Lady Dusk (11 级) mail warning

双性恋 / Switch

(A cross-gendered RP character)
Denizen of the Fourth Dimension.
A female wrestler with a raging libido and a fascination with sexual control.

FACTION FIGHTER - Lady Dusk is a member of the Total Wrestling Alliance Team wrestling faction.

DARK INTENTIONS - Lady Dusk is part of the Kinky Couples Wrestling Club along with John the RNCEO.

LADY DESK - Lady Dusk also has a part-time office job.

SPAWNED - Lady Dusk has two children with Kichi the Slime! Dusk gave birth to two human-slime hybrids named Brooke and Marina (because, you know... water...)! Due to the cognitive-flux-state of slime creatures, both children had an exponentially reduced childhood. Brooke has followed in Dusk's footsteps, becoming a wrestler, whereas Marinus, after self-morphing into a male, has taken after Kichi's penchant for impregnating things.

The MDC - Since joining the league herself, Brooke has teamed up with her mother to become a fearsome tag team! Even if Brooke or any of Kichi's alts are not a watcher in a public game, for the purposes of double-team moves, it can be assumed that Brooke is always there to cheer on her mom and intervene on her behalf at a moment's notice.


Ring name: Lady Dusk
Real name: Katrina Nettleton
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Hair: back-length, ginger, straight
Breasts: C cup
Entrance music: "Emperor Fangs"
Signature move: The Duskfall Pin (Headscissor HJ/BJ)

Achilles' heel (weakness): - Now WHY would I tell you that? Oh alright then, I'll give you a clue. It rhymes with "hankies".

Dusk's Destroyer - Lady Dusk's famous strapon

"Des-troy-er! Des-troy-er! Des-troy-er!"

Confirmed victims (people who have either cum on the end of it, or have been punished with it):
Wrestler Sam
Lady Dusk
Boss Jack
Dusky Lad
KL 1996
Brooke the Slimy Fighter
Tehmeena Afzal
Gentle Sir
Sir Connor
Lila Rios
Mister Valentine
Alyss Jameson
Andromeda Stirling

Ever since she first came across the sport, Katrina has been absolutely enthralled with the excitement and heightened emotions of gaining and losing dominance. She knew from the first moment that she wanted to be a part of this exciting and dangerous world and worked hard to achieve her dream. But this has nothing to do with becoming a champion, or being famous or anything like that. She does this for the sheer thrill of the power over someone, the risk of humiliation, the battle for dominance.

Katrina may love nothing more than squeezing someone between her thighs or watching them lose their mind from pleasure as she forces or denies an orgasm, but that dominating trait does not extend that far into her personality. She is actually a very warm and genuine girl who can easily become flustered by attention and treats those around her with kindness and respect. She does expect this to be reciprocated, however, and has a very patient breed of sadism reserved for those for whom she holds a grudge.

Katrina has a modest lifestyle with little money and a cramped single-room apartment she calls home. She is clumsy, messy and probably the worst cook you will ever come across. But this doesn't bother her: life is about enjoying herself, not worrying and wasting time on pointless domestic chores.

She may love domineering sex, but romantically Katrina has a real soft spot for people who are kind, cute and compassionate. She is a softy at heart and loves to give pleasure to those she loves even more than to receive it.

Dusk's flat

*We push open Dusk's door and step into her apartment. It is a single room flat with all the different areas in one room with no partitioning walls. Standing in the doorway, the kitchenette is to the left: a tiny area partitioned off by a grey worktop counter. Behind that is a dining area with a glass-topped table and four curve-backed white wooden chairs with steel legs. A window offers views over the street.

*On the other sife if the room is a living area with a TV unit and glass coffee table. The entire wall is filled with two book cases, on which are books, CDs, films and ornaments. A small, well-used kitty bed sits on the floor in front of it and, bizarrely enough, a knackered old cardboard box covered in childlike drawings has pride of place on top of the bookcase.

*A beat-up sofa separates the living area from the bedroom zone. A double bed is crammed into it, with a tall chest of drawers rammed into the space behind that. The only other connecting door is to the left of the front door, separating a tiny bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink rammed in: functional at best.

*Dusk has obviously made some effort to tidy up but there is still a bra thrown over the sofa and various clothes dumped on the bed. Dirty washing up punctuates the kitchen surfaces and a half eaten pizza lies in an open box on the dining table. What is more troubling, the drawer under the bed is wedged ajar by a large purple dildo, hinting at the treasure trove of toys within.

The detailed stuff

HOW I INTERACT: Everything I do with Dusk, I do through role-play. Everything I do is in character: when you talk to or fight, it is HER you are doing it with, not me. This means that some of her feelings and thoughts will differ to my own. Any out-of-character talk will be in square brackets.

SOCIAL BOUNDARIES: I want to keep real life out of my time here. I only want to play RP modes; nothing with any IRL element. This means no IRL bets/actions and no FWC, interactive or hentai JOI mode.

THE NARRATIVE: Any PvP interactions (games, DMs) potentially feed into the ongoing story of Dusk, which I write up here on my profile. The play history of Dusk is her backstory, so there may be times when I draw links to events that have happened previously or with other people on EF.

PLAYING GAMES WITH ME: I really do not have that many opportunities to play (maybe 2 or 3 times a week, usually). Please be patient and understand that I just can't play on a whim or schedule matches easily. When I have time to play, I will look for people who are active and starred and any potentially interesting matchups in matchmaking.

DOMINANCE: Lady Dusk likes to think of herself as a dom but the truth is that she can be melted if handled correctly. She is a sensual lover who delights at pleasure control. She is not a hard dom or hard sub so don't expect her to behave like it without building up to it.

👍femdom, pegging, bondage, forced orgasms, cum control, denial, ruined orgasms, chastity, tickling, spanking, milking/multiple orgasms, worship, feet, facesitting, dehumanisation, feminisation, oral sex, threesomes, romantic, sensual, cuckolding

👎fisting, nipple clamps, hardcore BDSM, cum eating, blood/scat/piss, man-on-woman anal, behaving like this guy

Detailed kink information can be found on this Kinklist (part true for me, part in character for her).

Arena Record:
TWR: 42-24
LWR: 22-13-2
Official league matches only. Competitive matches that were RPd as training or informal are not counted.

