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I'm Just a Weak Toy

Bi / Switch

Hello! and thank you for reading!

Wins: 26
Losses: 32
Streak: -1
Last orgasm: 4 day(s) ago
Name set by: Randall

Collars of change:
No one owns my Extreme Slave Collar

Highlights include, Body changes, My available toys in matches, My available clothes in matches, My skills (give kinks), Profile change and matchmaking rules, In match rules, Out of match rules

Table of contents

** Active Rules**
Profile (body)
Current Clothes
Body Photos (frequently updated)
Body Mods
Change Log


This profile is designed to be hard but possible for me to control, with each loss I lose some control, with each win I gain some back. if you beat me, your creativity is the limit on the changes you can make and as a rule I can not refuse a bet, only barter on it

WINNER MAKES a D3 +2 changes to my profile. This can be a change to my profile or rules, or something else entirely, including this clause and the one below.
winning 2-0 double the dice used above

Feel free to DM and ask me any questions!

Active Rules: (may be linked with a tattoo to make harder to remove)

an additional change may be used to remove the locks on rules
I will try to make these conditions under the sliders below

-Sizequeen: at the start of the game, I'll flip a coin to decide whether it's good enough for me or not.
heads... I'll be happy to give head. Tails? you're in for a game full of mockery, humiliation and such

-Eating cum or precum makes me hypnotized

I skip the first turn in bondage

-Against Connor I play as a sub and turn off give: anal, mocking, feminization, bondage and humiliation, Receive: cock worship
- can only make connor cum with my mouth
-I'll try to feminize or bimbofy/corrupt anyone I face
-Feminization cum, if I use a cock sucking game over after I win well... given the above you can probably guess
cumslut: I'll always clean up any mess I make, doesn't matter if it's my cum or yours

-I skip after being forced to suck cock and go into hypno when I taste cum

-If there is an oral action after I orgasm I can use it to clean my opponent up and skip the remaining turns after.

-I can't tie down, mock or humiliate anyone who's got a winning streak against me (2+) (Win streaks: ) (list is not updated currently)

Active from Profile Sliders: (slider in brackets)
-cocks over 8 inches in my ass make me skip (anal tightness)

conditional from rules:
-I perform as many oral actions as I can (mouth sensitivity)
-I skip for cocks over 6 inches in my ass (average)
-I skip when Pinned (height)
2 actions out of every 20 are selected by a D3 (mind)
at the start of each match I must escape bondage once to use my hands, then again to use either my mouth or legs, and a third to escape the remaining bondage
(powerful orgasms) I skip after cumming
I skip after my tits are played with (breast/nipple sensitivity)
I always cum when my mouth is full (mouth sensitivity)

from clothing/toys
-Can only use bondage once before my opponent does (flimsy handcuffs)
-I start with a butt-plug in
-I start Naked

Profile: (scales can be added and bounds can be changed)

conditions and descriptors can be added or removed under any slider
though I can not remove them while they are active with out a major change
Changes made will include pictures if requested, based off your description, I will choose them unless you send me one first!

Dark Hair

Lip Size
Thin <-> Average <-> Thick <-> Swollen <-> Bimbo

Lip/mouth Sensitivity
None <-> Dulled <-> Normal <-> Sensitive <-> Hypersensitive <-> Mouth-Pussy
(Pleasure from sucking)
Hypersensitive+: perform oral at every chance
Mouth-Pussy+ sensitivity: always cum if cumtest has mouth full

Height: (can move up to 2 inches at a time)
While under 5'6" I must skip when my small body is pinned

Breast Size: (can be moved one size at a time)
(AAA <-> L cup shown on scale)
I can't perform titjobs, or similar while C-cup or below
Round, Perky, Real
Nipples: Small, Everted

Breasts/nipples sensitivity
None <-> Dulled <-> Normal <-> Sensitive <-> Hypersensitive <-> Ultrasensitive
Ultrasensitive+: I skip when my breasts are played with

Pussy Tightness:
Tight <-> Average <-> Open <-> Gaping <-> Ruined
EX: Tight is 1 finger, Ruined is 5 without resistance...
when stretched, I skip after my pussy is used from the overwhelming sensation
(average can take 6 inches, each stage is 2 more inches) (unless another rule changes this)

Pussy Depth:
when stretched, I skip after my pussy is used from the overwhelming sensation

_Pussy Lips/Clit:
Tight <-> Average <-> Puffy <-> Swollen <-> Pumped

Clit Sensitivity
None <-> Dulled <-> Normal <-> Sensitive <-> Hyper-Sensitive <-> Ultra-Sensitive

