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About Me
25yr old Asian-Italian man who loves competition! I'm 1.8m tall, 7.5 inches, brown eyes, enjoy playing football and basketball in my free time.

I’m a pure switch. I will fight all the way to the end in competitive matches, win or lose! I won't give in till I'm actually beaten completely, and I'm sure as hell not making it easy for you. If (read: when) I win, I will be taking my prize, though I will say I'm not very rough, so usually quite a gentle dom. Saying that, if I do lose, I'm all yours winks

Update to this: While I still enjoy being a switch and competing very much, I have been experimenting more and more with a bit more of a dom role; but very much more of a gentle, playful style. I'll talk you to orgasm, turn your brains to mush and then take care of you after. I can be rough as well if that's what you like. So subby girls, feel free to approach me if that's your thing.

Game styles and moods
Looking to play Classic and Mixed Wrestling modes with the occasional Hentai game. I love dirty/trash talk (Don't be plain rude though, at least make it make sense), but also enjoy a good RP game when I can find time for longer matches.

Note: I'm not a huge fan of assplay/strap-on/pegging stuff. That being said, if it excites you/turns you on, let me know in DMs. I'm more than happy to oblige and turn on the kinks, but by default I won't include them.

Feel free to message me, I do like to think I am approachable! :)
Although please try to at least have a short description/avatar, at least give me something to work with, something that would interest me!

One last note: Personally I prefer private matches and the very personal experience they come with. However, there are also plenty of times where I'd be willing to have public matches too, for some crowd interaction! Same reason you'll find me chilling in public lobbies, to chat or have some fun times

Now on to the fun stuff 😊

Amazing people
My Cariño
My Cariño - This girl.. where do I even start? Met some time ago, but didn't really have any interactions. That's until we both took a long hiatus, and came back renewed and refreshed. And so the story goes, from relative strangers to fuckbuddies, to a happy man and an excited Latina
fuckdoll. As I've said, I'm not always feeling dom. But with this gorgeous sexy girl, something just clicked. We had incredible fun, and we both went crazy, in what was easily my favourite match on here. The stars aligned; she was just bratty enough to tempt me into fucking her the way she likes, yet subby enough to fold and give in to me. And she certainly doesn't lie, she's got amazing thick thighs, a perfect round ass 🥵 and an enormous appetite for cock. I think I fell in love with her~ She's mine now, and I couldn't be happier to have run into her ❤️)

Emma - My perfect little subby slut... she always has a place with me.

(This list will be updated when I find more, new people perfectly welcome!)

Rules I like to use: (Optional, or choose the ones you like)
1. Hypno/bondage dice rules (5/6 to escape, 3 turns max, sometimes if feeling frisky willing to go unlimited)
2. Anything you can suggest! :)

1. Pins: Roll 4 or higher to play [Pin = 3 or more limbs restricted/pin in the move title]
2. Weaknesses (pre-selected): Roll 5 or higher to play OR roll a chosen die against each other, if lower you have to skip
3. Test of strength moves: roll a chosen die against each other, if lower you have to skip

Kinks - used to have gifs, but this profile is longer than I'd like. Message me if you want to see some lovely gifs~

Likes: Doggy-style, (Reverse) Cowgirl, Facesitting.. and many more~ But that's for you to find out! 😉
No-gos: Blood, animal degradation, toilet play, extreme pain

RP ideas I want to explore:
(Keep in mind these can be in DMs or in a game, suggested modes in [], and feel free to discuss with me in DMs first, I'm open to having RPs with competitive elements or pre-arranged endings, either Dom or Sub, depending on my mood and your fetishes)
1) A couple struggling for domination in the bedroom [Classic]
2) You are a girl in the gym, guy walks in and says girls can't fight, becomes a full-on wrestling sexfight [TWR]
3) Tag team/handicap style match (2-on-2/2-on-1) [probably TWR]
4) Superhero vs female supervillain OR I'm the supervillain vs some superheroine [Classic/TWR]
5) House Robbery Scenario
a. I am the robber, get into a fight with the house owner
b. I am the house owner, getting robbed, we fight when you try to subdue me/stop me from calling the police
6) Fighting against step-sister who thinks she can outwrestle/out-fuck me
7) Welcoming a new lady neighbour and she welcomes me in, wanting to fuck
8) Any others you may think of/want to propose! ;) (Preferably not much ageplay, and none of my hard limits below thanks!)

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