Jane Doe (Niveau 7) mail warning

Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Amateur fighter looking for a career in sports.

Up for bets.

Likes to fight, rough.

Some history:

Ritzy seemed like an easy win. I threw a lot of punches, wearing him down, without breaking a sweat, but it was just him toying with me. He grabbed me, held me tight, dropped my bottoms and it was merciless. He pinned me to the ground, holding me roughly, smacking and fucking me into complete submission without even being close to cumming himself. He then proceeded to fill my mouth and left me defeated, lying in shame, sweat and his cum.

Bryan D approached me, mocking me for my skill. I couldn't refuse to fight him and show him who is the top. And I demonstrated it - I was pinned, mocked, taunted and beaten into submission until I couldn't keep going, and I was lying on the mat, accepting my defeat.

I challenged Champion Stephen for the Title. He did not give me a chance, and wrote "Jane Doe: Stephen's publicly available free use slut" on my helpless body after my defeat.

After totally defeating Nibis in the arena, I came to his gym offering a promotional deal. He convinced me to go extra mile in the gym for the best content.

Owns a personal visit to Neo after recent brawl.

Officer Dan arrested me, but the record was cleared after community service.

The French Gentleman challenged me to what I considered an easy fight. Over the course of couple visits, he demonstrated his total superiority, making me surrender my body to him, demonstrating that I'm just a loser and he is a natural winner.

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