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Bi / Switch

Current song mood: Open My Door - Alice Phoebe Lou

Note: Lysa represents an important part of my gender identity. If you'd like to interact with me more fully, I invite you to do so on this profile.

This profile is now retired

After a full year, I'm ready to take a big step from the site, thank you to all who spent time with me and who I got to interact with, I will take these memories into the next part of my journey. You may still see me popping my head in here and there to say hello, I can't seem to leave this place behind completely.

About me:

You'll often find me lurking or hanging out in public chat rooms, chatting with others and encouraging the combatants. I love talking to people, if you see me playing the bots please come and say hi :) I love talking about all kinds of things, I am more than happy to hear from you in my DMs if you want a conversational partner.

I'm pansexual and love to play with all kinds of bodies and sex organs. I change my orientation settings in EF for many reasons and it does not indicate my orientation, it's usually for playing against bots or seeking a certain kind of matchup in matchmaking.

I'm a switch, and I'm dominant/top or submissive/bottom in dynamics with individuals. I'm neither with you by default unless we've decided together otherwise, please keep that in mind when interacting with me. If you try to be submissive or dominant with me off the bat, and we have not established any relationship, I will be unlikely to want to talk with you about it at all.

I'm genderqueer/non-binary, and I'm marked as "cross-gender". If you don't wish to play with me based on me not identifying as a cis woman, that is entirely your loss.

I'm demisexual, it's very difficult for me to be aroused with someone who I don't already have a connection with. I will occasionally go into matchmaking to play but the vast majority of my interactions are with folks that I am friends or friendly with already. DMs to me that go straight to asking for a sexual interactions are likely to be ignored.

Playing with me (RP only)

Things I love:
* Sensual mood (sexy teasing foreplays, including smells, sounds, textures, tastes, etc)
* Firm actions (lifting, grasping, gripping, teasing spanks, pinches and pulls, slaps)
* Rope Bondage (especially fuller descriptions of ties)
* Tease and Denial

Things I like when already submitting or in subspace:
* Exhibitionism
* Humiliation and degradation
* Forced sex (being tossed around, posed, shoved, taken hard)

Things I dislike: (These are firm limits for most circumstances.)
* Mommy/Daddy
* Foot fetish
* Pet play
* Feminization as humiliation play
* Anger with aggression (especially from men)

Common Roles I Play:

I'm a gentle and loving domme who will make pleasing me feel good to you. I get off on having someone give into my words or actions... to forget about the contest... want to lose even when they are about to win... even if they only hesitate... and then choose to win... the simple fact that there was a choice, it wasn't automatic... that's what makes my heart and body ache with arousal. No-one can be forced not to resist... this is under a person's control, always... we can but influence it. If you give up, only to please me... then I will notice, and may be disappointed... but if you do it because... well, you want to see where that path leads.... well then, that is an entirely different story :)

I'm a feisty and switchy competitive wrestler. I'm confident to a fault, and I will tease you relentlessly from the start to the end of a match. Get on my good side and we'll fuck each other passionately until one of us comes out on top, but if you piss me off I'll make you pay.

I have a Hentai Concubus.
I have a Bad Guy for Bad End Battle.

Title Reigns:
1x Champion Wrestler with 1 win total
2x Guardian of the Hill with 4 wins total

wc Is bi
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