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Hi, I'm Tom a 20-Year-Old man from the UK
Although I have sub on that does not mean I will go down easy or without a fight and I can Dom if the game is going that way
looking for irl games but open to other games and to have fun

Here is a little about me:
I am about 6ft.
Fairly mid body not to thin but hey

I'm also an avid gamer and i love to talk bout it.
and I'm also a massive theatre fan.

my main kinks are foot fetish, sock fetish thighs fetish so basically anything to-do with feet (this does not mean I will go down easy just because you got your feet out but there is small chance to distract me) and I also very much enjoy female domination
I'm not really into pegging or anal but i like the strap for a show of power and domination/ for doing actions with
for a more detailed breakdown of my kinks see below

I'm open to try most things but I do have a few limits
CNC, blood and other gross stuff, bathroom, extreme race/ageplay.

Bet and Rules:
I love the idea of bets and open to most things like profile changes and irl actions

Active Bets:
No current bets

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