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Everything and I are all absurd stillness.

Bi / Switch

Code name Texas.

"The bright Colombian moon hidden in my heart is whispering softly, is it me listening, is it confiding in you, or is it some meaningless self-talk, I can't see the stars behind the mists of the late night, you'll have to find the moonlight that breaks through the cracks of despair on your own. "

There is nothing taboo about my past ....... If you need to know, just ask me.

I can't tell you much about "gangs". I'm sorry, but this kind of "organisation" operates in a very different world from the one you know, and it's in your best interest not to know.

Well, that's it, you don't have to hide it anymore. The sense of smell of the wolf is very sensitive, hidden in the pocket I have long found. My mouth is a bit dry, is it convenient to share a cigarette with me?

I've been asked a lot of questions about Penguin Logistics, nothing more than work-related questions, and I've responded with the same answers. At first glance, it may sound obscure and difficult to understand, two opposing non-material words are aggregated together, according to the usual thinking to think, anyone who has more than the strength will not have the courage to take the initiative to undertake them. I know that people should not be overly arrogant, but also know that human instincts tend to be self-interested. Scoffing is normal and understandable; Penguin Logistics has grown up and built a strong foundation in a time of such turmoil, so it must have the ability to do so - that's all I've learnt, and I don't intend to dig any deeper than that.

It doesn't matter if you're misunderstood, everyone has unique ideas, and differences are allowed, but not speaking out is not the same as agreeing. People with delicate minds will always think a lot about a problem, which I admit is not a bad thing, but in a way it does add unnecessary obstacles to the path of seeking results. In fact, in the case of our work, my answer is that it is enough to take it literally, in the simplest and most straightforward way possible; the answer is not too complicated, and there is no need to doubt the accuracy of what you know. It's just plain old transport, no different from the rest of your peers, but a grey area on the way to seeking and sustaining growth, and exposure to the wider marketplace. For the right payment, the commission will be carried out with the utmost efficiency, and that is the rule that must be followed.

Personality and Characteristics

Typical wolf girl looks, ears pointed, face small, amber eyes like a layer of warm turpentine painted over, silky hair fitting the spine line underneath the fabric to the back to a screeching halt, a bright red like rose juice hidden underneath the dark grey hair that was oily and smooth like fur.

She is quiet, favours solitude, and is introverted, not so much hiding her thoughts in her mind as simply not having any. She can be likened to a hanging bamboo, a lonely moon or a deep forest pool, a step above the haughty isolation that others can think of.

Her innate five senses, combined with her long-trained sensitivity and alertness, have made Texas particularly good at fighting, with a stormy style, and have somewhat influenced the way she conducts herself, grasping the rules of her creed and taking the simplest and most straightforward way to carry out her tasks, never losing her way.

A stance of not hiding or running away from anything, accepting and living in the moment with equanimity, meeting all events with calm and naturalness.

"One day, her past will catch up with her."


Sexfight,Competitions,roleplay,domination,I'm not a fan of full dom or sub, preferring to be a two-way switch, and while I'm open to almost anything, I reject most R-18G stuff as those are too heavy-handed

She will not escape her fate after all


A touching reunion. Perhaps unexpected would be more appropriate, I'm not much of a date keeper and have absolutely no concrete recollection of how long I've been away or how long I've been living there. I think it was over a year? I met an old friend, an old friend other than those Sicilians. I honestly didn't expect our reunion, nor did I expect her to chase me here (or maybe think about it for half a minute while I was away), it was so sudden.
The suddenly blinding sunlight hit her whiter than normal skin, and the shadows from her hair hanging down made it hard for me to see her eyes, but she was smiling. And I was holding a signing pen, clutching a couple of expresses, looking at her from four or five metres away, the ticking time seemed to freeze between us, the air was terribly quiet, and neither of us was about to open our mouths first. It wasn't until I heard my comm terminal beep that I greeted her hastily.
After this Exusiai asked me what took me so long, I answered her that it was nothing, just a chance encounter with an old friend.

She said: you should move on, Texas.
To this day when I think of that statement, I am still thankful for my partner. Well, even though I knew that Exusiai was such a character, again, perhaps the fifth, sixth, seventh, or eighth step in getting along with this new partner of mine. I hardly mentioned anything about myself. It was inevitable that we in logistics would have some secret channels for information, and perhaps she had asked privately about these...things that had nothing to do with this place, or anything here. I wasn't surprised when she said it. She didn't say it with a sad or any other kind of tone, but rather an upturned tone like a bird singing.
She slipped an order into my empty right hand. You see, she said, this is the hope of life.

