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Hey, you. Yes, you there. Nice to see you. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile.

One of these days i will include a proper section on role playing, until then here is a TL;DR for fighting matches:

Current rules:

Bondage & Hypno rules are fine, but i prefer a turn limit.

Anal Slut: whenever my tight ass is fucked, i skip my turn... if analled in a cum-test i just cum until i win 6 times [6/6]
Hypno Slut: For the next five games, whenever I'm hypnotized, I stay that way for all three turns. If my ass is fucked while I'm hypnotized, I skip, not counting towards the three hypno turns. [5/5]
Jamie beat me in a heated fight, i have to admit to being his pet for now
I have to give myself a ruined orgasm for each lost game until i win again
A long as i keep the following rule Jamie will be in chastity ;) Denial Slut: Whenever i pass a cum test, i have to roll a 5 or higher to take my turn. ( He bargained to be freed.)
Cum Fountain! When i get a cumtest at a Low or lower chance, i have to roll a d6. On a 3 or lower, i cum until i win [3/3] games or cum this way [3/7] times
When i get fucked from behind you have to roll a dice and skip if it´s not a 5-6 for two games [2/2]
Whenever someone fucks my ass, i skip a turn until i win 5 games [5/5]
Since i lost a bet in chat to Ellika - Bot Supressor i currently have to play with my plug in, and offer control of the same until i win 3 games [3/3]
Cockhound: When I draw a blowjob action, I have to play it. (Once per game, I can try to resist the urge by rolling a 4 or higher on a die.) [4/4]
Every cumtest i have to roll a d20. If it's the same as or below my CO i cum for 4 games [4/4]
Whenever someone fucks my ass, i skip a turn if i don't roll a 5 or 6 [1/1]
Whenever someone cums, i skip my turn to lick it all up [3/3]
Every cumtest i have to roll a d20. If it's the same as or below my CO i cum. Until i win 6 times [6/6]

What am i doing here

First things first, if you are here, you are (hopefully) trying to decide whether i am worth your time to play with me. I can’t not answer that for you on the spot but I can tell you a bit of my state of mind to make a judgement call. So let’s start with the basics.

I am a male switch looking for some playful fun on here. I am leaning a bit more to the submissive side of things, but really like both. Playing with another switch means both could have the best of both worlds, so that's definitely up there too.

While I am mostly straight IRL,I do enjoy online play with any gender. Getting a nice juicy cock rock hard is equally fun to getting a pussy wet and dripping. And that goes both ways of course; having a certain genital between your legs doesn’t make you a better or worse dominant.

When i joined the site, I only played the interactive game modes, since i preferred to give and/or receive actual commands and tasks to follow instead of just giving a flowery description of what is happening. Meanwhile i started to enjoy at least some light role play for fighting matches. ( Or even full role play from time to time if we have a good connection with each other. But still not pages long to be honest ;] ) But that is still only very seldom the case for interactive games. If I feel it matches the flow of what we are doing I may sprinkle some gesture in and the like, but do not count on that being always the case (neither in every message, nor in a play at all)

That being said, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk to you in those modes. Banter is part of a good online play, and as a sub I will tell you what I am doing and how I feel about it and expect the same from you in that position. Otherwise it would be boring and i could just play against a bot.

About me as a person

You may call me Rhyan for now. It is not my real name of course, but it will do for the time being. I am barely not in my thirties anymore, but I am kinda still waiting for the point in time where I feel like being an adult.

I am about 180 cm tall, and usually weight something between 70 and 80 kg. So I am more on the skinny side, without being muscular since I just don’t like exercising. Which also means I am not the most flexible person in the world. ;)

About my kinks

My current kinks include

1) Tease&Denial / Orgasm Control/ Edging / JOI (It's kinda all the same isn't it? I must admit however. While i like edging, i am quite bad at it myself.)
2) CBT & Pain (Light to medium when recieving)
3) Bondage (Haven't much stuff for it however, since you can only do so much alone anyway)
4) Humilation & Degradion
Degradion and humilation is a middle ground to be honest.
Don’t expect this to be very/too strong if am in the dom role. Any sub is still a human being and I will treat you as such, even if I am mean at the moment.
Likewise it highly depends on how the dom goes about that (and my mood on that day) if its a turn on or off, if i am in the submissive role.

Other kinks may come up either as an experiment what I can do with them, or because the sub is into it. Note that if I personally don’t like it that much, it may not be as detailed or much as you would hope for.

The No-No-list: blood, bathroom play, penis insertion, hard pain/leaving marks, Drugs, a lot of stuff I don’t think of right now…
CEI is something i just couldn't bring myself to do yet, only manged precum so far.

Originally I was or am not a fan of anal play for myself IRL, especially when in comes to fucking my ass. I just don't really get a lot physical pleasure out of it. (which is why it is usually disabled if i play an interactive mode as a sub). But, somewhat "recently" i started to like the feeling of being full after i got my plug. So given the right situation/scene a dominant may find that I am occasionally willing to do some anal play to really please them or as punishment for something. It's totally fine for role play purposes though.

My toys are listed below, things to add:
1) I have two vibes at the moment. The "Manta" from Funfactory which does not work as well for me as the my Lovense Gush does.
2) Plugs in multiple sizes, 1 plug and the massager also a vibe (Hush2 XS, Edge 2)
3) The clamps are actually cloth pegs
4) Ropes: 2 x 5m

My personal take on dominance & submission

1) Safety first, always. If you can not do something, i tell you to, anymore: stop it, right now. Then tell me. (or even better tell me before it starts to get too uncomfortable)

2) Be honest with me / the dom. If you really just don't want or can't do something for some reason. I much prefer your honesty over pretending having done something. I will see if we can modify it in a way we are both happy with. ( That doesn't necessarily mean i won't punish you for it of course ;) ) Likewise i will tell you if i think that something will not work out.

3) It's about both of us. Regardless of role or how mean i (or you) seem to be at any giving moment, my ultimate goal is always that we both get enjoyment of what we are doing. If that's not the case we are doing something wrong. From a practical standpoint that means i will include kinks that i don't like personally myself to a certain extend. ( E.g. you may get anal instructions if that is your thing, but its highly unlikely you'll hear ass to mouth stuff from me as even knowing someone would do that for me is a turn off) Likewise I'll do some tasks for you that are not exactly up my ally, if i feel at least OK with them. But i will tell you that i don't like it and expect you to be reasonable with these things just like i would be if you tell me you don't like something.

4) For me it is totally fine if a Dom tries to try to stretch one of the subs limits. In fact I think it’s one of the hottest things (especially for me as a sub, but also as a top) if a boundary gets pushed just a little bit further then it was. But ultimately it’s always the sub making that decision. Not to mention that something like that needs a good lead up, and works best if there is a good chemistry already - making it at least unlikely i will go for it the first times we play.

5) I don't think this section is completed yet, but those are the points that are most important to me

When everything is said and done

As a sub i personally often don't really NEED much or even any aftercare. Still i appreciate if you stick around for a few moments. It just shows that we are still humans who did something intimate together, even if it was only through a screen.

Therefore you can usually bet on me sticking around for a few minutes when i was the one on top. (Unless there is a specific reason, life can happen, and if that's the case I am deeply deeply sorry). You can talk to me to clear your head if needed, give me feedback if you want, or just chat a bit to calm down.
We can of course also skip it altogether if you don’t need it, but please tell me so. Dominants have feelings too, and it still feels weird when someone just leaves.

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile :)

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