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You will not forget this devil's power~

Hetero / Switch

The Ledgendary Dark Knight

Son of the demon Sparda who rebelled against the ruler of the Underworld and in-turn saved the weak human race from its impending destruction. For his change of heart and bravery he was titled "The Ledgendary Dark Knight" but after his death and disappearance and bestowing his blade capable of sealing the Human world and the Demon world to me, his first born son. I took up his title in his honor and vowed to gain power to be able to protect the ones I love as it was because of my own weakness that my human mother Eva was killed by the demons sent for vengance of Sparda's betrayal

Race: Cambion (Demon/Human Hybrid)
Height: 190.5cm (6'3")
Weight: 207 pounds
Eyes: Blue

I'll readily admit I'm cocky, bold and arrogant but I'm also the strongest, greatest swordsman you'll ever meet

I live for the fight and thrive in competition, I love exerting my strength and dominace over those weaker than me and derive I a even deeper pleasure for doing it to the opposite sex~

However I do have quite a weakness for motherly types, I feel a immense need to please and protect those close to me and when someone shows kindness towards me it truly takes me back and it can even make my dominant confident demeanor quickly crumble

I'll do you the convinance of listing a couple things that have a strong effect on not just my mind but my body aswell...

Calling yourself Mommy
Asses and Anal in general
I have a quite a Foot Fetish aswell
Latex and Leather on Women certainly classify as a weakness
Women's bodily scents
Teasing and Dominance in general

And here's a couple activities I'll NEVER participate in...

Gore and Extreme Violence
Drugs and Alcohol while not a hard limit will require creativity

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