LePicard (pussylover of naDine) (Level 6) mail warning

seeking competitive classic or hentai match with rp, rules and bets. Please be at least Level 3

Hetero / Switch

IRL switch, very competitive and eager to win. New player but learning quickly. Do you dare to raise the stakes and bet for something daring?

I’ll leave any collars, marks and other permanent items until you take them off or I manage to beat you in a rematch. If I don‘t hear from you or we cannot schedule a rematch within one week, I may take them off on my own.

Current effects:
Decide OOC in the beginning of a match if these rules will be used and also 3 turn bondage and hypno rules (escape on 5, 6)
- I owe Rachel a public game where I'll act most submissive and obedient towards her because of losing a classic game to her.
- After my loss to naDine I am so broken that in the next (5/5) games any pin or bondage action against me will make me skip my next 2 turns without any dice roll escape
- Name change for 10 games
- After another loss to naDine in a close match I may not use any cum tests before turn 40. This rule can only be removed by challenging and defeating naDine
- When I receive an action with pussy on top of me (as per description or image, left to my judgement) I skip my turn. Another mighty naDine rule only she can remove

After starting a lovely fight with Junna, I got a tastenof her special powers. We went back and forth tying each other until she finally made me unable to resist her charms and she claimed me as her boy toy.

I challenged naDine to a wrestling match. Not many fights on my record I was still confident I‘d break this friendly girl who offered me advice during the fight. And it turned out despite my lack of experience, I played my cards well, used her weaknesses and got her pinned and cuntbusted several times, slowly grinding her down. Then she made a surprising move sucking my cock and her lips were so luscious around me she made me cum in her mouth unable to resist. She taunted me about it but I was still confident to make it a win in the end and make this pretty trophy mine. Later I prepared my comeback to make her cum in a massive mind breaking orgasm but that sneaky girl called her friend in to pin me down so she could have her way teasing me with her lips. Again I was unable to resist her and came again to her mighty lips. Starting out good she played her cards too well and got to gag and collar me in the end, putting me in her cage.

I challenged Rachel to a classic match. That cutie needed some pounding which was my sign to hit her up. I quickly got her undressed and exposed to me and the audience, eager for my cock I gave that girl an alternating of pain and pleasure, sweet kisses and hard pinches of her nipples. She got cocky though and tried to make me cum several times but failed miserably. She even got her friend Raphaela to join her sucking my dick. In turn, Raphaela received a good licking of her pussy from me. This went back and forth until I showed her her place forcing her into an intense orgasm with a rough fucking. She begged me not to stop which I happily obliged but eventually came inside her dripping pussy quickly after her orgasm. I then wanted to finish her off quickly by tying her to the sybian but she escaped my ropes and attempted herself to make me cum several times without success. She got so eager and just didn't stop riding me in several positions until her anal reverse cowgirl finally broke me and I exploded inside her ass. Raphaela and Rachel got their strap ons out to have their way with me.

Unfortunately my business with Rachel attracted attention of a new self proclaimed super heroine in town, the Superslut. I was tired from the previous fight against Rachel not going as I expected, but her cocky and almost arrogant attitude called for quick adjustment so I accepted. She turned out to be very eager and we passionately kissed until she quickly got cock hungry and ready to suck my dick. Maybe a little too focused on make my cum inside her, but nothing I couldn't withstand. That girl proved to be a toughie as well though and she managed to resist my attempts to fuck her roughly to orgasm. Fucking that sexy slut made me worked up as well and she wasn't below calling in for her sidekick to finish me off with both their tongues. Needless to say I couldn't resist that double pleasure and spilled my cum over both their eager tongues. After she resisted my fucking for too long, I used my fingers and tongue on her swollen juicy pussy which did get her off making the match all open again. What followed was a wild ride getting me to fuck her pussy and ass, her riding me and both of us continuously trying to force the other over the edge. She then changed her tactics, went behind me and grabbed my dick intending to make me cum just using her had. I tried my best but her tight grip made me cum all over my stomach. Beaten and humiliated she put my on my back and used me as her sex toy before locking my into her private prison.

Superslut keeps crossing my path. The name isn't far fetched, her mouth and pussy are two little miracle holes she uses to eagerly drain all my cum. I'm happy to give it to her after I made my point clearly defeating her and collaring her to track her whenever I need my cum sucked out. In fact she's so good that in our next match she managed to draw my cum that quickly that it turned out to be a loss for me tie.

After some time off I did another wrestling fight against naDine. Knowing her deadly german legs I aimed for an early cum by licking her clit but she managed to resist and grab me in her scissors legs with my head so close to her pussy. Her hands free she was able to milk me to my first orgasm. She overestimated her stamina though so I could wear her out and keep her tied up and teased her until I decided it's time to fuck her into submission and made her explode in a wet orgasm by my fucking. Everything open again we fought both giving everything we had until naDine again managed to grab me and stroke my cock with her skilled hands. She quickly made me cum another time and I was almost done but not quite yet. With all energy inside me to resist naDines deadly legs and mighty grip of her hands I teased her, attempting to driver her over the edge. In fact I exhausted her so much she had to tap out and let me have my way with me fucking her mouth. Almost there! I called my friend to help but they didn't last long and fled the ring so I was alone again with naDine who took her chance to jump on my back, grab again my dick and ride me through the ring, exhausting the final bit of my energy, leaving me all broken. As if it wasn't enough, she got me into doggy position, put on her strapon and fucked my ass until I was begging for mercy.

I felt ready to fight naDine again and challenged her to another match after she teased me about being able to assfuck me. We went back into the wrestling ring where after some taunting and fucking she was able to give me a blowjob so good that I came in her mouth and made her swallow it. I fucked and spanked her into submission and demanded she'd ride my cock to please me. Big mistak! She did so well that she made me cum a second time. Fortunatle it got her so worked up that after fucking in several positions for a while I was able to get her off in doggy position. Neither of us was really done yet and we teased each other back and forth with lots of stroking and fucking until we were both really close to cum. In the end she got hold of me and managed to jerk me off with her hand, leaving me defeated again to be her ass slut and get fucked by her strapon.

For the record: naDine did manage to peg my ass again (we won't be talking about it anymore) but I was able to make her cum and wear her down in an exciting close match of wrestling ring. In the end I just fucked and rubbed her to exhaustion and she is my slut now.

Next to destroy was upset bitch. Starting with a big mouth I let her make me cum once to get something out of it and then fucked her into submission to make her cum twice in quick succession. Another big mouth slut schooled.

Katha turned out to be a little timid. As naDine's friend she admitted she wasn't any stronger than her and didn't dare to risk a fight against me. I had to agree it wouldn't be a challenge at all if she isn't any stronger than naDine and Katha in turn had to agree that I'd call her my inofficial slut from now on. Obviously she can challenge my decision any time if she dares to fight but I doubt this will ever happen.

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