Sora, the name she was given when she started her career, is now in her fifth year with Penguin Logistics.
If it wasn't for a few little accidents, it's hard to imagine that Sora and I would have ever crossed paths. Idols active on stage usually exist to guard some people's glass-coloured dreams, to become someone's dream, to realise someone's dream, or perhaps to serve as a purgatory independent of reality - yet there are always people who take pride in piercing their ideals and take pleasure in tearing down the clouds, which is why I was able to save the young girl who happened to be holding the microphone. She was light and slender, her fluffy skirts as fragile as this profession. The symbol of the wolf, which clearly did not belong to her, hung behind her like a pitiful dog.
I loosened her waist and said you are safe for the moment.
Yet she was only trembling, her legs leaning on each other in search of a fulcrum, as if she were a hunted lamb. I wasn't sure if she was in fear of the devastating explosion or the lightsaber in my hand. But it was clear that I meant no harm, and she didn't belong in any of my jobs. While I was about to end this pointless overtime, she pulled me by the corner of my shirt and carefully asked me with the pink-gold pupils of her eyes if she could come with me. Even though no one would be an absolute hunter on this continent, as long as I wasn't surrounded by ten times more enemies, I was sure I could escape with her. So after a moment's thought, I agreed to the request, and Sora followed me, following me to Penguin Logistics.
Sora was a hard working child who never backed down, believing in me while supporting the others in her own way.
We had a small agreement that after she returned to her idol trajectory, I would act as her exclusive bodyguard, preserving the idol lady in crisis situations, and in return, relatively speaking, she would repay me with scarce private time.
Of course, such a situation is something I think is best avoided.

I have only crossed paths with two Sankta: Exusiai was the first, and Mostima was the second.
The first time I met Mostima, I wasn't even sure if she was a Sankta; unlike Exusiai, her aura was dull and her wings were broken, hanging behind her as if they would disappear at any moment. The sharp horns underneath her halo stood out and were as hard to miss as the thin black tail behind her.
My contact with Mostima was minimal. Apart from the necessary handovers at work, even the chances of fighting together were almost nil. The reason for this can only be attributed to the fact that Penguin Logistics has always had a clear division of labour, and according to her, she's not very good at fighting in a team.Exusiai has mentioned a few things to me about Mostima in casual conversations, such as they are old friends who graduated from the same school, and that Mostima's spells are extremely destructive, but the key piece of information about the existence of Mostima is that it's not a good idea for them to be in a team. But I still don't know anything about the key information about the existence of "Mostima".
Sankta always have an innate sense of distance about them that they don't realise. Whether it's Exusiai or Mostima, it's the same thing. You'd be hard pressed to get a Sankta's past out of her, they're always intentionally distant, Exusiai likes to digress, Mostima smiles - all the time - until you give up.
Sometimes a smile is a form of rejection, but I have no interest in probing into other people's pasts, and for that reason we get along fairly well.
People can pick up on more than words. Eyes, gestures, appearance, dress. All of these can be sources of information, the difference is simply which side is quicker and more effective. When the former is useless, I would choose the latter. Like not bringing up topics related to Mostima in front of Exusiai, that's what Exusiai's attitude reveals to me. They are obviously not just friends, but what exactly makes Exusiai start freaking out when she thinks about Mostima is clearly out of my jurisdiction, and all I can do is just avoid the whole "Mostima" thing.
However, this does not mean that Penguin Logistics will ignore such a mysterious and untraceable messenger. If we get a message that Mostima will be back soon, the usual welcome will be given, and if she arrives before we know it, an impromptu party at the office would be nice. When Sankta will be able to let go of her feelings of alienation and become a part of the group will be another story.

Projekt Red
I had already seen that wolf in the doctor's research lab. She had her back to me, and even then I could feel the "fear", a revulsion that came from the depths of my soul. She had the typical characteristics of a wolf, unlike herself, and when she dropped the contact device in her hand to the floor without any more inhibition, the child turned around and locked eyes with me.
Long, silent... as if I was in the middle of the ocean, it took all my strength to restrain the wolf nature that belongs to the wolf when facing danger, I couldn't... I couldn't face it directly, she was an anomaly in the wolf race, I smelled the flavour that belongs to my own kind, but mixed with some strange flavour that I instinctively felt disgusted with. My back was already wet when I stepped out of the research lab, it was just a stare down.

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