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~Hum~ Hoooookay! Hello! 👋

It is me Darina, always cheerful, sometimes silly and very much so on the lighter side of things.
I spend every morning on my beautiful secluded beach - my happy place - where I relax and listen to the waves and the birds. Yes Vidia I listen to the birds :^P
The rest of my day I am very active, doing fun stuff and exercising. So if you can keep up with me, hop on dreamer and join me on my nonstop train to Disneyyy... ay wait... Darinaworld!
🎺🎺🎺 Darinaworld - melting minds since 1998 🎺🎺🎺

Apart from that I am part time working at ......... (pssst I am not allowed to tell), plus part time working as a chef for......... (well can´t tell either). ~Whoouuu~ mysterious, mysterious. 🤫 Also got a new side job as a rope artist.

I present to you my three outfits of the month. If we match you may choose which one you prefer. 😘

4 5 6

I stole... uhm... borrowed this beautiful idea from the stunning Tiffany. You can check the well written story of what happened between us on her profile <3

Check out my cute new Toy Emma.

When Samirah and I roll around our bodies fuse into a hot mess with intense moans. She is so sexy and wild to me.

I smothered a fierce competitor into submission and handed her my custom made "Amazing Amanda" collar.

The amazingly stunning Nicole is in my mind 😊

My new goal is to get into the LWR-Title Top 5. And when I was absolute sure to add another easy win against Katha , she made me melt so much and whooped me so good. It was one of the best unexpected subby experiences ever. Katha absolutely overwhelmed me with her "neckwrap and pussyrub" move. She took my title in breathtaking fashion and gave me an extra rule for her signature move against me until I win 4 games. Every time the "Wrap neck and rub pussy hard" move is used against me I have to skip two turns for my naughty reminiscence about Katha. And my opponent can roll a 10 dice to make me edge x times. (wins 0/4)

Always open for more sweet interactions with lovely people, exploring kinky, teasing, fun stuff together. And as always I hope you have a wonderful day :^)

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