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Moved to EF city 6 months ago, and started my new life here... I'm heterosexual and I like classic games with open dares and rules....

I do not accept request for IRL, though i am open for fun ideas, since i am owned by Julieta and Aubergine 69
My previous pfp after Julieta made me change it: first, second, third, and fourth

My Backstory

I am from the Netherlands so hello to all Dutchies, I used to be someone who loves catering to the needs of the person I am playing with, that is why I picked a lot of kinks. I am not a picky person and most of the times I am having fun when the other person also has fun. I would consider myself more sub, but I also don't mind being dom.

After facing Julieta for couple of games, i started liking humiliation and various other kinks... so from Dom I became more Subby... so from Restless Micheal, i became, Mighty Mike to move further to Subby Mike... and now... Jean Luc.


1) Whenever I am ass-fucked, I fall into a hypno state... and I need to skip my turn. (0/10)

2) Everytime I win I get to change one of my kinks, if I lose you can give me a rule, edges, pfp change etc

3) I have to play as Bria until I gather 10 creampies in my ass. (0/10)

4) At the start of every game I have to roll a d6 to determine a amount of skips at the start of the game and I can only escape bindings if I roll a 6


1) After Jul's pegged me until I was totally exhausted, she changed my appearance with a magic potion and left me in chastity.

2) After facing Julieta once again, from being in my bikini laying on the beach... i ended to get fully nude like the pfp exposed

3) When my path crossed Antonella's I knew I would be in for another good fight. And what a fight it was! After asking the audience for some help by my first orgasm, she made me cum another time and fucked me until I couldn't take it anymore...
After defeating me, she shared me with our friends and left me in this body until I gather 10 creampies in my ass.

4) My owner asked me to fight against a good friend of her, me being her good servant obviously couldn't say no... (I kind of regret it though ha)
Antonella fought well and I was no match for her. She used her strap-on to defeat me and commanded me to drink another potion. This potion was supposed to bring me back to normal but only gave me back some features of my old self.

5) After fighting against my owner once again. In a desperate attempt to still win, we ended up in 69. Sadly for me, she sucked my cock until I couldn't take it anymore. After the fight she squirted to show off her victory. Luckily for me, she gave me a pill which returned me to normal... exposing my ass once again..

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