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Want to try Total Ramdomize matches, with irl involves, DM me ideas

Bi / Switch

DISCLAIMER I AM PROPERTY OF Gentle Sir "Dusk pet and lover" he is my master and i am his slave

Hi here. I am Inma spanish girl 31 years old looking for fun.

feel free to DM me with ideas i am open to almost everything.

i am Bisex. i like all people. And ofc is me in my pfp

Lets Dice Decide All

This game is a Total Ramdomice game Involving Irl Fun

The player have to roll a Dice 1d6 every turn.

6-5 play an action
4-3 play the action oponent chose
2 skip turn
1 skip and the oponent can control you irl X min (X can be agreed or give by dice)

For Hypno and Bdsm you have to roll 5-6 to free yourself max 3 turn, every turn you fail oponent choose one of your toys and control you using that for X min (X can be agreed or give by dice). if after 3 turn you can´t free yourself the toy selected can be use the rest of the game.

For cum test Player have to do X edges (X can be agreed or give by dice)

For Failed Cum test is a punishment, it can be Pain or humiliation (can be discussed and agreeded)

Finally you can lose via Game Lose or via IRL Cum, the stakes can be discussed before the match and can be diferent depending the defeat.

feel free to DM me to ask question, or to add spicy thing to the game.


This seccion is a new game mode i have in mind is so easy

  1. The 2 players roll a 1d6 and 1d30 before he start

- 1d6 are the number of toys
- 1d30 are minutes per toys

After match the winner get to command the loser to use 1d6 toys (winner choose) 1d30 Minute per toy.

For Example if winner get

- 1d6 --> 4
- 1d30 --> 10

Winner can command loser to Use 4 toys 10 min per toy so... 40 min and can command to use them simultanely

Optional rules:

  1. If winner dont cum once can double the rolls
  2. Every time and opponent roll 1 in bondage or hypno rolls you can add 1 toy or 5 min
  3. Every cum test you roll 1d10 and you.owe this numbers of edges if you lose at the end

My Dms are open to resolve any question. This game is still on development, i accept ideas feel free to Dm me

I challenged Andrew the Merman to my toy bet and suffered a humiliating loss. He used every toy I had, breaking me down into the slutty little whore that I am. I gagged on his cock until the tears ran down my cheeks and my drool dripped to the floor. My slutty pussy got used and fucked while he edged me 150 times. I came over and over until I broke and begged him to be his whore. Ice was rubbed all over my pussy because I deserved the pain. I want to be used and degraded by him, getting slapped in the face while I take his cock down my throat.


wc Is bi
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