Title Match Record:
TWR: 6-3
LWR: 8-4-2

Tournament Record:
LWR Tournament 2024: 3rd round.
TWR Tournament 2024: Runner-up.
T.W.A.T: 2-time queen
Office Sluts Tournament: Semi-finalist


This is Dusk's most recent history. You can read about her older adventures in her diary.

Sir Connor (Classic, win)
Wazy (TWR, arena match, faction fight, win)
Ruck (TWR, arena match, TWR TOURNAMENT FINAL, loss)
Psyko (DM, RP)
xDomi (LWR, arena match, win)
Lila Rios (LWR, arena match, win)
Mister Valentine (Classic, RP)
After a casual sexfight bet going her way against Connor and a spectacular collar defense against Wazy to keep him firmly under her control, Dusk was bouyed with confidence heading into the TWR tournament final. Unfortunately, the dream stalled as she was unable to finish the job in a nail-biting loss to Ruck that placed her title hopes in the hands of Mister Valentine in the tie-breaker against Mika the Kitsune. Fortunatley, Psyko was on-hand to ease her frustration. But it was a long, tense wait, during which Dusk compensated for her loss by dominating in the ring. But the dream was shattered as Mr V lost his rematch. Watching the title slip through their grasp, the despondent pair destroyed each other in a frustration-fuelled domination session the likes of which Dusk had never conducted.

Roya (Classic, RP)
Master F (TWR, arena match, win)
Kichi the Slime (Hentai, RP)
Sir Connor (Classic, RP)
Following the heartbreak of the TWR final, Dusk's dominance-compass was all over the place, swinging wildly between the need for self-destruction dished out by Roya's "reward" for the tributes and the disappointment of not being able to collar Master F simply because she had run out of them. Kichi, sensing something was wrong, tried to scratch Dusk's submissive itch in the only way she knew how: with tentacles! Dusk then cashed in on her won bet with Sir Connor by tricking him into an orgasm debt during her reward session with him.

Fred Stark (DM, RP)
Harrison (TWR, arena match, KCFC match, loss)
Wazy (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win)
Roya (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T leadership match, win)
Brian (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss)
Having lost to Fred (psyko) previously, Dusk took him out for their promised dinner date, during which she naughtily forced him to cum in his pants with her feet. Back home, Fred used what he thought was the unlock code for her chastity belt... only to unlock another of Roya's victims far away across town! It mattered little though, as it transpired. After keeping her hand once again on Wazy's collar, she defeated the queen herself! Claiming the throne was the least of her concerns: she was finally able to remove the collar and chastity belt and bask in the glory of freedom once again! She was also ready to start a strong dynasty of power by ruling indomitably over the T.W.A.T. That didn't start well: her first faction opponent was Brian and once again he flattened her.

Belle (LWR, arena match, win)
Morgan (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win)
Jessy Bishop (LWR, arena match, TITLE FIGHT, win)
Cyrus (Classic, win)
Jasmine (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, LWR TITLE DEFENSE, win)
Dusk continued to thrive and enjoyed further dominance in the league after being buoyed by a rekindling of the dominance-fueled rivalry when Belle came back to town. She rode this wave of self-belief to FINALLY get her hands on the coveted LWR title belt and then defend it against Jasmine to start a new dynasty of dominance in the women's league. She even had the satisfaction of breaking a couple of boys along the way: the rookie Morgan and the cocky would-be alpha male Cyrus, who found his way into one of her collars.

(37-18, 18-10-1)

Sweetpea (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, LWR TITLE DEFENSE, loss) - Dusk had plans to hold the belt indefinitely and become the greatest female champion the league had ever seen. She failed, falling miserably to a fresh rookie before taking another collar and a humiliating dicking as Sweetpea ticked off every humiliation kink known to humankind in her post-match obliteration of the fallen champion.

Anna Ivory (DM, RP) - Anna had been admiring Dusk from afar and finally got to meet her celebrity crush and, amazingly Lady Dusk went back to her house! She was painfully shy but it was obvious from Dusk's awkwardness that there was a shared attraction. Tentative kissing became heavy petting became the road to full sex. But a more submissive side to Dusk came through: a hint that she loved the idea of being powerless to this shy, slight girl. Anna detected it and it awoke her domme side. And it was soon readily apparent that they were two sides of the same coin, like ying and yang, complementing each other's needs perfectly. Seduced into giving her deeply-buried and closely-guarded submissive core to Anna, she accepted her as her mistress, submitting completely to her. At her own behest, Dusk allowed Anna to completely shatter her pride, body, soul and reputation by fucking her into unconsciousness on camera. When she awoke, the pair shared their most intimate and painful memories before embracing in a beautiful new love.

Mister Valentine (Classic, loss) - Dusk and Mister V had made quite the team during the TWR tournament. It was a friendship that continued as they competed to out-fuck each other in the bedroom, with the prize of dominance on the line. On this occasion, Mr V proved to be the one with the most stamina, breaking Dusk beneath him before smiling in pride at claiming such a fine prize as her.

Mister Valentine (Classic, RP) - Mister V claimed his prize, summoning Dusk to his manor. With her under his command, he delighted in savouring his dominance over the feisty, untameable girl by collaring her and relishing in his temporary role as master, strictly punishing any mis-step with spanks and tying her down and forcing orgasm after orgasm from her body. Fun though it was, Valentine did eventually shoot his load into her tits and allowed her respite, leaving the encounter open for a rematch at some point.

The CumQeefTador (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss) – The T.W.A.T's brand new Royal Rumble contest had started and Dusk was keen to participate. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the opening match again The CumQeefTador, realising far too late that he had a taste for thoroughly degrading her as he spanked her publicly with her ass hanging through the ropes and branded her as "Queen of the Spank Sluts" with a marker pen on her ass cheeks.

Alyss Jameson (Classic, OFFICE SLUTS ROUND 1, win) – Dusk took up a part-time job in a local office to help top up the earnings from the ring following the closure of the Crimson Cavern Club. Rather predictably, she was shit at it, having caused a number of mis-haps including ordering a veritable mountain of rubber dildos for the office and linking the door buzzer to Alyss's vibrator. A performance management review was called, during which Alyss tried to remove Dusk's obviously distracting lust for her. A hugely satisfying sex session ensued but it was the visiting accountant hammering on the buzzer trying to get access to the building for the finance meeting that ended the session, with Alyss squirming on the floor and cumming her brains out whilst Dusk watched on, baffled.

