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Feel free to dm me, Open to most kinks, loves trying new things, i love sex fights

Lesbian / Switch

Mean dommes are welcome
Hiii everyone i have just arrived on the city of EF, i dont know anyone yet but i would love to meet you all, i am a lesbian mainly but i also have a thing about futas and bbc, dont be shy to dm me i would love to meet you all, no pure subs
I have sooooo many kinks hihi and most things are at least negotiable, but i also just love seeing what people come up with so feel free to push new stuff without fear

Raina likes to tease and torture me and turn me into a drooling, desperate horny mess and I always crave more, crawling to her and begging for attention. She embarrasses and humiliates me in public making me horny and needy, even though I hate being in a crowd and I'm shy I will do whatever she says because she knows what's best for me. I'm Raina's little piggy slut now and I must do anything any girls tell me to do because I'm just a dumb animal who cums hardest when I'm completely humiliated

Aika ... Has made me her needy submissive bitch ... Broken me beyond compare and claimed me ... Made me hers .... My mind addicted and body unable to escape her ... I am her slutty pathetic pet ....
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Aika held me down and impregnated me, filling my womb with her thick cum over and over until i was bloated and begging her, now i carry her child ...
After abandoning me I sought out Alice, who took over the impregnation with her empowered seed, ridding me of Aika's and instead gifting me with her child ...
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Hard limits are gore vore scat and snuff
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wc Is lesbian
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