Subby Alice (Transgender) (Level 6) mail warning

Subby by nature, devilish by choice. Looking for fun maybe some long term RP

Bi / Sub

About me

Hello there my name is Alice, I'm a transwoman who is a submissive at heart but like to switch, but don't let it fool you, I won't just lay over and let you win. I prefer women but men can be nice sometimes too. I enjoy RP or IRL, I'm open to most game modes or competitions. If you have an idea for a RP you've been wanting to try but haven't found someone for, bring it by, and I'll see if I'm available to play it out with you.

If we play, unless we go in with dom/sub roles I will always try my best to win. Although luck hasn't been on my side I won't give up. But if you win I will gladly take my punishment.

I love bets and rules for both my profile or irl.

I am open to anything (Except scat, high intense pain, and illegal stuff)

I'm 5'8, 38 B breasts, athletic body but could afford to lose a little bit of weight.
My girlcock is 5 inches
I do have a lovense Hush Plug and a lovense Max stroker.

This is really me. I love to serve and be dominated but I am switchy for competitive matches.

I have discord notifications set up, so if you message me I'll get back to you when I get a chance, even if I haven't been online that day.


When hypnotized or in bondage I must roll a 5/6 to get free, turn limit set by opponent.

From losing to Mistress Bianca
I must strip whenever I'm given the option to.
whenever my ass is used (fingered or fucked), I roll a die. If less than 5, I skip my turn

From my time with Maestra V: Any action with Maestra that involves my cock will include her putting me in bondage.

As a result of becoming a Doll for Maestra V: since I enjoyed group play so much, I cant resist cumming from group actions and they leave me in a hypnotic state overwhelmed by the pleasure.

With another loss, comes another rule:
Having lost to Gabriella she instructed me that anytime someone forces their cock/lady cock into my mouth my submissiveness takes over and I must roll 5/6 to snap out of it.

Working as sex slave in the Chaos Bar 🪢🥰👠
I challenged Mike the Bartender he quickly put me in my sub space and by the end I was begging to be his slave. Sir made me edge 45 times while riding cock, then ruin my orgasm onto myself. After ruining he made me keep going for another 20 edges. After fucking myself silly, being used, slapped, and degraded like the slut I am he allowed me to cum. I'm now an edge slave in Sir's Chaos Bar.

I love being a cum dump for my Mistress Bianca. If I lose 2 more times I become her permanent Cum Dump.

Kinklist any questions feel free to ask!

Pet of Miss Tianna

Recently enrolled into Sconeburgh Women's College Making the hard choice between majors and choosing a department to belong to.

Recently played a Lesbian wrestling match against Clarissa. God it was a good match! I won but barely and look forward to our next match.

Played a LWR match against Gabriella, an amazing time. Gabriella put up a hell of a fight, as we go back and forth, and with some help from Isa in the audience we both bring each other to orgasm. I get her to cum again leaving her with 1 hp. But before I can get her finished off she makes me tap out, I barely survived the cum test, before she makes me cum again this time with the help of a dildo fucking me as I'm pinned against the ropes. I shoot my load towards the audience landing on Isa. Miss Gabriella then invites Isa back into the ring to help deepen my submission and humiliation in front of everyone. So Isa came into the ring and with Gabriella's help they fucked me into submission. Isa in my mouth, Gabriella in my ass, fucking me with my legs lifted up so when I cum, I release over my own face.

== Results from ==
99% Slave
99% Submissive
91% Boy/Girl
88% Rope bunny
75% Degradee
75% Pet
72% Ageplayer
71% Primal (Prey)
70% Voyeur
60% Non-monogamist
59% Exhibitionist
58% Experimentalist
51% Masochist
43% Brat
37% Vanilla
25% Switch


wc Is bi
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