Vishakha (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss) - Lady Dusk met Roya's girlfriend in the ring for the first time and came off worse against the rookie, who seemed to have inherited Roya's fighting genius. Despite humbling the T.W.A.T queen, Vishakha was utterly magnanimous in victory and full of respect for Dusk. It was a respect that was reciprocated as Dusk told her that she would be queen herself one day. [Which turned out to be true within the week, as it happened.]

Anton (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win) - Anton was Dusk's loyal pet but he had fantasised about being subjugated by her and forced into his collar. So she released him from it it for long enough to allow him to face her in the ring with it as a looming price of failure. Of course, she was never going to allow him to be free of it for long so she beat him down, drained his balls and roughly manhandled him back into it... much to their mutual delight.

Brian (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE, loss) - Dusk was unwilling to be called a coward and hide from challenges to the T.W.A.T throne so she accepted a leadership challenge from Brian, despite being on the losing side of a 2-0 record against him. His size advantage was significant but she slashed at him again and again, wearing him down. Critically, though, desite forcing him to tap many times, she was unable to inflict an orgasm and, when he broke her into a squirting mess, the price of failure was to have her crown stripped from her and replaced with a collar as his royal pet.

In a bizarre twist, Brian lost the throne less than 18 hours later to Vishakha, who, as prophesised by Dusk, did indeed become queen!

Jada Terrell (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win) - Two legends of the women's league faced each other at long last. But rather than being a claws-out bitch fight, it was an intensely sexual encounter that saw two girls in swimsuits and obviously wet for each other writhe and lick and kiss each other into an edged oblivion. Begging to cum on Jada's tongue, Dusk accidentally smothered Jada into unconsciousness, howling in despair at being denied her climax. But once Jada was revived, the pair hot-footed it backsatge to finish the wonderful job they had done on each other.

James (TWR, arena match, TWR TITLE MATCH, loss) - With James holding the TWR title, it seemed like the ideal time for Dusk to revive her rivalry with him. Witht he belt on the line, both fighters brought their A game in a fiercely competitive and highly-skilled wrestling showdown between two mighty champions. Despite out-wrestling and out-fucking him masterfully, Dusk was unable to finish James off and he displayed champion resilience to battle through before finishing her off to deny her the title.

Roya (featuring the Crimson Cavern Club) (Classic, RP) - Roya finally cashed in the golden invitation that Dusk had given her upon her victory. Confused, Roya followed the directions and ended up at the Crimson Cavern Club, which Dusk had bought with all of her winnings since joining the league! Dusk treated Roya to an on-the-house experience, asking Roya what deep sexual fantasy she would like to bring to life. It turned out that Roya wanted the pair of them mercilessly tied down and fucked into squeals by a pair of doms: not quite what Dusk had in mind. But the customer was always right so that is exactly what she got!

Brian (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss) - Dusk would not let the 3-0 scoreline with Brian stand. She faced him down again, determined to free herself from her collar and take her revenge against the Viking Beefcake. She has a model of fury as she absolutely destroyed him, relentlessly slashing at him and grinding him into dust. But once it got to the second round, his Kryptonite cock broke her and she was left sobbing miserably on the mat after throwing away the most one-sided lead in history.

Cyrus (Classic, win) – Dusk was heartbroken after her devastating loss to Brian. She felt like a complete fraud and a loser and was out for male blood. Cyrus was in her collar but by no means tamed: just perfect to prove to herself that she could out-fuck a man. The two were fully competitive as they fought for the upper hand, Cyrus tying to mind-control her and Dusk looking to bind him in cuffs. Neither succeeded, however, and it was Dusk who wore the smirk as she finally broke him with a good old fashioned blowjob. But mercy was in short supply with the latent rage she was still feeling so she used him as a forgotten footstool whilst she had noisy phone sex with her various lovers.

KL1996 (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win) - Dusk was still howling for vengeance against the boys, still wanting to make amends for her humiliating loss to Brian. Braving to show her face in the arena once again, it was KL who weathered her furious storm. He put up a valiant defense but there was no stopping Hurican Dusk as she blew him out the water and then fucked him in her locker room for good measure, before leaving him naked in the backstage corridors of the arena!

Wazy (TWR, area match, T.W.A.T match, win) - Dusk may have been struggling with Brian but Wazy was in a bind too, still stuck as he was in a collar owned by Dusk and Roya. Dusk was in no mood at all to give ground to any man and, after milking him dry, won with a KO by anal insertion: the feeling of her Destroyer hitting his prostate enough to cause the hapless Wazy to lose consciousness!

Monica (Classic, OFFICE SLUTS ROUND 2, win) – After the debacle with the dildos, Dusk was summoned to Monica's (the finance manager's) office. Dusk was sure she would be fired from her part-time job but Monica only really seemed concerned with checking that at least the money had been invested in a quality product. The pair went about testing them in the only true way, fucking each other into squeals on the couch of Monica's office. But it transpired that Dusk's phone had accidentally phone Monica's boss, Roya from her handbag when she had thrown it down onto the desk. Listening and chuckling to the sounds of Monica climaxing noisily through the phone, Roya sent a timely email to Dusk, summoning her to a meeting...

Jay (TWR, arena match, win) - Dusk called Brian to the ring for a rematch but he didn't show up. Instead, a fresh-faced rookie appeared by the name of Jay. Dusk smirked and unloaded all of her rage and frustration on the poor, naive boy, milking his cock and knocking him out between her tits before posing over him and declaring her might to the world.

Brian (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss) - Having spent all week preparing, Dusk was finally ready to score her first win against her nemesis, Brian. But it just wasn't her day. She initially looked as though she would run away with it but crumbled in a failed 69 duel. From there, the whole game plan unraveled for her and, in the end, all she could do was aacept her fate, enjoy her orgasms, take a faceful of cum and come back another day when she had figured out just what the hell had gone so wrong for her.

Brian (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss) - There was no keeping her down. Dusk has sworn that she could lose a HUNDRED matches against Brian and she would still come back again and again. Brian was incredulous. Why did she keep putting herself through this? Still, that was her problem, not his. And he gratefully accepted yet another mark in his win column as he wanked his winner's cock in her face yet again to make the score 6-0 between them.

