Axel (Level 11) mail warning

Special rule : my cock have been caged by Rey.
Everytime a chastity action is used on me, I must skip my turn [0/5 wins]

Hello ! :)

Just some curious guy, here to meet nice and lewd people, experience fetishes, and have fun !
I'm a bit inexperienced with the real thing, but striving to learn and get more and more comfortable as time goes on !

I'm a Switch leaning towards Sub, even though I usually end up doing the domming to adapt.
I like to fight for dominance, but more importantly I love to please ! So whatever you are looking for, I'll try my best to adapt for you to have a wonderful time. ;)

My fetishes are... well, numerous, and not all self-admitted. I'm a curious guy, ready to experience many things, so don't hesitate to propose ideas !
I'm especially interested in submission, tease and denial, dirty talking... you know, the whole femdom package ! (Doms, DM me ;) )
My only limits are hardcore pain, toilet stuff... I'm sure the list will go on, eventually.
Not a fan of ruined orgasm either ^^'

I love to RP in chat. If it leads to a whole teasing session, that's even better !
Also open to bets and other kinky challenges ;)

I'm really open to anyone who would like to have a match, a teasing session of any kind, or even just talk. So don't hesitate to DM me, I'll answer ;)

Also : I'm french, so please forgive any conjugation errors if I should make them. And if you're french as well, we could have hot french session ?

Au plaisir de vous revoir en jeu ;)

I had the delight to meet the lovely Ella who quickly became my favorite little toy to tease. ;)
In exchange for an orgasm, she submitted to me completely for an entire day, reporting every single hours to awaits my orders. :)
Life went on, loved grew on and on... and on the blessed date of 11/01/2021, we happily married !! 😊
She's now my lovely little wifey, and I just can't stop myself from loving, cuddling and teasing her all the times 😍❤️‍
She's my precious (and horny) little miracle, and I'm never letting her go for anything in the world~ 😇❤️‍😏

I started my time with Gina by picking a profile picture for her, but soon the tables turned and she put me in my place. She started with using me as an assistant to help Ella with her gambling addiction. After that she continued to get inside my head, I fell deeper into subspace and became a Good boy 😊. After winning a bet against her, she somehow got me denied anyway and she now controls when I get to cum. She does not only keep me denied she teases me whenever she feels like it.

I trained Paulinka to cum on command, and accept her place as an obedient fucktoy ;)
She submitted to me, and now her brand new collar proudly displays "Axel's Sweet Little Toy"

I used hypnosis to brainwash Amy into awakening to her inner slut. She now turns into slut mode upon hearing her trigger words.

Shirley challenged me twice, thinking she could turn me into her obedient little teacher's pet... but didn't thought I would discover her own weaknesses and secret fantasies so easily. She surrendered both time just from my dirty talking and restless teasing... squirting all over from my sweet words alone ;)

I had the delight to experience my first ever femdom session with Mistress Melissa
I quickly came to understood my limits... but will try my best to overcome them, little by little.

I have passed Princess Anastasia recruiting test, and been accepted as her servant.
She bestowed her mark upon my little finger with white nail polish, meaning I am allowed to serve her.

I have been captured by Carmilla, who collared me and took me back to her palace to serve as a slave.

I tried challenging the Slut Goddess herself, but ended up surrendering to her otherwordly charm with half of a fight...
I am now awaiting for the day she will decide to make me show my submission in a prize session.

I thought I could defend my Wrestling title against Seductress... but her dirty talking skills were enough to make me submit to her of my own will, after a night of fighting...

I surrenderer to Ellen the futa, leaving her in control as she used it to tease me over and over, tying my cock and balls for her pleasure to make me go crazy from desire.

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