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Looking for a toy. Or switch for mutual control. Open to IRL

Lesbian / Dom

I am Switch, leaning Dom, and most of all sadomasochist.

I love pain. Giving and receiving. I also enjoy eadging and orgasm control.

If you see me in classic I prefer to play with other switches. Love the thrill of a bet. Let the best win and looser... Well, we will see.

In IRL modes and DM I am looking for a girl painslut. If you want to experience mix of pleasure and pain with hint of humiliation and denyal, just ask me to torture you.

Also, i really like to talk about BDSM and i have my share of experience. If you have any questions, feel free to send me DM.

Age: 34
Hight: 182 cm
Body type: BBW
Location: middle Europe
I am Bi, but i have great cock at home, so i am here just for pussy.


1) I pinch my nipples IRL for every ingame torture move against me.

Rules I follow if you do too:

1) Bondage and hypno - have to skip turns until roll 5 or 6.

2) IRL punishment after each in game orgasm. You choose and you can be cruel. I will tell you if Its out of my limits

3) Have to eadge for each orgasm chack

Feel free to sugest more rules. This is fun.

- Pain. Especially on my nipples.
- Creative tasks and punishments.
- Beeing forced into a humiliating things. (I will really try to follow your orders, but its posible you will hit my limit. In that case I will tell you and offer alternative)

- Scad, blood, permanent marks and changes.
- Pics, voice, video, ... I am a maried women and I work with teenagers. This things cant get out.
- Sometimes I cant do something becous of my surroundings. (like kid, husband, or coworker is around and I cant make a noice) I will let you know.
- long denyal (minutes are fun, hour is long, days NO)
- Dont order me to cum IRL. I will not. If you really want to, make me so horny I will beg for it.

I figure out how to conect my Lovense Lush to a game. Not always gona use it, but if I do, feel free to play with it. Just little guide:

Around 20% Its just a little tease.
40 - 60% sweet spot
More than 80% is torture. You should already figure out I am in for some torture, but dont just turn it up and leave it there.
Lush itself will not make me cum or eadge, but it will keep me horny.
If you leave it at same intensity for longer time i get a little used to it. Slight change in intensity will reset it.
Also. If you change the speed, even a little it draw my attention down there.

My toy collection:
Subby Queen Mary: Currently my favorite toy. She is such a lovely painslut. Always horny, always looking to serve and she challenge me to come up with some creative ways to use her.

Еllie: She is willing to do anything for my attention. And I love to use her, hurt her and make her eadge for hours.

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