Cumslut Alicia (Level 5) mail warning

(Male RPing as female)

I lost a bet and got transformed into a bimbo cumslut. I won't be able to rematch for my freedom until I have won 30 matches. Don't let me win. I love cock so much. I love the smell of it and the taste. I love the texture and the weight; the feeling of it when it's hard, or soft, or growing in my hands or mouth. I don't ever want to go back. Keep me trapped as a mindless bimbo sex toy. (2/30).

I'm an Australian, mid-twenties, bi/pan, and enjoy edging. I'm a switch but I want to explore my sexuality and submissive side. I enjoy edging and teasing both giving it and receiving it. I don't have much in the way of actual toys but am creative and willing to try new things. RP is something I'm not very good at and am inexperienced at it but it's something that intrigues me. I'd mostly stick to IRL JOI type stuff but bets are something I'm curious about and I'd be open to classic if they were involved. A big fantasy of mine is having a long term Mistress/Master.

I'm not big on messaging first. I'll mostly just sit in queue when I'm in the mood but if you're interested, message me. I can't promise my responses won't be a little wordy, though. If you pick me out of queue and I don't say anything... it's probably because I wasn't there. I have a lot of interests and they can kind of dominate my life a bit, so I've likely stepped away to do something in that vain.

I'm still learning my limits and over time, I'll probably fill them in here. My kinks I'd rather reveal more privately. I know that physically I can be rather sensitive, so extreme pain is definitely a big no-no for me, but spanking is at least one kink I'm willing to reveal. I also know that humiliation really isn't my sort of thing. It dredges up bad memories so if that's something you're into... that's okay... but please don't try it on me. I prefer a more gentle touch with communication as a result. Those are the limits I'm really aware of asides from nothing too personal.

I've realised that some more basic information along with a little about what I'm like as a person might serve as useful to some who read this, so:

Age: 26
Weight: 60-64kg (I fluctuate)
Height: 165cm
Hair colour: Dark Brown (Wavy/curly. It looks black when wet and sometimes from a distance according to some people but I don't really get how anybody would see the latter)
Eye colour: Brown

I like drawing, writing, reading, making and playing music, and learning. I spend most of my time either doing those things or spending time with friends while working on myself. I can be relatively asocial unless I'm interested in those who've made social advanced towards me. I flourish usually when they do. I like dark humour and sarcasm and can often behave cockily in a social setting when I know I'm in control. Others describe me usually as smart and eccentric. People have often said my honesty, though sometimes blunt and disregarding, is refreshing and often enjoyable. Sometimes this can be seen as showy and arrogant, though I only know this because people have expressed that they 'once thought I was but then they got to know me'.

I'm not really big on favourites. There's too much to enjoy and I struggle to organise things in a list of 'most liked' to 'least'. So I tend to avoid expressing what my 'favourite' anything is.

Active Bets:

'From now on, whenever you're presented with an option to hypnotise you have to roll a dice. If you get 1, 2, or 3 you can choose the action to hypnotise. If you get a 4, 5, or 6 you have to pick another action.
Whenever an item of clothing is taken off of you, you get unbelievably aroused. Your bimbo mind takes over and you skip your turn and edge 3 times.
The skips are cumulative. So if your pants and panties are taken off in the same action, it's two skips.
The edges are also cumulative'

Old bets:

When my mouth touches a cock I will instantly fall under the effects of hypnosis. I must follow this rule for 5 games. (5/5)

I was owned by Chris. I thought I could best him on multiple occasions but each time I try he proves to me how wrong I am and makes me submit even more. He transformed me from a male, to an mtf, and now a full fledged female. I enjoy being transformed into my true self so much. I couldn't imagine a better life to live. I am his personal little bimbo. I always crave his cock. There's nothing I want more than the beautiful taste of my true master's cock around my lips or the feeling of him in my holes.

I lost my ownership of Chris in a game for his freedom with Lana after which she turned me into her slut.

I lost a bet to Marie and now for my next classic game I'm hypnotised by anything to do with legs/thighs.

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