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Hello, visitor and thanks for coming by to my profile. I hope you enjoy your short (or maybe long) stay.
I am Asashi. I am a switch that is kind and loving. I guess I'm kinda soft since if I am domming I prefer to do it with love and pleasure. Nothing does it for me quite like knowing that my partner is having fan.
I prefer to just see where a game will go when it comes to domming or subbing and adjust appropriately. I can lean one way or the other if you'd prefer though.

EF info

I generally prefer medium length games. So around maybe 1 to 2 hours long games with roleplay.
Is just roleplay not enough for you and you want to spice up a game? We could add some rules or bets to it.
If you want to add something but have no ideas here are some:

-winner adds a rule too the losers profile they must follow
-both players edge at every cum test, if either cums IRL they surrender the game
-both players pick a fetish, if an action with your chosen fetish is used against you, you skip your turn
-If a bondage move is used, the defender tosses a dice. If it lands on 4, 5 or 6 they are free otherwise they skip their turn and throw the dice again next turn.
-winner dominates the loser (rp or irl)

Additional info

So, if you need to know a bit more about my kinks here they are. And don't tell anyone I told you, I stays between us ;)

- teasing
- kissing
- gentle domination
- i tend to like vanilla but I am open minded towards most non extreme kinks and am willing to at least try most stuff. I might get slightly more kinky if I'm subbing
- uhm i might love thighs and feet a bit too much

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