Jenna, Amanda’s Girlfriend (Level 9) mail warning

Ifs ❌ Buts ❌ Maybes ❌ Absolutes ✅

Bi / Dom

Sexfighter Extraordinaire

Proud Sister of Club~X~
You asked to see the boss, so they sent me 🖤

Newly minted law professor at Erofights City University ❤️ Contact me for the syllabus 😘
Professor Jenna

Very lovely smut 😉

DMs are always open :D Always on the hunt for new people for my growing library ;)
I love to have fun, but do not humiliate me/degrade me. I am not here for that ~

Age: 30s
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 🤫
Tits: 32B

My Girlfriend Amanda ❤️

I try not to fall in love with every pretty boy and girl I see, but she is different. She’s smart, and sultry, and caring, and everything in between. As we got to know each other better and better, it was clear what we had to do :) my permanent gym partner, cuddle buddy, and whatever else she needs of me. I adore her and think the world of her.
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Special Shoutouts
Kusjes voor mijn perfecte engel Isabel 😸
And my nerdy slut Stella 📚
My sexy misbehaving slut Izzy 🖤
My Star Pupil Dahlia 🍎 and my teaching aide Sammie 📚
My sexy little kiwi Kate 🥝
Emy est ma salope dans le besoin qui est une bonne fille et fait exactement ce que je dis 😊
My frisky puppy Diva 🐶

My BFFs India, Luna and I went out and got these sweet matching tattoos! I love these girls ❤️tattoos
India also left me with this lovely mark to remember her by!by

Min Lulu elsker mig så højt, at hun gav mig denne søde lille krave til at have på til hendeImage Title

Notable Matches

I have challenged Alice Rose twice, once in my classroom and again in our office building. Both times she left me like this this

I’ve had quite the sequence with my pretty wallaby Weiss. I beat her in the ring, it wasn’t enough. I flew her to Brooklyn, and fucked her all around my home. Even put her in my signature collar, it wasn’t enough. Finally I flew down there to see her and she finally took me down, although since we seem to enjoy making each other cum so much (especially on a certain double dildo) it hardly seems like fighting 🤭 Image Title

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a dom
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