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Bi / Switch

Warrior of Love ~ Gaiba!

((they/them or he/him))

Hello~ I'm Gaiba! A former hero fighting for love and justice that lost their memory (and some of their powers) awhile ago, but still has the same heart! I'm slowly piecing back together who I was, and how my powers work. It's a work-in-progress! Sometimes I'm able to transform myself into my hero form which allows somewhat superhuman strength, reflexes, etc., but it's all still a jumble right now.

My most unique power, and one I'm still figuring out again, is my ability to transform! Right now it's pretty limited, but I ought to be able to transform myself into almost any human-like figure (while retaining most of my features).

For instance, once or twice I've managed a female transformation, and can even sometimes turn into a bit of a catboy, when comfortable and in a good headspace~ (but there's also simpler transformations, like just turning into a cop, construction worker, maid, etc., for fun or infiltration). ((Basically, if you know about 'Cutie Honey', just think of that!))

All that being said, the stress of figuring this all out certainly needs relief from time to time, so this warrior of love doesn't mind seeking out some fun now and then~

((Not sure how much I'll factor my RP into stuff, but thought it would be fun to have as backstory at least~ I'm still exploring my interests and discovering things about myself, maybe you could help? ♥ I'd say I lean sub, would have to be pretty comfortable with someone to try domming (in JOI, anyway). Mainly interested in Hentai and Hentai JOI. Feel free to message me if you wanna talk, or are interested in playing together~ I may try to put a proper kinklist here eventually. Sorry if I'm a bit shy at first! Oh, and I'm bi and a switch, but my profile might say otherwise sometimes if I'm playing with bots and wanting a particular sort of match!))

Notable Encounters

(In Progress, more to be added soon ♥)

Draco - Gaiba had met Draco on a few occasions until one day the so-named breeder was on a particularly lengthy breeding binge. Having watched him go at it for days, Gaiba couldn't help but take their female form and help out, though she only ended up adding one kid to the count.. sometimes she wonders what became of them.

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Kinklist ~ (It's a work-in-progress, because I'm pretty inexperienced, so a lot of these are "best guesses"!)

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((I'm probably not interested in an irl pfp, sorry~))

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