Starfire Veronica (Level 9) mail warning

Looking 4 RP female partners, subs or sub inclined switches only (no private)

In game...


V, Vero, Potato girl, Fireheart (only Sam), Strawberry (only Raven), Cheese ball

As a caring dom: Maestra, Lady Maestra (rd2plz)

Caretaker of the Dandelion House

Member of the Slutty Sisterhood! A group of ladies dedicated to supporting each other and encouraging everyone to be a slutty as they desire without shame or criticism.

Member of the Slutty Coven of the white sunflower

Goon of the Redhead mafia under the orders of Sam. V is know as "La brujilla del rocio"

Warnings ⚠️

Veronica Santos is a cross-gender character cis female character played by a cis male.

Please ask before touching i'm a dirty bitch but i'm also very selective of the moment where i'm up to something. Just a wink or a smile is enough.

I am big into roleplay, so most of this profile will be in character, details about Veronica are made up and do not reflect any real person, hope you enjoy a bit of fiction.

Also this character deals with the occult, witchcraft and eldritch fantasies... she is a cute girl with dark secrets, if that is not something that calls you just ask me to not bring it up.

And big warning... dms like "Hi" will be ignored, dont want to sound harsh, but I am into rp, I need more effort than that to be interested.

No Pfp changes

Little to no IRL I'm just not the person for that.

Languages 🇪🇸 🇬🇧

Preferred English
Native Spanish
I like to kinky talk in Spanish to spice things up

🏳️‍🌈 LGTBQA+ Friendly 🏳️‍🌈

RP Ideas

  1. Intruder in the Dandelion House: You are an uninvited guest in the Dandelion house, captured and given a lesson, maybe en up becoming a permanent resident or my personal doll (ask for the ghost variant)
  2. Cute lesbian dates: Not too domi, still pretty much a top and a giver not a taker, as magical as you want it, always cute and stupid. Fly on my roomba with me or join me in the closet tea house or lesbian picnic party (Might be hypno dates if you want)
  3. Witch pact: You come to me asking for my magical help, now you must pay me back or be under the influence of my spells (body modification, monster fucking)
  4. Bad end mode: I put on a fake beard and we play bad end or you play my alt Grork… y will play V anyway.
  5. Detective V: Help me solve scooby doo types mysteries… unless you are the culprit under the mask.
  6. Tour one room or multiple of the Dandelion house and uncover its secrets (0 secrets), no need for a ticket, only for you to let me take care of you at the end.
  7. Explore the past of the house and uncover it's secrets by doing a play with characters in the long past... first play is about the abduction of the cheating wife (You) of the lord of the house in Victorian times and how she was used by her own lover (Me) (0 secrets uncovered)
  8. Dungeon time… just come to the dungeon to play… you tell me what you want from me, this is personal play and might be private if you want, i’ll be very domi or almost just loving to help you relax and gave a nice time, you tell me.
  9. More in store and more to come.

Conditions and rules

I don't take bets, I'm willing to give you rules

Physical characteristics


Welcome stranger, please let me introduce myself, my name is Veronica Santos Montemayor, But you can call me Vero or V, i was born in Sevilla, Spain, in a very strict catholic house hold were i had to repress my instincts, no boy friends or girlfriends, and very little in terms of sexual education or experiences, even at college and university i remained the prude, sexless little mouse that barely ever show any skin, and sex was mostly something i experiences in my room alone humping a pillow.

But things changed when i graduated in Communication and Social Sciences, i was offered an internship in the weirdest of all places, the Dandelion House, and old Edwardian manor deep in the outskirts of Edinburgh, ScotlandThere I meet my master, my employer, and my mentor, and this is the play I still live in to this date, as the personal assistant and caretaker of the caretaker of the Dandelion house. This place was an eye opener, the library was full of tomes and tomes of erotica and all kinds of biographies of the most debauched individuals in history, but also, all manner of manuals about all kinds of sexual practices, and even the occult.

I was invited to secret parties organized in the house, and commanded to watch and learn, and my interest grow, until i asked to participate, and one day i found my calling, two girls were invited to fight in the wine cellar, fight not with fist or weapons, but with sex, they were grappling and showing their bodies, trying to seduce each other, until one of them was stripped of her pants, showing a fat big cock, both her rival and i went into a trance, and i was compelled to help, to apply the arcane and erotic knowledge i had learned, the girl was tied by me and i watched while the other girl used her, until she was nothing more than a brainless plaything, unable to stand on her own legs, surrounded by a puddle of both her and hers rival fluids, both were exhausted but their faces were in complete bliss.

