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Looking for RP games, will act out everything IRL (Lovense connected)

Hey :) My name is Kaylee and I just recently actively started playing on this site despite having been signed up for ages :D

My Preferences and Kinks:
Roleplay and IRL: I don't enjoy just clicking images to win/loose. Roleplay is a requirement for me and I almost always set a significant amount of time away for a game to act out everything in real life aswell. Games with me tend to last 4-6 hours.
Competetive: I don't really care if I win or loose, I'm mostly looking to having and giving a good time for all parties involved. If you want to make a bet or apply any special rules feel free to ask though.
Sexuality: Women and men are both cute but I have genital preference towards penises :) I'm open to try anything once though.
Sub/Dom: I am a sub at heart and love it. I can "play" dominant for a bit, but this is not who I am. Please don't ask me to dominate you.
BDSM: I am really big into BDSM and will gladly let you discover things on your own during a game should we ever play ;)
Limits: I am not into, and will not entertain: Scat, Blood Play, Incest, Male feminization, Snuff and anything illegal or not allowed by the TOS of this site. Please don't ask me to send you pictures of myself.

Special People:
"Captain" Jack_Sour: Thank you for showing me the ropes of this game and breaking the ice to give me the confidence to actually go out and play this game :) I may have beaten you on your first game, but you quickly proceeded to make me into your BBB I am now ;) Thank you for the wonderful time and a toast to all the fun that is to come! <3
John: After our initially unassuming conversation was finally moved to a game after a lot of back and forth you showed me what a depraved girl I can be. You keep pushing me to keep going further and further and I love it.

What about you?
If you want to play with me feel free to shoot me a non "Hey" message and I'm sure we can arrange something if we find a common ground :) Please no unsolicited game invites though.

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