Thirsty Throat Toy (Transgender) (Level 11) mail warning

friends can find me in DMs 💜

Bi / Switch


I'm Raina, welcome to my page!

Alter Ego

I am Eggo's Thirsty Throat Toy

I'm very lucky and grateful to call Eggo my very good friend and my Dom. They are compassionate and kind as well as kinky and strong. Nowhere else have I found someone who respects me as a person even as they push me further and use me more as a toy, and I trust them deeply with my submission. Outside of rp scenes, there's no one else who commands me. Thank you Eggo for taking care of my body and my heart in d/s.

Picture yourself in a tangle with another
You feel your body awaken
Your skin is sh-sh-sh-shaking
Your love needed making

Note: Despite what is stated in above, I'm a non-
binary pansexual and a switch. Those game settings are changed sometimes and should not be considered accurate.

I'm really into orgasm denial, chastity, teasing, humiliation and degradation. I like folks with a personality beyond how submissive they can be.

Bondage rules I play with:
* 3 turns max, 5-6 to escape
* additional bondage actions don't reset the turn counter, so a person can only be bound for 3 rounds max, then they get to take an action regardless
* bound person can use actions that are defensible when bound (for example, wriggle in bonds or smiling or something like that) or must skip their turn

I don't really play with hypno but when I do I prefer these rules:
* 1 turn effect, hypnotist can choose to pick the action for the victim. If playing with hidden player options, then skip the turn instead.


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You sway your hips and show of your sexy body as the water runs down your legs. No way he can ever resist that view! You can feel how his desire skyrockets. Shower tease Squeeze and suck her breasts Grope breast and grind Kiss and grind Palm rub her pussy You rub her ass and give her a few teasing spanks to get her blood pumping. Teasing spanks You pull on her leash and give her a smack on the ass with your flogger, letting her know who's in charge. Leashed and flogged You lean over her face and rub your tongue firmly against hers, and then give her a hot kiss. Tongue rub and kiss You draw a line with your tongue around her pussy, making her ache with desire. Tongue tease her pussy You can't even be bothered to yank her panties down before you pull her across your lap and start spanking her ass. Spank her on your lap

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