Anna Ivory (LWR, TITLE MATCH, win) – The reigning LWR champion had to withdraw due to medical reasons and so the league awarded the title to Lady Dusk. After her repeated humbling by Brian, not to mention the shameful way she had lost the title to a rookie last time, Dusk was despondent about receiving a title she did not feel as though she had earned. In a private match with her mistress, Dusk decided that if Anna could prove herself worthy of it, she would get the league to sign it over to her. In actual fact, Dusk romped handily against her mistress, inexperienced in the ring as she was, and opted to keep hold of it a little longer.

Alice Rose - (DM, RP) – Lady Dusk fell under the thrall of Alice Rose, a beautiful and alluring female wrestler with an outlanding dress sense and an aura of calm, authoritative confidence. She was seduced by her and then tamed in the changing room of the dress shop with a remote vibe taped into her pussy. With her mind melted, she became a doll and pleasure toy for Alice, who delighted in having such a beauty under her thrall.

Chloe the Cutie (LWR, TITLE DEFENSE, tie) – Dusk was still despondent about feeling like a hollow champion. She arranged another private match to try and find someone more worthy of the belt informally. This time it was a romp on a duvet spread out on her apartment floor against Chloe. But after a small amount of grappling, Chloe fell asleep on the duvet! Shrugging, Dusk figured there was nothing for it but to go to the ring and defend it for real.

Alice Rose (LWR, arena match, TITLE DEFENSE, win) - Dusk's despondency over the title had sparked debate within the sport but she had decided to officially defend her belt in the ring... or at least allow herself to feel worthy of it in an official match. Her opponent was Alice Rose: the same girl who had just dominated and subjugated her in her own apartment. Dusk fought hard and defied Alice's expectations of her crumbling but broke first. She was then pushed further and harder into subspace than at any time at all in her career. It looked like a complete domination as she was white-washed by Rose. But in the most spectacular come-back of the modern era, she rose from the dead and Duskfall Pinned her opponent in a sensational fairytale end to the title match. If she was ever going to feel worthy of the title, then this was it! It was game on now!

Rahla (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, LWR TITLE DEFENSE, win) – Dusk had made up her mind that she would stage the best title defense that she could manage. She faced Rahla next: a hot-blooded, feisty youngster. Dusk's experience wond out, leaving a cursing, seething Rahla swearing in Arabic at her after been flawlessly dispatched.

Yoimi (LWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, win) - Lady Dusk and Yoimi re-enacted the encounter in which they met: an LWR title match. This time, though, it was Dusk defending the belt against Yoimi. But there was no animosity between them as they fought and they simply enjoyed each other's orgasms as Dusk held the title yet again.

Andromeda Stirling (LWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, tie) - Dusk came up against Andromeda Stirling: a true stalwart of the ring and legendary female wrestler. But rather than this being a clash of two juggernaut champions, the match ended up being abandoned by the referee as the pair blatantly just made love to one another in the ring.

Brooke the Slimy Fighter (LWR, TITLE MATCH, win) – Dusk was satisfied. She had taken the women's title and held it, proving to herself and everyone else that she was worthy of it. She wanted ti hold onti it for as a long as she could but was also happy to see it go with no lingering regrets. Her daughter Brooke had become a phenomenal wrestler in her own right and had hugely impressed Dusk from the moment they had sparred together at the start of her fledgling career. Now, with months of experience behind her, Dusk wanted to know how she had progresses. So she arranged a private match in a training ring... with an added twist. If Brooke could beat her in a straight-up challenge then she would go to the league and sign over the LWR title to her herself! She had satisfied herself with her defense of it and would be happy to give her daughter the experience of holding it... if she earned it, that is. Brooke couldn't believe her luck! But there needed to be a counter-gambit and so Brooke put her Royal Rumble medal on the line. Lose, and she would be eliminated from the T.W.A.T event.

Dusk had perhaps been expecting a fun, friendly mother-and-daughter romp as the two of them locked up and pushed each other around a bit. NO! Brooke had come to FIGHT and from the moment she started, she went for it full guns blazing, displaying a ruthless, cutthroat focus on victory. As Dusk was breathlessly body-slammed into the mat, she was incredulous, yet impressed, by Brooke's ruthlessness: exactly the qualities required of a champion. But she was not going to allow the title to change hands for nothing and, as she begged Brooke to help her stand following the devastating slam, took her hand and retorted with an almighty facebuster of her own! The two were more wary of each other's capabilities now and eyed each other cautiously. But the brutal, physical carnage continued as Brooke locked her in a punishing ceiling hold and Dusk retaliated with a tight backbreaker. With her still refusing to submit, Dusk looked to prove she was the best by smashing Brooke into the canvas with a huge sunset flip powerbomb.

The fight had been punishing and intense, with both of them breaking out the very biggest moves in a war of outright attrition. Dusk was impressed. She was so proud of Brooke for forcing her into this sort of tense, fraught combat and was excited to see what else she had learnt. Bending her hip tauntingly, she slapped her own ass and told Brooke “Now come on. Come and give mommy's ass a spanking, would you?” Brooke smirked and gave chase, the two of them giggling as they ran from each other around the training ring. When Brooke chased her down, the mood had shifted dramatically into fun territory. And as they tackled and tickled each other down to the mat, the fight devolved into [whoa, whoa WHOA!! Hold it right there! The contents of this part of the match report have been deemed to be inappropriate for some readers. As such, this section has been censored and replaced with something far less likely to offend.]

...leading Dusk to congratulate her daughter on such an incredible performance. She would be champion one day. Of that, there was no doubt at all. But it would not be this day.

Ranni (LWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, win) - Lady Dusk once again stepped into the breach to defend her LWR title, incredulous that she was still holding onto it. Into the fray stepped Ranni, a tenacious and superlative fighter that Lady Dusk only knew by reputation: she had obliterated one of Dusk's friends [and by "friends", I mean "alts"] in the TWR only recently, having out-slutted him by orders of magnitude. The two girls shared a chuckle at his expense... but both were quick to get their game faces on and set about the order of business in deciding the title holder. Ranni was straight out of the bocks, hitting at Dusk's weak spot: her ass. In a bid to disable the spanking hand, Dusk tied it in the ring ropes, prompting Ranni to retaliate straight away with a thunderous German suplex that crushed the wind out of the champ. As she looked to follow up by kissing her and crooning scorn, Dusk lashed out herself, smashing the challenger's head off with an almighty clothesline as she looked to disprove Ranni's obvious delusion that she was a soft cock who would easily be bullied off her title.

