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Bi / Switch

Hi, I am Raph!
Not so new anymore but still learning
Looking around wide eyed and a little wet already...

Smite showed me some moves and fucked me into oblivion in the process...

I am more into the seductive art of sexfighting with a good bit of RP.
Oh and I love audience participation... so please cum along! I love to try to convince you to do as I tell you by getting to your weak spots... if that does not work, you may have found mine instead...

It seems that my nipples are very sensitive and i cant concentrate when they are targeted.
Also trying to dominate makes me very horny, i may not be able to concentrate in a longer Match.
When picking actions I like to go along with the flow instead of using the most competitive one, I would hope the same from you, please...

I discovered dice rules... so far I love them, please tell me if you want to use one of them

  1. d100: if we get pinned we may only free ourselves if our roll is above our pleasure level, otherwise skip
  2. d6: in case of 50/50 actions (arm wrestling etc...) only proceed if 3 or more, otherwise skip.
  3. standard (it seems, lol) Bondage/Hypno rules: d6, skip or go with the action if 4 or lower, otherwise go!
  4. For TWR: d6 for pins, only escape pins, if 5 or 6 is rolled
  5. Once upon a while I find time and space for some IRL action, thanks to Keith to introduce me to some special TWR rules! feel free to ask for a go if we are already comfortable with each other. Not open for first time contacts!
  6. D6 if we want to initiate a cum test, only allowed, if 5 or 6.

I lost quite hard using some of these rules to Mister V and loved it :P, that does not meen that I will let myself push around though... As Mister V may confirm...
I showed the cutie Red around and let her lick my feet at the end...

RP ideas for future use, all characters m/f/d:
Teacher teaching me to wrestle, using handicaps
Office scenarios: me vs competition
Me vs boss
Me powering out myself early against a more athletic enemy, leaving me no choice but to tap
Veteran sexfighter vs fan that knows all weaknesses of his/her idol
.... tbc

PS: please only Light trash talk, i dort like being called whore or cumslut....(although I like cum, but anyway)

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