I was proud of helping them get to that stage of mind, but also i envy both of them, i wanted to be used like that, i wanted to subject people to that treatment, and i wanted to be them, both used sub and merciless dom, but i also wanted to provide and organize, help other into those states of mind. My master saw this in me and talked to me about a place, the most strange and bizarre, were all manner of creatures, some that i up to that point thought just to be works of fiction or the mind of lunatics, met to practice and indulge in erotic confrontation, and was tasked to collect as much information and personal experience on that place.

Some of my encounters here

Special relationship

I'm a very independent woman, but i keep some people close to my heart, if you are not on the list it would be likely that i did not wanted to keep it too long, also i only put pretty woman here.

My three beloved

Image Title
- Sam she contacted me by DM and sounded do sweet that i had to go on a match with her, but when embraced doing something more RP and be the horse riding instructor for my posh bitch, i started feeling like I've found something special, she is a wild horse ridding archer, that used her computer skill to install Girllove.exe into me... she is now my beloved collared Kitten, mi princesa, and the keeper of the work Cinco, please ask her about that. She is the only one that can call me Maestra Fireheart.

Married and Bred Sam on 02/12/2022
Image Title

Ellie our daughter where presented to me the 26/12/2022
The same day i married Sam, she gave a new ring that allows me to strip her and put her in Shibari, i gave her the the twin ring of the dandelion house, the ring of the manticore, she already own my heart, but now she owns my soul with Rachel.

. Have a tattoo of her name on my wrist
. Image Title

Image Title
- Rachel All i need is a fraction of your happy heart, she asked for very little and gave a world in return. Sam an her they both own my soul together, as per Master's request, and she as the keeper of the twin ring of the Dandelion house, the actual ring of the Dandelion, she owns my mind too. She gives me the head over my shoulders i sometimes lack.

we do lesbian picnics while she takes care of Irl duties, and that is just magical, she knows what she wants from me, and she is just lovely warm and amazing, no tittles, no collars, no nicknames, we are just Rachel and Veronica, and that is a bond as strong as can be.

Image Title
- Raven Is a very important person for me here. I carry her Brooch to prove our link.
Raven's Brooch: a Symbol of our love, care, journey and affection, chained by all of those, free to do what we want, i am the rabbit, i did not found one with a potato.
Image Title
She owns my name: i am Starfire for her Raven, and that will never change.

Other amazing people

Lysa We are working on book 4... this is a rocky relationship, but one full of love, she owns the Grimoire of Whores, i love her and feel like we walk similar paths.

Poki was bred by Sam using the potion i used created, she now is Sam, as long as she carrries her child. My love is with her as this child is as loved as the one i put in Sam... but that is only a part of what a wonderful and supportive person she is

Frikka I'm just startstrucked by this German crazy lady, she is hot, she is badass and she is super nice Waves Frikka's Fanclu■b flag

My fucking bestie and leader of the pack of the "Proud Slut" as i call them

This bitch gets a bigger picture because her pfp are always FIRE!!!!

Image Title
- Lanay She is my witch coven sister in the the Slutty white sunflower coven, i love her to death, she is my bestie and a hot piece of love, if she is in fucktoy mode and your ignore her or don't give her all the love an attention in the world, you've made an enemy of me sunshine. She is a gist to the world... and has a n A$ to worship. She is last for a reason, because she is my bestie.

My dollifications

Turning SassySelena into my first doll SassySelena
This is probably my favorite winning encounter i have had, luck was in my side in a complete unfair way and Selena took it like a champ, she is mainly responsible for me wanting to turn other people into dolls. This hot Latina was induced into Hypnosis from the first round, apparently she loved being called names and the term "Doll" played well with her brain tuning, and after tying her up and suggesting the idea to exhibit her and having the public interact with her drove her down a highway into revealing her true free use self, already asking if we were going to go on tour way before her first orgasm (she is a champ, i respect a slut with nice suggestions for her submission)

After her first orgasm, via Cunnilingus, i know, pretty vanilla, she actually did take control of the match for a moment and was a delightful making me cum by working on my pearls, but after a final hypnosis battle, i pulled her from her hair and fucked her pussy with a nice strappon, making her cum and understand what she wanted from the beginning, and when given the choice, she ask me to dominate her and parade her like the free use doll she is, all in beautiful light blue gear, as is her favorite color.

Milking Dianne for spells Dianne
This got piece of ass is Dianne, she might be totally wrong about the manga Bleach, because is trash tier (well maybe i'm too harsh) and very badly written, but she is also my lovely potato, i asked for some help with my spells, well help, i needed more cum, is a powerful spell conduit... but i don't want to get to tied in arcane stuff... well, she resisted, because she is sometimes a bad bitch, and loves to hypnotize small girls like me with her beautiful cock, and i recommend 100% that experience, don't get me wrong, but i needed the cum. Well i was able to finally convince her to cum, by inserting a large dildo in her ass, she probably would have beaten me, if i was less convincing about the importance of my experiments. She is my purple doll, and she went through a nice long milking process where her every need were fulfilled by many Veronicas.

