forget I'm also the leader of a small little faction you can join if you want. Take look over here, if you are interested and you will have no obligation after you joined

Important people

My lovely Wife Dessy

I summoned a powerful sorceress to my castle in the capital city for a problem that arose at the coast in the east of the nation and as the crackling of teleporting finally ended, my eyes fixed on the beautiful woman that, just, appeared on the throne room.
She seemed to be the woman I had been waiting for, I could tell. When I finished explaining why I summoned her here, I tried to avert my eyes, but couldn't. She attracted me, she attracted my whole body.
I desired her, although I had never felt this so tremendously before. It was like I had known her for a long time, even though I was just giving her the first glimpse. And after an intimate interaction where she offered to join the nation. I tried my luck and offered her to become my wife to help bring happiness and joy to the people, to which she happily agreed.

And whether she is by my side or far from my sight
I will always love her
For my heart rests peacefully in her soul
From now on and the many years to come

My obedient Pet Leliah

Hmm... Where should I begin? Yes, let's start from here! I encountered this lovely kitty in the city of Erofight while traveling around and exploring the world, and since then we have grown only closer. With her now almost incapable of leaving my side and following me almost everywhere.
So I brought her with me to my castle and gave her a nice collar to show everyone who she belongs and to give her something to remember me while I'm a bit away. After some more time, I decided to make her a vampire so that she will be my Pet forever and we can have fun forever~

She is now forever my cute Pet... and I'm her eternal Master

My cute Barista kilo

This cute boy was my barista in a cafè in the city where I was taking a stroll through. As soon as I saw him when I entered the cafè I knew that I want him to serve me my coffee and to my luck, he even came to my table as soon as I had seated myself. The nice coffee break soon turned lewd and after some foreplay, we went to his home where soon it escalated further and turned into a full-blown session of breeding his cute bubble butt~
To remind him from now on and in future who's barista he is now, he got a collar moved to my home so that I have this cute barista boy close to me and ready for some breeding from time to time~

I couldn't have asked for a better and cuter barista

My beautiful maid Alice

This beautiful maid was looking for a new master and as I was looking for a maid at that time I invited her to my castle. Where I gave her a thorough interview about what she can do and her skills~ And it didn't take long for her to convince me of them. So she serves me now as my new maid in my castle, cleaning it and satisfying all of her master's needs.

She is now bound with her own dark delight to me~

The kind high priestess, Marigold

As I searched for members of my council, I came across one of the kindest and most beautiful kitsune there is. After a little friendly talk, she agreed to become the high priestess and join the council. From there on, we both had a lot of fun and still have as we grow with each passing day closer and our friendship deeper.

I knew when I met her a fun adventure was going to happen

Powers and abilities of the Viscount (for role-play)

Immunity to some normal vampire weaknesses. Like the sun and running water
Command of night creatures, in particular bats and wolves.
Stronger and faster than a regular human


His castle and manor are fully enchanted.
Astral projection: I can magically send a projection of myself somewhere to talk to an invader of my home without the risk of getting hurt or escaping a risky situation. It works almost like A teleportation spell but it takes a while and I have to stay almost still for it to work before I take either the form of mist or a flock of crows. Also now thanks to my cute wife I can teleport instantly to a place where I where already.
Transformation into a female or Femboy version of himself
Elemental control: Strong control over water, medium control over all others. Some examples:
Water: Will let me create tentacles that allow me to tease my partner among other things.
Fire: Will let me magically burn away the clothes of my opponent without inflicting damage on them
Air: Mostly used to create humiliating events
Earth: Used to bind my opponent or combined with the other to create traps

That are the spells I mostly use but there are of course more, and I would be happy to teach magic to any willing student that wants to learn magic or the arcane

Example Locations for Dungeon Mode

As promised here are some Locations which are fleshed out the most, but I have also nothing against using a suggestion from someone.

Castle Nightwell

Here is the first one Castle Nightwell or how it is also called the Citadel of the Vampire Count. It will be used mostly when I play a villain.

A description of this location as this one doesn't change much or is too big to fit everything here:

This castle was the most significant fortification in the northern region of the kingdom and the seat of power for the Viscount, before the civil war. It is a fortress of dark stone, bound in iron, and is located almost on top of the big mountain Brossor and was designed to protect against a possible threat from the north. As at the time of the erection of the castle, Vestrainia and their northern neighbor were not on good speaking terms, but that soon changed after a few years after the castle was finished and was then given over to the Viscount. He added then the runes to the walls and made it his seat of power from then on until the civil war.

The walls were big and black and were inscribed with runes that absorbed light, letting it seem like it was night all the time as you come closer and closer to it from the mountain road. There is only one way into this massive castle, and that is one long stone bridge with a wooden drawbridge leading over a ravine that separates the castle from the mountain a bit.

The main castle gates led to a hall that veered to the left and right from the large center banquet hall. The corridors hugged the hall on both sides. The left and right hall passages led to the castle guard barracks. The right hall eventually led to a spiral staircase to the castle's second floor and passed a smaller meeting hall, library, and two smaller chambers.

The second floor of the castle held another sizable banquet hall, with a master bedroom door and the door that led into a series of hallways that had several smaller rooms connected to it. One of these smaller rooms was an alchemical laboratory that was used as a vintners' workroom as well as for wine pressing.

The spacious basement of Castle Nightwell was layered into two levels.
The first one was used to store food supplies, barrels of aging red wine, and barrels of flammable lamp oil. This level was partially constructed out of precisely mortared stones and partially carved out of the natural rocks the castle stood upon. The floors of the first sub-level were smooth and decorated with fancy carvings. The walls were carved as masterfully as the floors. They resemble decorative imagery of the night sky, nearby hills, and forests.
The next floor serves as a quarter place for the guards of the castle and an armory. At the time before the Viscount lived here now it is a workshop for the Viscount for his small little projects like creating moving armor and stone gargoyles so in other words golems.

The Kingdom of Vestrainia

The next one is quite a bit larger as it involves the entire nation of Vestrainia. Here I mostly use my alt as the guild leader to send interested people on quests or to locations for something more long-term and sometimes a one-shot adventure. So if you are interested in this one please look at the faction profile to get a feel for the countryside of the nation.

Will add a pic later when I created a map for it

Lair of the Obsidian Raven

The third one would be the Lair of the Obsidian Raven it is a giant Labyrinth in the middle of the marsh and one of the hardest location.

Although the entrance of the labyrinth doesn't look so treathingly a foolish adventure would be soon be teached to step into it so carelessly.
I especially left the description from both out as it would become too long, and as the labyrinth is magical in nature it doesn't stay the same but changes with time itself to become more dangerous or safer depending on it.

Special features~

Congratulations on reading so far, here is a little reward. I'm not opposed to playing one of my two alt, so if you want to play with me in one of these forms just give a heads-up and I will happily think about it

My looks after the transformation:

Female version:

Femboy version:

Oh you have read so far well then you could join us on our little WIP Discord server if you want. Discord invite

Other interesting people I've met and non canon

Non canon:
Met Vii he is a witch of a goddess that is opposing the growing tide of the Dark Lord's army. His first fight with the minions of darkness was a back and forth, at first it looks like it, he was winning, but then the servant of darkness showed him the power that he got from his Lord. With it, he tried to make the witch submit to him and his Lord so that he can become the perfect little toy for his Lord. But as the servant was recovering mana, Vii bets everything on one card with the artifact that the goddess gave him, and he channels his last power in a great spell. With the Spell unleashed, he won against the servant and banishes him to pleasure hell. How will the story continue as the dark lord is approaching with his army to subjugate the lasts corners of the world?

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