If anything, the zeal and fire of Dusk excited Ranni more, prompting her to slip out of her shorts. This was the sort of fraught battle for dominance that she loved and craved. The temperature was hotting up immensely and the two entered a steamy struggle on the mat as they rolled across each other and bent each other into a myriad of exotic shapes, dripping in erotic domineering mischief. Pussies were touched and boobs exposed as they started a war of attrition on each other's libidos. But when Ranni furnished herself with her strapon then Dusk met fire with fire, strutting over to retrieve the Destroyer from her corner. Bizarrely, the action slowed at this point as the girls discussed the toys, Ranni threatening to fuck Dusk with her own strapon and Dusk regailing her with stories of the numerous times exactly that had happened, including when she had spent a spell as "Dusky Lad" and experienced the thrill of being pegged with it. Verbal foreplay over, it was time for Dusk to back up her words with action and the pair descended in a strapon duel, each trying to break the other with their rubber cocks. A vicious foot choke from Ranni brought Dusk back to reality and, having fled from her, found herself bent in a brutal back-breaker that saw her volunteering up her clothing in submission. Seeing Dusk peel away her clothes and bare all, Ranni, in her excitement, followed suit, peppering the ring with soggy, moist panties as the fight looked to take a turn for the seriously hot.

Now fully prepped, it was fucking time! It was back-and-forth action the likes of which put Wimbledon Centre Court to shame, as first Dusk was impaled on a rubber dick and the Ranni. back and forth, back and forth: the pair traded phalluses like Pokemon cards as they slapped each other's Jigglypuffs and forced their dicks in each other's Snorlax. But it was Ranni who broke Dusk's composure when she truly gave her a taste of her own medicine and trapped her in a Duskfall Pin! Not just once either... but twice, Lady Dusk was subjected to the shame of being dominated by her own signature move! There was only one way to escape and, with Ranni's gloating ass waggling in her face, a cheeky digit insertion broke the hold. Dusk was incensed now and reeling from the humiliation Ranni had inflicted with the Duskfall Pin. So when she countered furiously in a bid to mask her shame, there was nothing she could do to abate the frenzied fingering that she was subjected to. She surrendered completely, blown away by the sensory overload, and climaxed instantaneously, spasming so violently that it took her a long time to recover and stand afterwards.

The rebuke was swift and decisive: the second that she had regained control of her faculties, she was right back at Dusk, retorting in eaqual measure with her fingers. Driven to an edge of horniness, Dusk didn't even fight it, instead howling encouragement for Ranni to do it; to make her cum buckets. Torrents of cum showered down as Dusk gratefully surrendered her climax and released the crushing tension that had been building in her hips. But this match was still hanging in the balance and Ranni's swift retort had evened the scoring: this one was anyone's match! A tense, tight battle for control broke out, each knowing that one more orgasm would seal or steal the belt. The strapons were all but redundant now as the two of them rubbed and fingered each other's clits like they were trying to clean a stubborn upholstery stain. Another sneaky move from Ranni saw her fake a tap-out and cause Dusk to release her punishing fingering hold before countering with a tight cunnilingus-hold. Dusk tried to foot-rub Ranni to defeat but the challenger was resilient and held her edge and tribbing Dusk in retaliation.

But if either of them thought that this would have a sweet ending, they were mistaken. Yet again, it was Ranni proving to be the most cunning and resourceful, bringing Dusk back to Earth from Cloud Nine with belly punches and reminding her that they were still in a fight. But by this point, Dusk was wise to her underhand tactics. Anticipating the second punch, she caught her fist, twisted her wrist and took her down to the mat, landing neatly on top of her so that she could doom her with a nipple-licking, clit-fingering entrapment. Ranni quivered and gasped and moaned as she slid into the chaos of orgasm, trying to hold it together but failing as Dusk expertly teased a second whopper out of her. Ranni gasped and moaned that it had been so close. Dusk agreed. She had been close. Close to cumming, that is. Ranni knew she had been beaten and offered her tongue's services, happy to subserviently service the champion's pussy and croon self-depricating plattudes to make her feel like a winner. In short order, Dusk was enjoying a momumentally satisfying winner's orgasm on Ranni's face. But she had taken her all the way to the very brink: she had fought and lose with nothing but tenacity and prowess. So she crooned that she could have a different honour: a place on the Destroyer's exclusive list of recipients. Bending Ranni over, she gave a first-hand demonstration of why she was so famed for her mastery of the modestly-sized black strappy, fucking her sensually yet insistently into a combo of truly mind-warping orgasms in the ring whilst increasingly feeling the thrill of breaking and subduing this ferocious scrapper.

Bisky (LWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, loss, love ode aftermath) - For the next LWR title match, the league arranged a match between Dusk and a promising new addition to the LWR roster in the form of Bisky. Dusk was riding high after an impressive title reign and came bounding into the arena riding her usual exuberant light show of lasers and strobe lights. Bisky simply reclined in her corner and watched it all unfold before her and chuckled coolly as she watched the over-excited “squirrel” bouncing around all over the turnbuckle. Dusk smirked at the curiously unflappable rookie. Not because she assumed she would be easy prey: the bitter memory of her title match humbling to Sweetpea still warned her off underestimating rookies. No. She was smirking at the alluring confidence and undeniable beauty of this cool, collected youngster as she lounged about in the ropes, looking sexy as hell. She would make a very fine addition to the Collared Cuties if it got that far, make no mistake!

But first, she had to win this fight before she could think about collars and cute new pets. So she wrestled the young beauty to the mat and squashed her under her ass, refusing to let her escape, no matter what she did. Even when Bisky leaned up and unhooked Dusk’s bra, she stayed in position. Even when her shorts and panties followed immediately. Even when Bisky’s own red strapon distractingly flopped out from within her ring attire. Dusk stayed in place for an age and a half, pulling off Bisky’s panties, gagging her with them and then rubbing her pussy tauntingly above her face.