As a loser slut

Broken, brainwashed and left as a free use fuck toy by chrissy
After watching a fight between chrissy and Zoey Chase Veronica decided to give it a try... and go for the winner of that match like the dumb-ass entity from the 5th dimension that she is. This was not only her first real encounter but with a futa no the less. Both fighters took positions, and Veronica decided to go for a modest approach, touching her hair and showing her body while doing a little dance, Chrissy was fast to show the newbie how is done, exposing her boobs and going for the nipples, Veronica tried to make Chrissy fall into hypnosis and use bondage but Chrissy was proven more effective with both making Veronica submit multiple times to her hypnotic cock and tied her up, having her both tied and hypnotized for a duration of the battle having he advantage.

Veronica got her taste of victory and cum after commanding Chrissy to break her ass with more hypnosis, and sucking the futa while working her ass with a big vibrating dildo, but it was a fleeting victory as Chrissy got the upper hand after tying Veronica and and putting her clitoris under the assault of a vibe that made her have explosive orgasm her first orgasm. Veronica fought hard almost winning by dildoing Chrissy's ass and sucking her cock, but the taste made her forget about the fight and at the end Veronica was happily jumping on Chrissy's cock surrendering into her influence with glee but fucking her ass and her mind into stupidity. She was brainwashed and shared by the audience, were she was just a free use fuck toy and the new acquisition in Chrissy's line of sluts. She got a collar to remind her who she belonged to and that she was the lowest of the low among them, she could not be happier.

As a member of the audience

After reading many of the documented public fights in the archives of this place, i was ready to experience my first live erotic fight, it was an encounter between Emma and Lily T both stunning beautiful creatures that made me even more interested in the art of sex fighting.

Further exploring into this place i found two fighters getting ready, the gorgeous chrissy and the mesmerizing Zoey Chase, then the magical moment came, when she winked at me, i was no longer just a member of the audience, i was somehow part of this, this fight was turning me on, hard, but i was not the only one, and Zoey told us that she welcome the audience playing on the side of that wonderful main event.

Weird phenomena at the Dandelion house

Multiple “Veronicas” were seen dressed as maids at a tea party in the tea room of the first floor. The legendary queen of the ring Trix Pyke experienced these events in her flesh after she manipulated a strange remote control that materialized near her. When questioned she reported " i fucked the house and its spirit proudly taking on 4 clones before Cumming" while flexing to the cameras. The Caretaker of the Dandelion house did not answered any questions about the event, but she was found later with a huge load of cum in her mouth.

Other minor incidents: Cock enhancing cookies, alien algae, strange sounds, and temperature changes, materializing of tea bags.

Special items

-Cat milks from Kitten: I got 1 3/4 lr of pussy juice and 1 1/4 lr of milk, both delicious and highly aphrodisiacs, said to affect humans... but weirdly affecting myself too. Used 1/4 lr of milk on Rachel... 1 liter left

-Poki's apple flavoured 12 inches dildo

Special items of my own creation


How she normally looks to the public

Image Title

Image Title

As an humiliation this is my anime self... is so cute i cant hate it.. picked by Ei... she show me

Image Title

Veronica in Pajamas, when she is less fucky and more just chilling, kind of my asking for a friend, vulnerable state.

Image Title

Her weirdly outdated maid outfit

Image Title

Her schoolgirl outfit

Image Title

When i go tits out

Image Title

Fantasy persona Vreen

Vreen is a mix of Lemureyes and Jestergrin goblins, you probably are asking what the heel is that, because you know shit about goblins, and i don't want to bore you with goblins genetics, Vreen is the persona V takes when she moves into the land of beyond the depths of the Dandelion House. She has access to the same magic as V does, she is just a cute little goblin, follower of the Breaker of chains, the goblin goddess of freedom.

Lemureyes have huge ears and can fly with them... Jestergrin have very dangerous pointy teeth and an incredible long tongue that can inflate, giving the shape of a big cock to mouth fuck things

Her looks
Image Title

Usual costume
Image Title

Kink map

My limits

Hard limits
Soft limits

What i am into

I am more into the female presenting body, and I'm also very much into trans, both male and female, big muscular boys have their place and i can enjoy being used or using one of them, but you cant beat a beautiful figure with nice tits and ass, the face of an angel and also a nice pussy, strap-on or cock going with that.

Still working on my profile... hope it sounds interesting... and i welcome any criticism.

Please let me be of service to you, and welcome to the Dandelion House, honored guest.
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