stephen (Level 9) mail warning

Seaking competitive TWR matches. Role play is welcomed

Hetero / Switch


I want it to be competitive where we both cum at least once.

Name calling from both sides is preferred as it adds to it.

If you are new to The Wrestling Ring please tell me so that I can act as a defacto trainer during our match.

If you are looking for Amber, she has left the site completely. she might come back in a different character but I doubt it. Please do not bring it up if we are in a match together (whether it is between us or just chatting in public).

Amber My now ex-Girlfriend as she left the site! If you are a Bi woman and you beat her in LWR, I will be coming for you! To Amber, I love you babe and Message me if you are back on this site.

1. 69 Battle: Please do not select it. If you need to Skip your turn, please do so and I will skip my turn as well.
2. Tap out Skipping: Please do not skip your turn if Tapping out is your only option. The exception being if that selecting the tap-out will end the match right immediately(For example: you select tap-out and your opponent is picking a game over action)
3. A cum test cannot be selected right after an opponent has tapped out. This is to make the match more interesting and to prevent an early end to a match that could have contained a tight finish.

*Rules that are conditional**
If you (my opponent) have a rule that handicaps you
1. TELL ME BEFORE THE FIRST DAMAGING MOVE IS DONE!!!! as the following rules can be activated to serve as a counter balance if you like
2. Breast/Ass Smother: I skip my turn!
3. Kiss (if you initiate it): I skip my turn!

*Roleplay Extent*
I will work with the Roleplay as long as it does not compromise the competitive nature that some, including me, enjoy the most. If you have to skip your turn to preserve the Roleplay and to stay within the rules, Just give a short explanation (1-2 sentence) and parenthesis and I will be okay with it.

I just started getting my feet wet with bets so I would greatly appreciate it if you keep the bets to just collaring/marking/locking me in chastity and addressing you as my superior (you can pick then name).

I DO NOT AND WILL NEVER LIKE bets that involve the following: IRL, Dice, and my EF Girlfriend (unless she is watching the match and give her consent during the match)

*Notable Matches*

Tanya: When this match happened, It had been a few months since i had full proper match. I managed to beat her after she made me cum first. Once i beat her, I humiliated her in the greatest way possible!!!!!! Not a bad way to come back to EF, right folks???

----------Ladies that I have humiliated----------

Isabella lost to me after she took it up the pipe so to speak

Jenna thought that I would enjoy losing to her! Well, just ready the log to find out what happened..... I can't wait for our rematch to happen.

Akira and I had a nice competitive match but even she, the woman that made Laura become a public sex toy to an extent, couldn't avoid getting humiliated by me

BY FAR the best humiliations that I have done to losers are:

Lucia the Silencer but I made her change it to a far more memorable name of Slutcia the Sleazy Skank
Whorina (sadly the character is now back to being a male so....), with the original name of Cyrina or something like that, I had to take advantage

== Results from ==
94% Switch
83% Submissive
72% Experimentalist
65% Dominant
64% Degrader
59% Rigger
53% Voyeur
53% Boy/Girl
52% Vanilla
52% Degradee
50% Rope bunny
50% Master/Mistress
47% Non-monogamist
45% Owner
44% Daddy/Mommy
43% Sadist
43% Brat
42% Slave
42% Brat tamer
41% Masochist
40% Ageplayer
38% Exhibitionist
37% Primal (Hunter)
28% Pet
27% Primal (Prey)

I am from the US.

Date of Birth: September 27, 1996

Race: Asian American (Asians tend to look younger than their age)

My Amazing GF: The beautiful and amazing AMBER!!!!

losers we share: Erika, Lucy, and Emma

Primary Opponent: Sacha currently 2-3 against her.

Opponents that I want to beat (BADLY) in TWR: Victoria Rex, Jericho Jordan, and Lilly I have no wins against any of them and hope to change that.

wc Is hetero
autorenew Is a switch
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