Dom in Training (Level 16) mail warning

MOOD: SWITCH - Seeking match, chat, and DM seduced horniness. Possibly more ;)

Hetero / Switch


My partner requested I dominate them more often, so I am in training to become a better Dom.

My alt has been helping as much as possible Mortess and I think my training has been going well. After I have my partner bound and at my mercy, my submissive nature leaves me. My mind awash with thoughts and visions of making every inch of my captive's body learning and yearning for all manner of sensations. Soft touches with the back of my hand causing goosebumps to rise unbidden. Gentle kisses to ears, neck, and spine eliciting soft moans. Caressing hands roaming over your heavenly body bringing a lingering warmth. Rough hand wrapped in your hair, pulling your head back as I passionately kiss you and start to build a hunger deep inside you. Mouth traveling down your body, stopping at your breasts. Tongue circling around your nipples making them grow and stand at attention silently begging for more. Teeth biting down forcing a gasp of surprise and pleasure to escape. Shall we begin? I SAID, SHALL WE!

NO - Hope we can still be friends. You may call me Morte', at least until we get to know each other better and come to other arrangements.

MAYBE - Let me know when you have decided. I hang a wand vibrator from the ceiling with it resting against your mound and turn it on low. I sit across form you in a high back black leather chair enjoying the view and nice Cabernet. Don't move too much it will swing away from you and you will lose sensation. Well at least until it swings back.

YES - Tell me how you want to help / hinder my training. Dazzle me with your creativity or choose an idea I listed below . (I enjoy both in match and dm rps)

Having trouble finding time to schedule a match. Test My Training Here
  1. We fight for dominance in a competitive match with the winner deciding the after match scenario, possibly one of the ones below.
  2. You play a good obedient little sub and let me use you to train, while grading my abilities.
  3. You play a bratty disobedient sub and test my dominant skills.
  4. I'm a spectator at your domination session learning by example.
  5. I'm an Intern at your domination session.
  6. I'm brought in as a second Dom at your session, partnering and learning from each other.
  7. You dominate me and condition me to be more dominant using positive reinforcement.
  8. You dominate me and condition me to be more dominant using negative reinforcement.
  9. You dominate me and show me my true place is a sub hindering if not destroying my training.
If you prefer to play these on Discord contact me there. I'm Morte_DiT

All help to further my training is still greatly appreciated by both of us.


Beautiful strong women like Madam Erika and Miss Alice Rose

I have been told numerous times that I will always be in training, that I cannot overcome my base nature. My leg fetish and the fact that I become more horny and subby the more I dominate without feeding my subby nature. Eventually I follow my prey the rabbit hole into subspace and cannot get myself out. I need a strong woman or women to have mercy on me and fulfill my base needs to re-center myself. Madam Erika has been helping me scratch this itch, ever since she beat me in a competitive match a year ago. She has been conditioning me to always be her Good Boy ever since. Recently, Madam Erika & Miss Alice found me in such a state and ruined me both figuratively and literally. My mind turned into mush. My body on fire with desire. I was in such a state that I don't recall who else viewed me being controlled and put on display or what I agreed to do for the privilege of their rescue. I was told as payment I offered up my orgasms for the rest of the year and a mention on my profile. This mention is the first of any that have made it to my profile, and I can't think of two more deserving Goddesses.

I have strong fetishes for legs & feet, especially in stockings or pantyhose. Legs are my true weakness, use them if your trying to help/hinder my training, and I'll be helpless Feet are like my gateway drug, but I like both of the following ideas. Are they your weakness too!?
Dom Legs
Sub Legs

I've had HFOs from hypnodomme recordings. I recommend Shibby if you are looking to start with hypnodomme audio. I have a Hush 2 and have linked it to some of the audios at this site. If you have any experience with linking your Lovense device to websites or games (such as this one) I would appreciate hearing your review of which are best. If your looking to scratch a specific fetish itch DM me and I'll see what I can find.
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IRL: I lean submissive, but am working on it. I want to please my partner and love learning how to increase their pleasure. Preferring a gentle touch that controls through training and teasing, but willing to submit to humiliation & pain for your pleasure. I can be taught, but do you like it naughty or nice.


Match with Lovense devices for one or both of us. Short rp / dirty talk, not worrying about messages too much and trying to pass back the turn when the Lovense pattern ends.


Both players have to prepare a set of 6 items and number them from 1 to 6. I am open to negotiations on our lists and how there used.
My Bondage Items/Toys :
1. 2 x Clothes Pegs
2. Gag (Ball or Panties)
3. Leather Arm Shackles
4. Leather Leg Shackles
5. Shoelace
6. Vibrating Butt Plug (Hush 2)

Some additional items up for negotiation: Rope, Rubber Bands, Paddle, Nipple Clamps, Collar, Wand Vibrator, Cock Ring

For every cum test or bondage action (including blindfolding, gaging, collaring actions), the receiving player must roll a 6 sided die. The number that they get will represent which item they will have to wear / use for the rest of the match. It is up to your opponent to decide how you should wear /use the item. (For example: If I were using the above list and I had to roll on Turn 10 I and I rolled a 1, then I will have to use my two clothes pegs on myself however my opponent directs.)

When a roll is made and a number is repeated the item stays in use, but your opponent can switch how it is being used. (For example: In the same game from above I have to roll on turn 20 and I rolled a 1 again, then my opponent can change how I am using my two clothes pegs.)

If your character orgasms in game on a cum test, then you must roll the die twice and those 2 numbers will represent which 2 items to be used as directed by your opponent.

The match continues until one player has all 6 of their items on (usually involves “continuing” the game after the “gameover” screen). If you CUM irl during the game, you automatically lose the game.

Maybe we should bet on how long the loser has to let the winner direct them in the used of all 6 items after the match for a set amount of time? Depending on the items, this could lead to post-orgasm torture or additional orgasms.


Either dominant or submissive, I want your body beg, clench, shiver, twitch, spasm, sweat, and eventually collapse while we play. Which scene made you the horniest? My favorite is the last scene.

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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Wand vibrator, Nipple clamps, Cockring, Collar, Leash, Shackles, Rope, Rubber band, Shoelace, Crop, Paddle, Wax, Full-length mirror


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