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Still trying to figure out how to say some proper goodbyes

Hetero / Dom

Lucy and I have suspended all operations in EF City. Please refrain from suddenly remembering or pretending you give even the slightest of fucks.

I was contemplating to just vanish without any explanation, but I figured I should give people more courtesy than I usually experienced. While I met nice people and had some great experiences here and still love the concept of this site, I also found a real treasure trove of shitty behavior (from people of all genders - blue accounts are by far not the only ones acting real shitty here, but still thanks for all the prejudice) ranging from very poor grasp on the concept of consent to simply being dicks. I spent way to much time on here, in general and on some people, and realising how little it is appreciated (if at all) made me question what the fuck I'm even doing here. I will go forward and put my energy into something that is better for me and my mental health, gives something back instead of just taking, and helps me grow in some way. Which I guess would literally be anything else.

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