John can't handle Darina at all (Level 12) mail warning

I lost to Roya so she gave me a mantra: I'm sorry Queen Roya. I'm your subby little slut.

Hetero / Switch

Hi everyone, i'm 23 years old and a student. German is my native language. :)

To be honest i'm still quite new and open to get to know things and explore:) so hit me up anytime. I'm open to experiment.

I'm 22 years old, 1.93m (6'4 for all the americans) and quite athletic in real life.

I'm switch, like being on the submissive side but discovered that i also like the dom side as well. Rp can be interesting but i'm not the most experienced in it until now. Additionally irl seems to be interesting (and is probably the thing i'm looking for a bit more, since i have clear thoughts of it and almost always are horny when being on here) too and might add some spice to it. A combination of competitive RP games with IRL consequences or maybe even some rules is great and i always like such games. I learned about bets and rules some time ago and i think they are a great possibility to make competitive games (yes i think that is getting my thing) even more interesting and fun. So please just hit me up and dm me if you have any thoughts or questions:). I know, not everyone likes IRL stuff etc. But as long as everyone is honest and is open about their boundaries we can have alot of fun.


Memorable games:

I got defeated by Darina. A game, with many twists and unforeseeable end. It started by me showing her my bondage skills, making her unable to move for a very long time, almost bringing her to orgasm withojt being touched myself. But in the last moment before i could finish her she somehow freed herself and exploited my short negligence. But since she was already close to cumming there was no possibility to avoid those sensational feelings but within no time she managed to get me close as well by teasing and torturing me, only letting me cum after making me an exhausted mess, unable to think clear. After an intense orgasm and getting me close to surrendering to her, i managed to regain some power and tease her again, building her up for her next orgasm which inevitably came sooner than later, making her shake and moan her pleasure so that everybody could hear her extatic feelings. But again, she recovered fast, giving me one orgasm after another, making it almost a torture for me. Even though i pinned her down and bound her, she was able to free herself and made me irresistible, unable to go to the final move and give her the winning orgasm. Instead, she rode me until her thighs were burning and made me cum one more time, settling my loss. Congratulations!

I met naDine through matchmaking and she was eager to show me the strength of her legs. She was extremely certain about winning the game. So i wanted to prove her wrong. But I got caught off guard and she managed to pin me for some time from the start right away. When i eventually freed myself i got my revenge and her at the verge of surrendering and losing. But with alot of luck and thanks to her strong legs she could fight back and won in a very close game. Exhausted we both laid on the floor trying to recover.

I met a secretive ominous Red Mystery Girl through my friend Lina and conspired with her to tease Lina. At some point during that day she lured me into signing a contract, unaware of its content and consequences. Up to now i'm still fearing what might come and what i signed up for.
Later, after some chats in dms on another evening she made me submit and be a good boy for her. Her strong legs trapped and pinned me below her. Unable to escape and needy at the same time, exposed infront of her, i tried to find a way out. Overwhelmed by her strength but more than that especially by her masterful whispers, she ultimately made me twitch, and desperately wanting to cum, soo much that i ultimately couldn't hold back and came, leaving me exhausted and shaking with a latenight mess .

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