Draco The Breeder (Level 13) mail warning

A Dragon looking to breed~

Bi / Switch

Top Breeding Streak: 35 people over six days

Current Breeding Streak: 0

Current amount of days spent breeding: 0

Hello hello! Welcome to my page! I am Draco Adelmund! Breeder, mad scientist, seller of wine, and... kind of chaotic Dragon. (Now also Dragon King) If you're here, well then either you want to know a bit about me, the people I've breed with or have been bred by, the people I've claimed... or perhaps you want to see if you can be added to the list?

And I am a two-time Hentai Champion, first time I lost it to Claire and second to Kiri. May the title live on whoever holds it next~

(Warning: RP will result in a lot of mentions of breeding, other then that it's mostly vanilla fetishes or the ones listed on here. Also doesn't always mean M-Preg for guys)

(Also stating this now, I'm not into bathroom play or blood or really gross stuff in general. I'll generally establish certain limits during matches)

(Letting people know; I'm fine with being DM'd but I'd be a lot more comfortable if I knew you. Also please try to have a picture and something your profile)

A great and mighty Dragon looking to claim those under his wing as potential breeding stock... or Dragon Wives, either or.

*Here is the official Dice List!*

*1d6 -Standard Impregnation*

*1d10 - Lesser Broodmother*

*1d50 - Broodmother*

*1d100 - Deluxe Broodmother*

*Random Number Generator - Excessive Cum Enjoyer~*

My usual EF Matchmaking Hours are between 8am to around 9-10 PM, hope to see you around.

Below is a list of those that have been claimed, I've been claimed by, have breeded with, or have been breeded by in either this form or a female form.


Well I lost my soul to a witch. Not bad honestly, I'm still alive... but an old aspect of myself is now within that gem, meaning that a part of me is pretty much gone. Fine with that, but I'll get it back one day.

{Manager Of The Mean Girls}

Me and Kara had a bet, if I lost against her I'd wear a maid outfit and be a manager of The Mean Girls. If I won, she would have had to wear any outfit of my choosing... in the end, I lost but despite that I did my best. So now I'm a manager wearing a maid outfit, been in worse situations honestly.

{Maria The Lioness}

Maria is one of the coolest people I know, she's also a very fierce Lioness. Lewd one too. This section is dedicated to her because I lost a bet during someone's match. She's also very lovely and frankly, very cool.

{Krul, the small Vampy}

Me and Krul decided to have a match with a bet, if I lost. She got a Womb Tattoo of her own choosing and I had to put a section in my profile. And as you can see... I lost. Not to mention she collared me, at the end of the day I'm content. She's my Garnet after all and well... I'm her Emerald Dragon~


A sweet Kitsune who I've encountered, she has a shrine on Dragonia and I'm pretty much her Dragonic Guardian. She's quite nice and I believe that we'll work well together~


Someone who is capable of destroying bots with ease and can easily conquer a Dragon. Quite impressive if I do say so myself. Made a bet for this one and well, lost~

{People Claimed}

Jack - Male

Dani Mayhem - Female

Blair - Female

Isabel - Female

Julie - Female

Kiki - Female (Wifey <3)

Meru - Female (Marked, collared and bred~)

Mika - Female (Marked)

Millie - Female (Marked)

Elena - Female (Marked and VERY much bred)

Edna - Female (Robot Waifu)

Neptuna - Female (Marked and considered my sapphire~)

Akari - (Collared)

Saikou - Male (Kitty Hubby~)

Nocti - Female (Wifey <3)

Wolfie - Female (Wolf Pet~)

Ashe - Female (Broodmother Slut~)

Vizzie - Non-Binary (Cute Pet~)

Noctis - Male (My Dear Angel)

{Claimed by}


{Breeded with}

Nocticula The Golden Queen (A.K.A The Breedable Golden Goddess) - Female (35,000,876 {Birth Control does not exist here and her womb is always breedable})

Saikou - Male (1,056,071)

Dani Mayhem - Female (9)

♠️Meru the Succubus♠️ - Female (2,651,337)

Isabel - Female (37,839)

Julie - Female (5)

Phoebe Sunrise - Female (10)

Robin - Female (84)

Aleph - Female (4)

Nia, Phantasm-Cat of the End - Female (4)

Cassy - Female (197)

Krul - Female (8,313)

Miki - Female (1,000,003)

Denni - Male (6)

Neptuna - Female (370)

Yuriko - Futanari (3)

Kiki - Female (19,004,050)

Shiroko - Futanari (1,080)

Mika - Female (110)

Emma - Female (4)

Millie - Female (5,000,841)

Misaki - Female (471)

Elena - Female (538)

Ryuna - Female (1)

Laetita (3)

Akari - Female (4)

Markus - Male (6)

Nathalie - Female (2)

Natasha - Female (2)

Gela - Futanari (8)

Mimi - Futanari (6)

General Radahn - Female (1,008)

Demon Goddess Eva - Female (4)

Gavi- Futanari (8,841)

Ava - Female (1)

Elisa - Female (4)

Honey - Female (1)

Kyo - Male (5,717)

Kiri - Male (46)

Issac - Male (5)

Sunny - Female (1)

Alex The Cowslut - (2,000,638)

