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Pure of heart, dumb of ass. Only a dom. Interested in doing RP stories, DM for more

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Eggo is a longtime fighter from the Isles of Northern Europe. (In progress because I hate talking about me)

My aspiration in life is to be a himbo. Pure of heart, dumb of ass.

For those interested in a kink map, here you go:
So many Kinks, so little time


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Eggo is a tall person standing at over 6'2" with long brown hair, usually kept up in a bun though when let down covers their nipples. They have soft blue eyes, a small mouth that doesn't smile anywhere near as much as it should, and a pair of round glasses resting on their nose. Eggo exercises a lot, but still finds a small layer of fat hiding a strong core and glutes. They most often wears clothes to hide this.


You have selected "Dominant Style"

As a dom, Eggo wants to build you up to break you down. Pleasantries, compliments, and supportive comments will persist through the game, unless a more rough style is requested. Eggo will start you off slowly, getting you in touch with your body until bringing you to edge after edge after edge, all in the name of the hardest of orgasms.

Due to recent events, Eggo is unlikely to share you with the audience, and while they may claim people, they do not wish to own them, and will support any subs they have should they see them fighting.

Eggo has also begun to break into hypnosis recently, and while has had some great feedback, they is still learning the best and most effective ways to bring you under.


You have selected "Submissive Style (Please Read, for the love of Egg please read)"

Eggo is unable to go into subspace. Please do not attempt to push them into it. Submission in rp MAY be acceptable, however do not expect it to happen regardless of the situation.

Due to recent events this point here has to be emphasised. It hurts me if you try to make me sub or try to paint me in a submissive light in rp. Not good hurt either. It is extremely unpleasant. Please, do not do it. The match will not be able to continue if you do not understand this.

To make sure people have understood this, if I have asked you for a password then it is the 57th word of the above paragraph.

For the sake of completeness, there are some that Eggo allows to treat them as more of a switch. Do not assume you are on this list. If you would like to know if you are on this list, please ask. I'm tired of getting hurt and turned off from people who do not understand what the word dom means.


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How naughty of you...


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This is a new section, and will be added to over time.

Narrowly avoided days of denial and won a heart-racing fight, claiming a wonderful picture with a snake eyes roll.

Little Red Riding Hood ran into my room with a well toned ass, thinking she could beat me. With a booty like hers, that thought was justified. But between magic fingers and magic dicks, she found herself a dribbling mess stacked below girls I've tamed before.

Emily, Jeanne's Pet(not for long)
Emily was a pleasure to play with, and make subdrop. She bet more edges per cum test against a potential sixty four edges and lost on the seventeenth turn... But since she was so much fun I played her game after winning, thirty five edges in return for her thirty five hours of denial. Even in her game, she subdropped, earned seventy hours with a total of fifty edges to do in that time. Such a cute girl.

A tough match, one I wasn't sure of winning. With a dom session on the line, we both stepped up to fight. But not before I told her of her minion that appeared to intimidate me. They came up to me, got in my face, looked around me and even booped me on the nose for several minutes. I'll admit that got me worried, I've never had a bee so interested in me before. Then finally, our fight began. Bondage and Hypno quickly became her enemy, with an abundance of it on my side. A consistent change of who was in charge every turn, with the luck of Eva's dice barely getting me a strong advantage. Though luck shone on her too, making me cum early against her lips. I quickly returned the favour, lifting her up above and impaling her until she could resist no longer. After she came, the fight only became more intense as we proved how evenly matched we were. After several attempts to make the other cum and submit, I grabbed Eva as tightly as I could. With a foot on her head, her arms bound my wrists on her back, and my cock pumping inside her, her eyes rolled back as she came as hard as she could. I didn't stop, taking her for as long as I wanted afterwards. One of the toughest fighters I've ever faced, it will be a blessing to dominate her.

Poc (Pictured here without tail plug)
This Police Officer was in my DMs for literal months not knowing I was a dom, and talked up for weeks what she would do to me thinking I would happily submit. How wrong she was. She came into my Cafe, Eggos (home of the Egg), to investigate noise complaints. Apparently a neighbour had heard some screaming a few nights before. Obliging to the officer, I took her to the backroom, a dungeon hidden at the back of the cafe where she quickly became a noise complaint herself. Safe to say, I think the officer may start making regular visits to the cafe. EDITORS NOTE: She did.


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Was granted the vibrating 🍴of friendship from the witch. Eggo cherishes it and keeps it on their nightstand.

Karina gifted me such a cute kitten with a letter attached
Image Title
"To my dear Sir Eggie. I wanted to tell you how much I adore you. After our meeting, everything began to play with new colors for me. I appreciate every sweet moment spent with you, so many times you made me blush and melt with pleasure under your power. Let this letter be a reminder of my sympathy for you. Your subby Kitten with Love"


You have selected "Notable Sessions"

This is a new section, for interactive sessions, and will be added to over time.

Saving this link here for my newest girl


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== Results from ==
100% Rigger
94% Brat tamer
91% Dominant
86% Experimentalist
86% Master/Mistress
83% Brat
81% Sadist
69% Degrader
67% Primal (Hunter)
66% Owner

If you have read through the entire page, I would like again to thank you for your time and inform you that this page charges your standard network rate. For any and all inquires, please do not hesitate to contact Eggo directly at MessageBox, and have a good day.
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