Hi everyone! I’m Shirley. I’m a 5’6” teacher with 36DD boobs. I’m definitely a switch because some days I love wrecking people and others I love being wrecked. While I sometimes do RP during a match, oftentimes I prefer just dirty trash talking.

I’m very very competitive and the fight itself turns me on most. So if you’re gonna play with me, I want back and forth. Not a fan of one-sided action or giving up too early. I also settle all wagers BEFORE a match begins. I do NOT do any photo wagers.

I only play Classic and Wrestling.

I am a 2-time and current Lez Wrestling Champ (1/25/21 - present) — Next Challenger: Gabriela Garcia

I am a 1-time Wrestling Champ (1/22/21 - 1/25/21) — Lost to Ben Bravo

Kinks: still really exploring. Doggy, hair pulling and dirty talk for sure.

Limits: hard pain, non-sexual bodily fluids, clamps, whips, wax, and extreme derogatory terms (skank and any non-human terms e.g. dog, cow, pig, etc)

Teacher’s Pets:

Amathyst was one of my first wins on EF. She couldn’t help but submit to me and cum all over. She came back for a second try, but I emerged victorious again. Seems like she couldn’t stay away. Tried challenging me a third time, but couldn’t resist cumming all over my fingers. I can’t wait to control a future fight of hers. In our 4th bout, she finally got the better of me and snuck in a win (3-1)

I was able to beat Italian Stallion in our first match together. In round 2, he turned my bratty dominant form into a quivering slutty mess. However, the tie-breaking round ended with me turning him into my newest teachers pet (2-1)

I loved playing with Mia the Catgirl, and it was extra special because it was for the LWR title. It was a long, hard-fought battle, but I edged out an orgasm in the end and made the kitty squirt. I can’t wait to face her again. I’m sure she wants a rematch against her new teacher (1-0)

Chloe attempted to challenge me after a string of losses, and while the match was close, she couldn’t help but give in and cum all over my magic fingers. (1-0)

Bradley James helped set me up with his wife Stella for my first Lez title defense. She was strong out of the gate, getting me nervous and horny. But in the end, she came all over my fingers like the good girl she is. (1-0)

Alya was a lovely competitor. It would have normally been a great fight, but with the LWR title on the line, it was even better. I was nervous at first, but in the end, I turned the champ into a screaming orgasmic mess, taking the belt from her (1-0)

Jayden was a lovely addition. She beat me in our first meeting, but our second was for the LWR title. I was nervous as she made me cum first, but a pair of powerful orgasms later, and she could not resist being my pet (1-1)

Memorable Losses:

Ben Bravo and I met in the public chat of other matches, so it was inevitable we would meet. I beat him in a stunning upset in our first match. However in our second round, with the Wrestling title on the line, he survived against all odds and gave me a mind-blowing screaming orgasm to take the title. (1-1)

I challenged MrBigDick after losing a title match thinking I would get an easy win. The complete opposite was the case as he bred my dripping cunt. In our second match however, he couldn’t resist cumming hard twice as I beat him (1-1)

My wrestling match with Rafa was back and forth. But in the end, Papi made me cum three times for the loss. In our second matchup however, he couldn’t resist cumming twice and tapping out for me (1-1)

Sara was a lovely competitor. I faced her in my first public fight. She beat me (by a little) and used the audience to completely wreck me. However we faced each other again, and she came all over me like the good slut she is. (1-1)

Ever since I arrived on EF, I’ve wanted to go toe to toe with the Latina Bombshell, Gabi Garcia. My wish finally came true, and she proved she was the superior Latina, claiming my panties as her prize (0-1)

I thought I could teach Kip a thing or two. Unfortunately he was more than I bargained for, and I was just able to make him cum before I could resist no longer and came for the second time. The teacher became the student! (0-1)

Erika was too much for me. after I couldn’t resist cumming the first time, I quickly came again all over the place. she made me her squirting slut. (0-1)

Justin fucked my loser pussy until I couldn’t take it any more. Then as punishment, I let him cum all over my tits. (0-1)

I thought I could easily defeat Axel to end a losing streak, but I couldn't have been more wrong.
After edging me all game, he made me squirt just from his words, filling my mind with images of my own students ganging up on me to use me as their little fuck toy (0-1)

I challenged Paige twice, thinking I could beat her each time. She proved me completely wrong, making me squirt multiple times in each match until I became her cum slut. (0-2)

Like it or not Bradley James has beaten me four times in a row. He is relentless; fucking, biting, teasing and humiliating me infront of my classroom full of fans. I got the better of him in round 5 but he struck back hard in round 6. (1-5)

Unbeatable opponents:

I had the honor of fighting Countess Sasha and I can honestly say it was certainly one of the best sexual experiences of my life. The match was razor thin, but in the end I caved first, no match for the Countess’ fingers and tongue. After the match though, I obliterated her pussy in an act of revenge. Our rematch had higher stakes as it was for the LWR title. I fought to the bitter end, but she decimated me both in the ring and after. I thought after our first match I could possibly beat her. After submitting to her in our second match, I knew that was impossible. (0-2)

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