Hope (Level 8) mail warning

CURRENT STREAK: 1 win in a row

5'7, 130 pounds, 18 year old catboy. A lean and inexperienced boy, Hope hasn't been able to sexfight much at all. Actually, he's a total rookie, but the boy is very willing to learn! He's not exactly "experienced" with sex, but give him enough time and he can pick things up very quickly. He's submissive, but he's a brat; he's not just going to give up, he's going to try his best. He can either gain the upper hand or beat you... or you can make this cute boy melt, teasing him more and more until he finally gives in and begs you to let him cum. It's your choice :)


Normal Hypno/Bondage rules, escape on a 5 or a 6, can't have both at once.

Boobs, and specifically tittyfucking, are absolutely my biggest weakness. If you do any boob related action on me, I have to roll a dice, and if I get a 1 or a 2, I have to skip my turn. And in addition, if you do a cumtest involving tits on me, if I roll a 1 or a 2, I automatically cum.


I can’t handle Weiss’ Perfect pussy, and breasts, every time we play I always crumble and can’t help myself but orgasm like the needy slut I am

I'm Laura's bitch... I can't handle her tits, her titjobs always make me lose my load, and there's nothing I can do about it-

0-2 vs Laura. She thought me so pitiful she didnt even bother collaring me

I really thought I could make Julia submit. But instead she collared me, tied me up and vibed me so hard I was begging for her gentle touch. "

I tried to collar Mia during our match and I couldn't make her submit, cumming to her feet and her incredible mouth. Now as a punishment I will wear both mine and her collar around my neck until I can pin her down and force that collar back on her neck.


Breasts are obviously my biggest weakness... but some people have just milked me so many times with their boobs that I simply can't handle them anymore. For people I've lost to 3 times, I skip my turn on a 1-4 when they use a breast related action, and I automatically cum on a 1-3 if they do a tittyfucking cumtest. If, somehow, you manage to beat me FIVE times, then I always skip my turn on a breast action, and I cum on a 1-4 for your tittyfucks.... I'm totally addicted to you~


Laura has beaten me 4 times with her incredible tits... some of them were down to the wire, but others... not so much. I've only gotten one win on her, though I'm trying to change that. As of now... Laura and her amazing breasts have me addicted to her... one more loss, and I'll be utterly infatuated with her soft, perfect breasts~

Emily has tittyfucked me into submission 3 times with her perfect tits, and she's seduced me with them many more times than that... I'm truly addicted to them at this point, hopelessly losing myself more and more every time she wraps them around my cock~


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