Finally deciding that she had worn her down enough and established herself as the controlling force in the match, Dusk released her and made her way to her corner to retrieve the Destroyer. Bisky found herself in short order on the end of the champion’s legendary strapon, moaning in bliss whilst she tried to counter with her fingers. There was simply nothing that could be done to slow Dusk, though: she was locked in position and no matter how much she tried to distract Dusk with her fingering, there was no upsetting the punishing, relentless rhythm of her hips once she got into full swing. The Biscuit was sent skeetering over her edge by the defending champion, squealing in rapture as she custard creamed all over the end of the black silicone strappy. Dusk released her, smiling in delight at the sight of the gorgeous youngster wracked with euphoric spasms for her strapon fucking. But there was a sting in her tail and she had come to prove herself. She rose immediately, barely recovering before she took Dusk by storm and rubbed her still-quaking pussy against hers. Dusk was gobsmacked, totally taken aback by the speed of the counter and did not have time to steel her against this unexpected assault. She squealed and shrieked as she was masterfully annihilated by the move, incredulously cumming her brains out as she was reduced to a gasping, squelching mess between Bisky’s hips.

Dusk was stunned at being pegged back after dominating the proceedings up to this point. She knew she had been right not to write off the rookie and was glad she hadn’t: this girl was a dangerous opponent and she would have looked a right tit if she’d been running her cocky mouth. Still, she wasn’t about to roll over and let the title slip away so, after goading Bitsy into coming back for more, she flipped her on her side and got straight back to work with the Destroyer. Bitsy squealed and gasped, and managed to push her away but it wasn’t long before Dusk had the upstart challenger flat on her back, moaning uncontrollably on the end of her tongue as she sent her to another scorching climax on the mat. Dusk was certain that the youngster was done and was already preparing her consolation speech in her head. But Bisky wasn’t for quitting and, barely holding on to her consciousness, she rose from the mat to fight on.

Dusk had a sudden sinking feeling. She could see that tenacity in the rookie; that desire and determination never to give in. And in that moment, she knew that her time at the top was soon to end. Not that she would go down without a fight. She went in to give her more fingering but fell straight into Bisky’s trap and ended over her lap being spanked towards orgasm and feeling her heart melt for the sexy newcomer. With the last of Dusk’s resistance spanked away, Bisky delivered the kill shot, pinning the champion down and breaking her will permanently by delivering a completely irresistible finisher in the form of a pussy rubbing that had Dusk grip her and submit completely, commanding her to “make it a good one.” When she came, the feeling was boosted by the shame of defeat and the howling despair at surrendering the belt as she surrendered to the beautiful, sexy young girl who had completely melted her. Her final act as champion was to blast the front row of the crowd with a hot shower of cum. But instead of sticking the knife into her glazed, cross-eyed opponent, Bisky was full of nothing but love as she gently and seductively kissed, licked and stroked her, besotted with the veteran fighter, now subjugated and half-passed-out beneath her adoring fingertips. But Dusk, too, was seeing hearts as she was caressed by this beguiling young beauty. And when she offered herself up as a toy to the new champion, Bisky’s heart leapt with joy at the prospect of having her all to herself as she helped Dusk up and excitedly led her backstage.

Once backstage, Bisky led Dusk into the locker room shower and closed the door behind them, sealing her into the tight space with her and switching on the cascade of warm water to wash away the grime, sweat and pain of the match. With Dusk enclosed in the cubicle with her, Bisky resumed the seductive, adoring titillation that she had been administering on the mat in the aftermath of her win, holding her close whilst she kissed her neck and massaged her clit with her hand. Dusk was bursting with love but was equally feeling submissive to the new champion, yearning to feel more of the glorious shame of being submissed by her. To this end, she dropped to her knees and wilfully took up her position as a tongue-toy for Bisky to enjoy as she passionately ate her winner’s pussy. Bisky smiled in pure joy at the sight of this beautiful, perfect toy offering herself up to her and enjoyed her loving oral ministrations for the longest time, placing one leg behind her head to lock her in place with soft authority.

By the time Bisky eventually lifted her up to kiss her with soapy soaked bodies pressed together, Dusk was in a world of bliss, seduced utterly and addicted to the girl who had beaten her. Now an adoring lamb, Dusk allowed herself, as if in a trance, to be led to the arena’s Champion’s Lounge and laid down on the bed to receive a generous tongue-fucking of her own. Finally receiving what her pussy had been yearning for, Dusk was a broken, begging mess for Bisky as she expertly teased howls of rapture from her submissive body. When Dusk panted that she was Bisky’s now, the young beauty beamed and asked whether that included her tits and pussy. When Dusk howled that it did, Bisky smiled in sweet satisfaction as she climbed on Dusks’s face and rode her tongue whilst the redhead uncontrollably masturbated below her. The red strapon from the match made its reappearance, with Bisky declaring that it was now exclusively for use on her sweet Duskie. Dusk was so desperate to cum for her new goddess that she climbed onto it and rode it before being pushed face-first into the pillows and ploughed from behind by a sweet, crooning Bisky until she moaned her way into heaven with a sensual orgasm that was fuelled with nothing short of love. With Dusk weeping with post-coital joy, Bisky presented her ass to her glazed face for attention. Obediently and utterly willingly, Dusk stuck out her tongue and serviced the winner one final time, aiding her to a sensual climax all over her face. After three mind-rending orgasms, Dusk’s body and sensibilities were well-and-truly done for the day. Feeling warm, loved and protected, she drifted towards sleep as they cuddled and held each other softly, tracing their fingers adoringly over each other’s bodies.

Wazy (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win) - Having taken some time away to focus on her ladies’ title, Lady Dusk returned to the TWR. First order of business: check that her pets were behaving themselves in her absence. In short… not really. Wazy was complaining about how one-sided the series had been between them and voiced again that he wanted to get out of the collar. He tried to assert himself quickly in the match but Dusk was unforgiving today and started a thorough beatdown with an armbar of calculated viciousness to send a message that she was in charge.

After having her feet forced into his face, Wazy protested and battled back and the two vied for control. Wazy gave as good as he got, choking Dusk on the ropes in response to her sleeper hold and trapping her in submission holds of his own. But Dusk was too strong today, too single-minded. And as he began to tire, she surged into command of the match, trying everything she could to force a submission out of him. He was choked, stretched, squashed, smothered and almost snapped in half. But he flat-out refused to tap out. Frustrated at his stubbornness, Dusk released him with the parting gift of a huge blow across the chest that left him writhing limply at her feet while she stripped him naked to change tactics. Camel clutching him and taunting in his ear, there was no mercy from her.

