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Bi / Switch

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Afu just wants to treat everyone around her with all her heart, no matter what, friends should be treated well and gently, even if I don't know what to talk about most of the time...

However, I'm already satisfied, everyone is very powerful and delicious it, also has a very important person it, so already contented ... ...!

I like to have sex, no matter what gender can go to bed and do happy things, because of the tenderness so my temper will also be very good, you may be very difficult to touch my bottom line, always like to take the other party as a priority, as long as it is not a violation of the rules of the matter, most of the things can be accepted!

About the character setting, he talks with a witty sense of humour, good at improvisation, loves to be smart about many things, but is firm and will do what he has agreed to do without failing to keep his word.

Has a flexible moral compass and is currently a free rider who doesn't fight for anyone.

Contrary to his cute appearance, his cock is a full ten inches and as strong and robust as a stallion.

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Pro Wrestling, Anal, Feminization, Pet Play, Humiliation, Bondage, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Medical, Monsters, Alcohol, Food
shopping_cart Toys: Dildo, Collar


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