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Hi everyone, welcome on my profile.

I'm fairly new here and have mostly been watching, trying to learn the ropes. And i have been enjoying it a lot a lot ! ~~
~~I now feel more confident to leave the substitute bench and go pick up some fights !

I'm quite competitive (i hate losing) and tend to enjoy rp in my games. I don't have tons of experience in it yet but it is developping quickly. I tend to become quite "wordy" if we start to rp, which leads to long games.

I'm a switch but i am still kind of exploring both ends. I have mostly been the dominant one in my past relationships but it was mainly vanilla. Looking to dig a bit deeper in the kinks ;). I seem to have been mainly on the dom side here as well, probably because my sub side is very limited and i don't feel confortable with many things on the receiving end.

I tend to enjoy dominant women, even though i do not desire to relinquish most of my control. It's more the idea of fighting for control over the other that keeps me going, which this game wonderfully provides.

Although i usually tend to be more charming than aggressive, start shittalking and that might poke the competitive beast ;)

I will be updating my profile as my time on the game increases. Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to shoot me a message if you wanna play.

Edit : slowly coming back after a few month break, i'll be updating the profile soon

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