Cum/orgasm Modifiers
feminization cum (applying to a game over screen where my opponent sucks my cock or tastes my cum) (will well... feminize)
for Mike Jones: I cum instantly when he tells me to "cum like a good little slut"

Anal Tightness
Tightness: (can be moved one space at a time)
Tight <-> Average <-> Open <-> Gaping <-> Ruined
EX: Tight is 1 finger, Ruined is 5 without resistance...
when stretched, I skip after my ass is used from the overwhelming sensation
(average can take 6 inches, each stage is 2 more inches)

Anal Sensitivity
None <-> Dulled <-> Normal <-> Sensitive <-> Hypersensitive
Anytime I am hypersensitive I will always choose anal actions

Ass: (can be moved one space at a time)
Flat <-> Tight <-> Round <-> Full <-> Phat <-> Bimbo

last orgasm:
every day I don't cum my need increases by my libido, weakening my willpower that amount
(ruins do not reset my need)

Willpower: (can be weakened or strengthened)
17 (/20)
I roll a d20 for each cum test, if it is more then my will power I cum

Mind (can be weakened or strengthened)
my negative deficit is the number of actions are selected by a D3 out of the next 20 turns
every 5 losses I lose a point of mental strength, every 5 wins I gain one
I must be on a streak of 2 to increase

Chastity Rules
Currently Caged by: None!
I cant use cock actions until my opponent removes the cage or I learn how to remove it
Chastity removal skill: (each point means one less required on a D6 to escape between games)
0< --1---------->6
each month of chastity without a full day free, increases my base need and reduced my cock size/ by one inch if applicable

Heels Ability
Flats < Flat----2" heels------------ > 8 inch heels
Minimum: Flat
Maximum: 2"

(I cant wear heels taller than my skill unless they are locked onto me, at which point they are treated as bondage and training, and I may not stand, similarly the length of the tendons in my calves can be shortened to require me to walk in heels or crawl (these rules can be bypassed at the cost of one willpower per inch difference to stand during a turn) (moves 0.5 inches at a time)

Current Clothes, Toys, Bondage and bondage gear:

bound and naked
This plug is slowly stretching me back towards ruined, one space a week
massive plug for a ruined ass

body photos (reactive to above changes)

Lets start with my cute face framed by my red hair! oh yeah and the tongue piercing Mr. Michaels gave me...
tongue piercing, redhead
My Upper Body
D-cup pierced
My lower body, showing off all 5 inches and featuring a sturdy D-ring piercing installed in the head of my cock by Daniel:
Free-use tattoo over my ass
cumdump Written over my pussy
Dumb Bitch written over my tits
Mike's Toy written on my inner thighs
**a tattoo of connor's name and a couple hearts on my ass

Body Mod Rules:

(one change to change/add jewelry to an existing piercing, one change to create a new piercing to put it in (if not already there)
(if a piercing is left empty it will close after 10 games) (exception: Grommets will not close)
(A rule or condition linked to a tattoo will require 2 wins to remove)

Skills: (can be taught or forgotten and list can be added to)

Unlearned (give) Kinks
Pet Play
Orgasm Control
Pro Wrestling
Lick Ass

Change Log: (last 6 matches)

Loss Connor
against connor I play as a sub and turn off give: anal, mocking, feminization and humiliation
now has a win streak
breast F-cup -> B-cup
cant perform titjob if C-cup or less
I'll try to feminize or bimbofy/corrupt anyone I face
feminization cum
chastity, feminization, cucking turned on
3 inch cock and short hair

Jodie (changes with my own cum)
cock grew by one inch

Loss: Mr. Michaels:
1 to pierce tongue
1 to have a barbell
1 to go redhead (that gal in the lingerie wardrobe was... inspiring)
the other two to increase dick by 1 inches total
profile picture change

Win (against Connor! (Connie now hehe))
His Win streak is over!
Anal sensitivity Hypersensitive -> Sensitive
removed: Each time I make an opponent cum I must thank them for the reward
Lip sensitivity Hypersensitive -> Normal

5'0" -> 4'11"
ass-> tight
I skip the first turn in bondage

smirk as I return to my normal form* I've got some more kinks for you to turn off when we play...receive cock worship, give bondage)
mouth sensitivity all the way up
cumslut: I'll always clean up any mess I make, doesn't matter if it's my cum or yours
and finally let's get an inch off that cock

Mike Jones specific rules:
I cum instantly when he tells me to "cum like a good little slut"
bimbo ass
bimbo tits
"weak toy" status
bondage outfit/profile picture

