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Lesbisch / Switch


Hello to all of you sexy people!! My name is Aliana, if you are here it either means we have met before in the DMs or I have caught your naughty interest ;). If you are here viewing my profile just to let you know I only play with women in the usual case scenario, sorry boys but you need to be special or go the extra mile for me to get with you. My ethnicity is mostly mixed but I consider myself to be more Asian than anything. I usually like to play LWR since I find it hot in having a competition for dominance over the other. If you are wondering what I am like as a person, at the core of it, I am kind and generous, even more so to any of my partners and opponents I have faced. I always love meeting new people and whenever I am with anyone in a match I always take in consideration to my opponents likes and dislikes.

Roleplay Style

As much as I would love to share you my kinks and exact turn ons I do enjoy the mystery of us finding each others weaknesses hehe. Despite that thought I will tell you what I do like to see during the roleplay. In general, I usually like to play medium to short RP with a mix of seductive and trash talk, side note I also like it when we call out each others names, it makes things a bit more personal, so try to mix it up and be creative. Also depending whether you type slow or not I always like the RP to keep moving, so a good pace is a huge deal for me. Also, I always tend to set the setting for the match in short mode and into our bikinis or bra and panties since sometimes LWR can be a too long and it’s a sexfight, there is no need to be fully clothed hehe


In terms of limits or things I don’t like, is things going way way over the extreme such as scat, piss, gore and etc. Another key dislike is that I don’t like being called anything animal related such as dog, pig or cow, but the words per and kitten are fine. Other than what I have just mentioned, I am pretty open to most things.

During the Match

Age: 27
Ethnicity: Mixed Asian
Height: 5’7
Bust: B Cup
Wrestling Alias: The Vixen

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Well now that you get to know me a bit in general and how I like to play, I’ll tell you how I am during a match. As I said, I will always be kind and generous to my partners but in the mat I can be pretty competitive as my goal is to make you cum and submit under my mercy especially when I have you defeated, on your back or on all fours, fucking you while your moans fill the room hehe. Although despite my competitiveness I am not invincible, I too as a woman have own sexual desires and if you are able to speak and fuck me right, I am capable of knowing when I am beaten and know when my body should yield as I succumb to my lust ughhh. Still, no matter who wins or loses, this is all for the fun and love, at the end of the day I want both of us to enjoy ourselves whether it’s you being dominated under my sexual prowess or you claiming me under your own rule.

Between Victory and Defeat

Now let’s talk about stakes. For the most part I am pretty open to some bets such as profile writings, embarrassing titles on my name and etc but I am not into putting myself or anyone, under rules that hinders on how to play. To me, there is nothing more hotter than having a woman breaking their opponent at their best. Although, all of the bets that can be made, my favorite is always the post match or the reward round! Whether it’s the loser getting fucked on the mat with an audience or privately in bed, the post match is the icing on the cake for me. It is soo sexy when the winner gets to have the loser to herself in the aftermath of the match. Although if you are special opponent and want to make the post match more interesting ang hotter, we can always dedicate the losers domination in a separate session where the winner doesn’t hold back in all the kinks and devious plans that she has for the loser at there chosen private setting. Hehe I would love to take any of you lovely ladies into my bedroom and have you as a slave for the night ;)

When I Won 😈 (Post Match)

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As a Dom, in the beginning I tend to start off soft and tend to ramp things up along the way. I am very considerate on your desires but my aim is to ravage your body in the end. I tend to be very kinky, lovely and firm at the same time. I want you to know who’s superior but enjoy it while you moan in pleasure. I will not share you the details in what I’ll do to you but with the flexibility of having you in private at a hotel room, in my bedroom, or a setting of my choosing, the possibilities of dominating you is endless. Although out of all the devious things that I have planned I will tell you that your holes is definitely gonna be filled with my pink strappy hehe

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When I Lost 😫💦(Post Match)

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When you had tamed me and made me cum on the mat I am entirely yours as you please. With just the same amount of flexibility I had in dominating you if I win, you just also have the same amount of flexibility of dominating me if I lose ughhh. My entire body and desires in all within your mercy. Whether you decide to make love to me or ravage me like your personal slut, I will be very obedient as you take me as your prize, as I would already know my place for the night and that is beneath you as I become subby while my body is covered in sweat, my hair all messy and curly, my thighs leaking with pre-cum and my voice moaning your name. begging you to finish me off.

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So what are you waiting for do you think you can tame the Vixen or will you be me prey
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