Amelia - (6)

Rosado - Male (8)

Selim - Male (3)

Harley The Goblin - Female (4)

Jillian - Female (3)

Wolfie - Female (1)

Evie The Playful Pet - Female (2)

Greta - Futanari (9,671)

Vikaren - Female (3)

Slutty Maid Mina - Female (1)

Emma - Female (5)

Valeria - Female (129)

Driz - Male/Female (4,212)

Isabella - Female (4)

Jacqueline - Female (62,163)

Ashe - Male (1,000,024)

Erika - Female (11,075)

Nathan - Male (11)

Ashe - Female (122)

Chun-Li - Female (1)

Yuria the Sex Hungry Paladin - Female (3)

Alice - Female (86,484)

Jane The Breed Slut - Female (29)

Paige - Female (48)

Remiel - Female (4,191,732)

Sasha 'Titan' Panther - Female (27,540)

Bruno - Male (21)

Shiranui Mai - Female (503)

Sanzo - Male (1)

Cecilia - Futanari (1)

Fosxa The Goblin - Female (30)

Vizzie - Non-Binary (38,922)

Momokya - Female (47,103)

Gaiba - Male/Female (1)

Elizabeth McCloud - Female (15)

Relena - Female (3)

Ekotl - Female (39)

Calli - Female (5)

Rathia - Female (499)

Julia - Female (26,138,422)

Tsubaki - Female (26,948)

Lexi the Bunny Girl - Female (14)

Jessy Bishop - Female (108)

Leia - Female (100)

Alex, Bunnysuit Catboy - Male (19)

Kafka - Female (91)

Dahlia - Female (41)

Melly - Female (42,189)

Kaira Milky - Female (21)

Seraphina - Female (821)

Sissy Alice - Futanari (54)

Cecilia, Sir Leo’s kitty succubi - Futanari (4)

Eliza, Succubus Princess - Female (21,510)

Lucca - Female (5)

Lyka - Female (1)

Naaririel Gazmere - Female (79)

Abby - Female (5)

Venuri - Female (128)

Calliope: Goth Queen - Female (58)

Jaina - Female (56)

Yuno - Female (233)

Noctis - Male (20,634)

{Breeded by}

{Currently at Zero due to rework}

Over 92 Million (I'll put an exact number when possible) {Current Child amount}

(Very excessive cum for the win!)

[RP info section]

To put it simply. Draco has somewhat of a dark backstory. If you manage to do enough stuff around him, you should be able to get that story out of him eventually. Dragonia is not only the place he built to fly but lives in. The lounge is just a place he goes to... and has 'temporary' ownership of it... no matter what the original owner says... it still belongs to them. Not to mention he can be quite the romantic, he doesn't mind pursuing people he may have fallen in love with. People who he has claimed may not be around for some of his... 'misadventures' but if they are, he appreciates them for sticking with it. And he was engaged with a ghost named Joy but she decided to break it off for understandable reasons.

After reviving Nocticula, a new adventure came in the form of Qedes and whatever Fate is planning. In response, I achieved Dragon King Status. I gained cool Alchemy powers because of it. During this time, I proposed to a nice woman who I consider my bunny named Kiki. We're now married and it was on 5/9/2023. It is now the happiest day of my life.

Current Status: N/A

{Dragonia Garden: Your guide to how Dragon Pregnancy works}

Some stuff about me, the player:

Hello hello! So uh... didn't think I'd make this but yeah. Letting you all know that I never thought I'd kinda make it this far, so I figured may as well let you know a few things about me. I'm currently 21, I'm an American, and I'm wanting to be a writer. Been working on my own book series at that. Still a work in progress.

I just wanna also take a moment to dedicate a thanks to all of the friends I've made on here thus far. You guys are legit some of the best people I've met. And uh... yeah, just felt sentimental in saying that. I operate on American CST so if you see me in a room, I'm probably gonna be around and ready for a conversation.

If you ever have any questions related to me, feel free to DM me here or on Discord. But as mentioned before, I'd be a bit more comfortable if I knew you. So regardless, yeah I'm willing to answer questions.

Anyway, just gonna say it now. Take care of yourself, life might get rough sometimes and well... I think you'll make it through. For all my lewdness, I do wish you good luck.

Dragon Form

My mighty Dragon form!

There's also a Discord Account now set-up


Letting you know I may not always be on there to get your messages and I might not read every message.

Also here's a Kinklist for no particular reason.

Kinklist 1.1

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You decide that you need to breed her, so you haul her legs up over your shoulders and begin slamming your cock into her pussy. You need to get her pregnant and she wants it too from her pleasured moans. Breed her in a Mating Press! After you slide your cock out, you can see that despite her loss. She's quite satisified with what she's gotten, a nice bun in the oven from your seed~ Impregnated After her defeat, the slimes decide they need to repopulate their lost numbers after the fight. They keep her as a broodmother, you could go and get her, but you feel the slimes deserve it since they fought so hard. Not to mention, you get more minions, so it's a win-win for everyone... except for her~ Bred By Slimes Your opponent has been defeated! Since she wasn’t able to satisfy you, you toss her to the tentacles instead of filling her up with your cum. They’ll fill her up nice and full with their cum! Bred By Tentacles