But Wazy had a sting in his tail and, as soon as there was an opportunity, struck back with a crushing head stomp that saw her pinned under his foot with only two choices: submit or have her head crushed! Neither sounded appealing to her so she invoked the 69 challenge, causing the ref to stop the hold and order them both naked. However, the very instant his cock went in her mouth, Dusk incredulously felt it twitch and pulse before depositing an unbelievably early load. She was absolutely stunned: this was the first time he had been touched! What a humiliatingly premature ejaculation! Gloatingly taking up position on his face, Dusk mocked him, prompting an embarrassed Wazy to tr and cover for his lack of stamina with forceful face fucking. Dusk met his challenge and slipped his length into her pussy to outride him. Wazy tried to nail er weaknesses for spanking and doggy fucking but, when she slid off him and wrapped her thighs around his cock, it was with a desperate panic that he felt himself climax a second time! Howling in despair, he could do nothing at all as Dusk drew a second premature orgasm from him, coating the back of her thighs in cum whilst she grinned into his face. His eyes were glazed and head was spinning. And he was almost counted out but barely beat the 10 count to get back to his feet.

By now, Dusk was rampant with gloating about his inexcusable lack of stamina. Wazy was burning with embarrassment, desperate to get something from the match to shut her up. He went back to aggressive fucking and trying to spank the smirk off her face. She rolled with his attacks, taking a commanding top position, determined to shatter his pride permanently with a third humiliating orgasm. And when the pair fell sideways into a 69, she got it. With his cock in her mouth and trapped in position, Wazy’s cock wilted under the pressure and he shot an unbelievable third load of cum into her gloating, smirking mouth. Poor Wazy was thoroughly ridiculed in front of the crowd as Dusk mocked him about his hair trigger penis ad inability to make her cum. True, he had taken her close to an edge. But as he lay, shamed and broken beneath her as she laughed at him, declaring that he would never get out of her collar, close seemed so very, very inadequate. She might have normally used his tongue to finish the job but announced that his performance had too pathetic even for that honour. So instead she called Psyko out of the crowd and, with one foot still on his chest, forced Wazy to watch whilst another man fingered her to orgasm above her before taking her backstage for her winner’s prerogative.

Andromeda Stirling (Classic) - When they had met in the ring for their title match, it had been obvious to all concerned that there was a real chemistry between these two female wrestlers that had nothing to do with forming a tag team. In fact, the match itself had been such a thinly-veiled love-making session that it had had to be abandoned in the spirit of competition! Their paths had not crossed since but each other was all either of these girls had been able to think about. A "date" was arranged round at Dusk's flat to alleviate some of the tension.

The date aspect of the encounter basically consisted of them both necking a glass of wine to calm their nerves before Dusk disappeared into her bathroom to change into black lingerie with stockings. Andromeda was overcome by the sight of her, lifted her up and dropped her on the bed, wasting no time in succumbing to her pent-up desires. Dusk, too, had spent a long time thinking about the end of the match that never was; particularly about the spanking she's made Stirling promise to deliver if she won. Biting her lip in pure arousal and desire, she crawled her way over the bed and deposited herself in Stirling's lap, offering her ass up for a sweet spanking that would see her drip with lust at the gloriously helpless feeling. Andromeda had come prepared and pulled out some bondage tape to secure Dusk's hands and feet to heighten even more the feeling of submission. Of course Dusk made a show of resisting... but not so as to actually risk not being bound and spanked into the Seventh Heaven Dimension. Dusk was euphoric as she was subjected to a bound, helpless spanking that left her gasping and leaking profusely.

Having given Dusk what she so clearly wanted, Stirling untied her, at which point Dusk turned the tables, binding her by the wrists to the headboard with the very same tape. Pressing her face close, she purred that she was in charge now and that she would make Andromeda regret her mistake of untying her so early: she wasn't going to let her go so easily. She was only pretending to play the role of dominant but when she playfully collared her bound submissive, saying not to worry and that it was only for now, Andromeda lovingly told her that she would never take it off! Dusk lowered her way down her body, kissing everything that she could and peeling away the skirt, bra and panties to end up with a naked and bound Stirling at her mercy. A heavenly eating out whilst being tickled, and any pretense of resistance was gone: Stirling was fully submitted now. Dusk switched positions to sit on her chest with her feet tucked behind her in Andromeda's face and her ass filling her vision whilst she slipped three fingers into her pussy. Stirling could not resist this: it was everything she had been fantasising about and, when Dusk wrapped her own arousal-stained panties over her head, she surrendered completely, cumming spectacularly under Dusk, who smiled lovingly as she helped her through the entire orgasm.

Untying the tape, Dusk released her hands so that she could remove the panties from her head an they could giggle at each other. But Stirling had plans of her own to return the favour for Dusk and so took up the Destroyer. It wasn't Dusk's first ride on her own strapon but the implied humiliation of taking her own toy immediately scored a bullseye on her sub-button. She squealed and moaned into her mattress as she allowed herself to get softly screwed. Then, with Dusk teetering on the brink of collapse, Andromeda pulled her down and lay across her to 69 her all the rest of the way. At first, Dusk mutually ate her but very soon she was sliding into orgasm herself, her head dropping away so that she could moan and howl, feeling the bliss of being on the bottom with Stirling's arse in her face whilst she helplessly climaxed underneath her. Andromeda rose whilst Dusk was still in blissed-out heaven and retrieved a collar of her own. Still trapped in Brian's, there was no way for her to wear it but Dusk promised her that when she was finally free then she would be back for her to put it on properly. In the meantime, the wine was open, the fridge was full, the phone was silent: there was no good reason to get up and move from the bed until the morning.

