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Succubus Fuck toy

双性恋 / Switch

I'm not a dom I can be dominant but only in the spirit of competition and play.
I'm very open and playful. I prefer roleplaying, but just a fun match can be enjoyable. I will play whatever game that we are in and I expect my partner to do the same.
I'm a sub, I usually play bratty. I love playing around, mainly role playing. I am open to play most scenes, let’s set something up. I love bondage, being tied and helpless to someones desire is a big turn on. That being said, I don’t plan on getting tied without a fight ;)
I am mainly a sub, but recently discovered my . . . demonic heritage. ( I guess that may explain why I’m always horny :) ) With the discovery of my succubus side, I’m more assertive and discovered a few new tricks. I can be very obedient for the right dom.
I mainly play hentai and classic. Just got 'bad end" and I'm addicted. haha I'm currently saving coins for the mindflayer pack(Yes, tentacles are hot ;) )
I'm not very into interactive, just haven't had many fun experiences.
The hornier I get the kinkier I get, the kinkier I get the hornier I get. Its quite a situation.
General guidelines: I love bondage, to be tied and at someone's mercy/enjoyment is a huge turn on.
Not into gore, toilet, fists, scarring. I dont know why i must say this, name calling or insulting in the spirit of play is welcome, but if you enjoy just being mean (calling me ugly or stupid), find someone else.

Bondage rules I follow in classic: I roll d6 on 6, I’m free. 1 - 5 I find an action that fits or I’ll pass.
Hypnosis for both: I roll d6 on 5- 6, I’m free. 1 - 4 I find an action that fits or I’ll do the action you tell me.
Bondage in hentai: I play with the energy rules the game provides. it seems fair to me.

In hentai:
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In Bad End Battle
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My stats
== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Rope bunny
94% Submissive
88% Primal (Prey)
78% Exhibitionist
70% Experimentalist
66% Degradee
66% Brat
65% Non-monogamist
65% Slave
63% Masochist
61% Voyeur
58% Pet
44% Switch
35% Rigger
35% Vanilla
23% Primal (Hunter)
16% Master/Mistress
14% Daddy/Mommy
14% Owner
13% Dominant
13% Degrader
12% Sadist
12% Ageplayer
11% Brat tamer
0% Boy/Girl

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autorenew 是Switch
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