Randall (loss
1. you can only make men cum with your mouth
2. eating cum or precum makes you hypnotized
3. you can only play with guys
profile pic
name changed to gloryhole slut

Win against Mr Micheals
removed: anal-addict: my willpower will drop by 1 every time something penetrates my ass
labia: swollen -> puffy
clit: -> hypersensitive -> sensitive
pussy-> gaped to-> open

loss to connor
stripped my wardrobe bare of all my clothes, leaving only my toys (see wardrobe)
-sizequeen: at the start oft he game, you'll flip a coin to decide whether it's good enough for you or not.
heads... you'll be happy to give head. Tails? they're in for a game full of mockery, humiliation and such
real breasts
automatically cum while lips are ultrasensitive
powerful orgasms: skip after I cum
Tattooed my ass
Named changed to Suckslut Naive
removed my "can only play with guys rule"
New strapon of my choice (see wardrobe)

loss connor:
mouth is now as sensitive as a pussy
learned: Medical, Monsters, Alcohol, Pet Play, Food, Orgasm Control, Pro Wrestling, Lick Ass
Long Dark Hair
remove the rule that only let me make people cum in my mouth
Breast sensitivity set to ultra, i skip when theyre played with while that sensititve
lip size, set to bimbo

Gabriella said she needed a new maid, and I looked perfect for the job.... I guess I kind of deserved that since I showed up in my maid outfit. Well I quickly learned Gabriella is nothing if not a woman of her word despite my best efforts to tie and hypnotize her, she quickly overpowered me, pinning me the bed and sliding a tight steel belt up my legs, setting the shield in place as the metal plug slid inside me and was locked in place.... I think we both knew it was over for me.... she played with my plug, pulling it back then letting it sink back into me, watching my ass swallow it back up before pulling it out and replacing it with her massive cock, forcing a massive orgasm out of me... the only way I could cum now..... my pussy clenching with need around the metal plug, unmoving inside me. after that she teased me until I broke, tying me down, collaring and leashing me on my hands and knees like her pet, pressing a vibrator to the shield over my sensitive clit, just letting me feel the dull vibrations, making me beg until I broke and called her mistress..... then she finally gave me her cock back inside me..... and it was exactly what I needed\ Mistresses cock deep in my ass to force that orgasm out of me, to make me squirt and leak around my belt, dripping down my legs as she tossed my uniform back to me and ordered me to clean it upstanding over me, letting me see that key on her anklet as I knelt on my hands and knees and started to clean up my slut juices.

Maid to Serve

I cum on command for Mike Jones here's why:

I was a dumb bratty little bitch, I challenged him and I got jealous when he tied me up and started using some other girl.... and I broke free and used her like a toy.... which was great until mike came back and punished me hard, breaking my mind with a ruined painal orgasm, making it leak out of my empty pussy on his command while another whore watched..... it was humiliating... then he punished me with the fucking machine making me beg him to replace it with his cock.... which I then came on almost immediately after as he pumps my womb full of his cum, flooding my pussy before he chokes me and bring the other girl in with a massive strapon designed to fuck the cum into me and ruin my cute tight pussy.

Extreme Slave Collar
Claimed by: No one
If the Extreme Slave Collar is unclaimed, you can claim it if you win. allowing for 1 change per day, without fighting me.
Simply write me a message, and I'll change it.
If the Extreme Slave Collar is claimed, then you'll have to defeat whom ever has it to get it.
If no changes have been made in a week, the collar goes back to being unclaimed.

A way too indepth kinklist... not sure If I should have left this here.. hope no-one uses it against me.... luckily they've got a lot of profile to scroll through to find it...

have extra changes you're not sure what to do with? here's some ideas:
destroy some of my clothes or give me new ones, you can effectively control what I wear in games
make a personal rule only applying when I play you
change my kinks
give me toys
change what happens when I win or lose.... remember i said every part of my profile is up for change...

saved for later

Maid to Serve
chaste and plugged

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
access_time Last time active: About 20 hours ago, Created 11 months ago
access_time Local time: 15:59
send Stats
public Public games
timelapse Lasting effects
radio_button_unchecked Collared by Alice the Lioness
mode_edit Marked by Vergil
check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Hardcore BDSM, Pro Wrestling, Anal, Feminization, Chastity belts/cages, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT) (Receive), Pussy Torture, Cuckold, Pet Play, Humiliation, Mocking, Bondage, Foot fetish, Armpits (Receive), Tickling, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Pussy Worship, Orgasm Control, Latex (Receive), Medical, Monsters, Alcohol, Food (Receive)
shopping_cart Toys: Dildo


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