Rathia (LWR, arena match, win) - When Lady Dusk and Rathia stepped into the ring together, it was amid a mutual respect and an incredulity that their paths had never crossed up to this point. They had mutual friends and had seen each other around but had never actually squared of against each other. When the bell rang, Rathia took a step back, allowing Dusk to rush in and draw first blood. But this was a trap and, as Dusk tried to pin her early, Rathia simply flipped the momentum and ended up on top of Dusk, waggling her bum in her face. The more Dusk blushed and struggled, the more Rathia exerted her control, flipping her on her back and spreading her legs to show off her spandex-clad pussy to the audience before tauntingly rubbing it. A reverse headbutt and Dusk got her first opening of the match, allowing her to lock Rathia in an ab-stretcher before taking her down to the mat in a rear naked choke whilst she felt between her legs and teasing about how wet her opponent had become. Rathia's retort was to squash Dusk's face under her naked pussy after peeling away her own shorts.

And so started Dusk's forray into subspace. Her protests at being smothered felt somehow theatrical to Rathia, as if all the squealing and thrashing was half-hearted and merely to cover her embarrassment at enjoying the position. But her dreamlike reverie was cut short as Rathia face-bustered her back to reality. The heat turned up as Rathia stripped bare and Dusk goaded her on by slapping her own ass and saying that she could handle much more of a spanking than this. Rathia's eyes glimmered as the match took a turn for the sexy and she charged Dusk down to get a head start. But it was Dusk's who got the better of the exchange in the turnbuckle and, slipping behind Rathia, she dry-humped her doggy style, crooning in her ear about how it would feel once the Destroyer was around her waist. Feeling rampant and in command, Dusk mock-collared Rathia with her bra, choking her and causing her to tap out and endure a penalty minute of dominant scissoring. But the very instant the ref ended the minute, she stunned Dusk by flipping her over, planting her pussy once again over her mouth and nose and forcing her to breathe only the damp musk of her pussy. The move was bold and had come out of nowhere! Dusk was totally taken off-guard [and failed a 22% cum chance on this finisher move!] and, no matter how much she squirmed and thrashed, was unable to dislodge her. With mere seconds to go before blackout, she tapped, gasping desperate heaves of air amid her impotent blushes as Rathia climbed off, leaving her opponent fighting for life on the mat.

She could provide no resistance as Rathia teased and taunted her limp body... but the fury was there. Looking to prove her point against Rathia in retaliation for the humbling submission, she did equip her famous Destroyer and start to fight back. Rathia's time spent on Dusk's face had weakened her resolve and, with Dusk masterfully screwing her on her back, there was very little that she could do to avoid the inevitable [96%] climax. Feeling her shudder and shiver beneath her in bliss, Dusk slowed down and caressed her sensually. But this match was not over yet. She looked to control the endgame and put Rathia away with a signature Duskfall Pin... only to have Rathia reverse the hold to body-lock her and eat her out from behind! Dusk was incredulous: the humiliation of having her signature hold broken, reversed and used against her was real and sharp. Subspace loomed large: the situation was so humbling and humiliating that she very nearly came on the spot. But at the same time, she knew deep down that she had to fight. So, knocking her off, she tied to fuck her once again with the strapon. However, she was still wallowing in subspace and Rathia's kiss was enough to distract her and disrupt her rhythm, allowing Rathia to resist and hold her edge.

Rathia fought hard and tried to finger Dusk into submission but she was barely holding on now and Dusk knew it. She was bright red, blowing and panting for breath. Taking her down to the mat, Dusk climbed on top of her face and gave her a taste of her own medicine... and her pussy of course. Holding her by the head, she forced her into her folds to smother her out, only to be stunned when she felt her long dragon tonue enter her deeply and invasively. It could have been construed as a counter attack but the referee ruled it as an act of facesitting dominance on Dusk's part, raising Dusk's hand in victory even as she rode Rathia's incredibly deep-reaching tongue. The simple act of triumph was enough to send her over the edge and she burst a spectacular, satisfying orgasm right on top of her just moments before Rathia blacked out. When she came to, it was to a view looking up at a triumphant Dusk as she pinned her under her foot and posed for the cameras.

Key Relationships

Kaitlyn - Lady Dusk took in this child-like cat girl and gave her a home. She shares her flat with her and looks after her, secretly worrying about what sort of life she led before she found her.

Roya - Part-friendship, part-rivalry, all sex. This complicated, domineering relationship is much about friendly teasing as it is about full-blown competition for sexual control.

Gentle Sir – Lady Dusk's original "Collared Cutie". She may not share him with another mistress but they will always have a place in each other's hearts.

Anton - Completely devoted to his mistress, Anton adores his beautiful and caring owner. And she has just the softest spot for this most devoted pet.

Asmodeus - Having seriously underestimated his true nature, Lady Dusk is now a servant of the Demon Prince of Lust. Her soul has been corrupted by him and she now harbors a frightening power.

Romantic - Head of the noble Malaspina family and a key political figure in the city. He has recruited her into his stable of champions and is training her to be able to represent his interests in dispute-settling sexfights.

Yoimi - A generous, warm, kind wolf girl who owns the firework shop in town and Lady Dusk's cute girlfriend. It seems like her and Yura got on well too.

Kichi the Slime - Whether it is their shared parenthood, her almost childlike innocenceor that she fills her pussy with tentacles and fucks her into the most incredidle orgasms known to humankind, Lady Dusk is captivated by this alluring slime girl.

Psyko/Fred Stark - On the one hand, he is a proud fighter and advocate of the "Blue Army". On the other, he is Dusk's affectionate lover... who just so happens to love the idea of her being bullishly fucked by everyone else.

Anna Ivory - Lady Dusk's lover and mistress. Like ying and yang, these two are like opposite sides of the same coin and need each other on a deeply spiritual level.

Brooke - Lady Dusk blinked and missed the childhood of her fiesty daughter, who idolises her mother and wants to be just like her.

Marinus - An enigmatic perpetual breeder. Lady Dusk is rather more hesitant to reconnect with her son.

GALLERY OF BROKEN HEARTS (A tribute to departed friends)

💔Yura💔 - Lady Dusk's first love: an adorable, shy yet mischievous fox girl. It was love at first hand-hold. Dusk is devastated that her travelling permission was revoked by her people and that she had to go back to her homeland! Maybe she will come back in the future. 🤞

🥵Belle🥵 - Sparks flew from the moment these two locked eyes on each other right the way to their last very hot, very wet clash in the ring. Their sexual tension personified itself very bitchily at first but then as a mutual fuck-fest between two hot, lusty girls who enjoyed making each other moan and squeal. Dusk is quietly heartbroken that Belle announced her retirement from the league and a move away from the city.

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