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You see a lone man standing before a lake bathed in the pale moonlight. As he notices you he turns around and directs his red eyes at you, studying you before smiling warmly.
Welcome you can come closer if you want.

(Attention this character is a vampire)


1) Information about the Character
2) My lovely wife
3) Powers and abilities
4) Information about me/kinks
5) Limits
6) Interesting people I've met

1) Information about the Character:

This character is coming from the country of Vestrainia where he is the reigning Viscount. Which is an immense country inhabited by humans.
The country itself is bordered by a huge mountain to the North, a swampland to the South, a sea to the East, and mineral-rich mountains to the West, the country of Vestrainia mainly lives off alchemy, wood production, and hunting. The landscape is dreary; concealed mountain views, black lakes, and gloomy forests are just a sliver Vestrainia has to offer.

If you want a more detailed version look over here.

2) My lovely wife Dessy

I summoned a powerful sorceress to my castle in the capital city for a problem that arose at the coast in the east of the nation and as the crackling of teleporting finally ended, my eyes fixed on the beautiful woman that, just, appeared on the throne room.
She seemed to be the woman I had been waiting for, I could tell. When I finished explaining why I summoned her here, I tried to avert my eyes, but couldn't. She attracted me, she attracted my whole body.
I desired her, although I had never felt this so tremendously before. It was like I had known her for a long time, even though I was just giving her the first glimpse. And after an intimate interaction where she offered to join the nation. I tried my luck and offered her to become my wife to help bring happiness and joy to the people, to which she happily agreed.

She is mine... And I am Hers...

3) Powers and abilities of my character (for role-play

Immunity to some normal vampire weaknesses.
Command of night creatures, in particular bats and wolves.
Stronger and faster than a regular human


His castle and manor are fully enchanted.
Astral projection: to magically send a projection of himself, which he can do in either the form of mist or flocks of crows
Elemental control: Strong control over water, medium control over all others.

4) Information about me:

I would say that I'm a switch, but I prefer the dominant role, but of course, we can talk about that. Dom role is active for Dungeon Adventure mode send me a dm if you want to change it before we play.

Can speak German and moderate English

Also, I am a bit new to the world of role-playing but willing to learn, so if you have any kind of tips I would be grateful.

Playing most of the time with rp mode on or in dm.


Also got some Lovense toys ask if you want me to link them up for our games

5) Limits

In Rp: excessive pain, scat, watersport, and only humiliation play.

In Irl: excessive pain, scat, watersport, only humiliation play Cei(precum okay) CBT.

6) Interesting people I've met

Met Vii he is a witch of a goddess that is opposing the growing tide of the Dark Lord's army. His first fight with the minions of darkness was a back and-forth, at first it looks like it, he was winning, but then the servant of darkness showed him the power that he got from his Lord. With it, he tried to make the witch submit to him and his Lord so that he can become the perfect little toy for his Lord. But as the servant was recovering mana, Vii bets everything on one card with the artifact that the goddess gave him, and he channels his last power in a great spell. With the Spell unleashed, he won against the servant and banishes him to pleasure hell. How will the story continue as the dark lord is approaching with his army to subjugate the lasts corners of the world?

Met kilo, is a femboy barista in a café with a cute maid dress. First of all, Tony couldn't believe that Kilo is a boy and had to convince himself first and so one thing leads to another if you now listen carefully to whether or not you can hear a slight moan from the corner table, which is not immediately visible where Tony is sitting. story still ongoing

I Met Joshua on my vacation at a stroll through the streets. I asked him what kind of cute wolf-boy he is, and he told me he is an Ice wolf, I then asked if his skin is cold to touch. He did let me pet him and I found out that it gives just the right amount of coolness off. From there I invite him to a café near the beach where he ate ice cream and I ate a crêpe and talk about ourselves. I also found out that he loves to prank people in the sea by making the water icy. We then moved from there to my Hotel room over the beach where we currently are playing games. Story still ongoing

Met Lana, and we had a little one-sided fight where she could almost not break free of my bondage ropes so it was easy to break her fight spirit and make her cum her brains out. She even squirted from her cock hungry pussy. That was a nice sight to behold.
As a consolation prize, I came the first time deep down her throat which might have been a bit too much for her then now all she can think about is my cock when she sees it and begs to feel it deep down her throat again. The second time I came was when she was riding my big fat cock. When it was time I grabbed her hips and pulled her down so that my cock came as deep as possible into her. So I gave her a collar to remind her of our time together

Currently owning Leliah a Submissive Foxgirl cum slut in training under me.

Met Katie at first I didn't want to collar such a nice kitty but now she is wearing a nice pink collar with a bell and has become my sweet little pet that loves to get to fucked by my cock and even better she made great friends with my hungry plants the even made her come one time. She has now always had a place in my home.

Met Marvin after a little talk and some games he has chosen to become a sweet little toy. He especially likes when some plays with his smooth balls~

Met AliceI was looking for some new maids for the castle, and that is when the beautiful Alice appeared. And I saw her looking for a Master and Mistress, and that's when I was sure that I had to give her an "Interview" and see if she fitted for us. After the interview was over, the castle and I are now richer by a beautiful maid, and she was with a master and a mistress.


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You lift his leg and fuck him sideways! Fuck him sideways You suction your dildo to the wall, lube up your waiting hole and plunge the toy deep inside yourself. They look on in awe as you pound your ass, clearly getting aroused themselves. Ride a dildo As you spy on the adventurer walking in a light snowfall, you get an idea to use one of the local snow women. So you begin to make the snowfall heavier to get the snow women to come out. Encounter: Yuki Onna You stumble upon an ancient tomb from a bygone era. What treasures can you raid from this place? Plunder: Tomb So much for the Fox Spirit. You sigh and watch as he fucks the Fox Spirit into submission, making her moan and squirt. Resist and make her squirt Your spirit friends have never let you down before, and it looks like that isn't going to change. As soon as the adventurer was caught in her embrace, his fate was sealed. The Spirit claimed his essence Your connections to the spirit world run deep, so you ask for a small favor. Soon, one Fox Spirit shows up, wanting to know what their old friend needs. Her lustful smile grows larger and larger with every word you tell her. Soon, she is on the way to where the adventurer is. Encounter+: Horny Fox Spirit You heard of a giant shipwreck, broken and battered at the bottom of the sea. So you decide to invest in some diving gear and look for its treasure in its bowels. Plunder: Underwater Shipwreck You come across a giant shipwreck, broken and battered by the forces of nature. Surely it must hold some kind of treasure in it. Plunder: Shipwreck on land You enter a grand room with lava running in canals and armors and weapons decorating the room. Plunder: Lava Forge

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