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Hiya! Send me gifs on what you want to do with me! ;)

Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)


Quick Details:
Switch at heart. Mood plays a part as to what side I will learn on a particular day, but more than that, it depends on our interactions during the game. Always looking for more sensual or competitive games rather than one sided affairs.

Not into humiliation by name calling, right off the bat, but always into humiliation by a good rough fucking if you can manage that. If you start off rough, I will reciprocate equally. But if you want to break me, you will find a gentler approach (atleast at the start) will work better in your favour. Out-teasing me, if you can, is one of those buttons that you might want to keep in mind. Another button is the Special Rules that I have listed below. As a Dom, I tend to be soft Dom.

Into rp. Fantastical elements can catch my attention more easily. But getting into long games for rp depends on the time I have available at hand. But can always start and run rps over DMs. Also, like to choose actions that are fitting an rp or a story, even when playing quick games.

Don't play with hypno/bondage rules these days. Bondage can get activated if we play multiple games. For fantasy settings, do like to play with special rules (powers or debuffs).

Can be open to betting on our games, but not always. Current mood - not open

Like to play in Classic mostly. Oh, the Bad Ends mode is quite fun too. No Femdom and no IRL.

If you are wondering what to call me, you can simply call me J.

Special Mentions:
We have had a lot of fun over a number of matches. He calls me his Slut Goddess owing to my insatiable thirst to get worshipped in just one way, that is by being fucked properly. But our 6th proper match up has changed things a bit. Although I joined in a somewhat subby mood, it started with me gaining control over him, him begging me to make him cum with just my thighs. But being the Slut Goddess I am, I commanded him to fuck me silly first to earn his orgasm. Now, that turned out to be quite the mistake (or was it?) because he did deliver mightily, pounding me into oblivion, taking advantage of my special rules and my particular subbyness that evening, drilling his cock and his words deep into me. He also trained me a neat little trick. He can control the tightness of my pussy by the tightness of his grip around my neck. Before long, he had me holding my legs for him, and fully exposed pretzel pose and I came wildly on his slutbreaker cock, both my body and my mind breaking. I was broken and he was happy since the fun has just begun for him. He teased and kept me wanting for more, as he recovered, before he took me for a wonderful ride on his cock again, leading to mind melting orgasm after mind melting orgasm for the both of us, and ending the night with the Master taming the Goddess, painting her mouth and body and even filling her pussy deep with his cum. And that's not it. The next morning, he fucked my broken mind and body further, reminding me of last night's ordeal, and calling me most wonderful names like his debased goddess, his good little slut, his fucktoy, his cocksleave, while he clamped my tits in a chain and rammed his cock into me, continuing to control my tightness with his hand around my neck, until we both came. There are a lot of things I have taken from the encounter. His black lace choker around my neck, that can work as a collar with a ring for the leash, with the words Slut, and Goddess on either side of it (and you can imagine which is currently on the display). My new pfp, indicating the state he left me in. Oh, and of course, his training of how to control my tightness.


Old Rules: Not active
1. I can only escape bondage if i roll a 6 until I win 5 games. (5/5)
1. On a cum test involving doggy style, i can't control myself and cum by default on rolling a 1 or 2. (3/3)
2. I have to remove my clothes as soon as possible for the next 10 games. (10/10)
1. Anytime I cum from being pounded I'll skip my next 2 turns (courtesy of Derackz). (5/5)
1. Thanks to Slash, (since I cannot control myself and am always impatient), for the next 5 games, I have to choose action involving my pussy or ass whenever it is available. (5/5)

Special Rules(Set by me): Not active
Fucking me continuously makes me lose my mind.
1. 3 consecutive fucking actions and I begin to enjoy it too much, skipping my next turn.
2. 4 consecutive fucking actions makes me even more lost and submissive and I may even start following your commands.
3. Will continue to follow your commands till the time you continue to fuck me without a break.
4. 7 consecutive fucking actions breaks me and flips me to be a complete submissive for the rest of the match.
5. If the action involves penetration, but no fucking, the count is not reset but it doesn't increase either.

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