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Always looking for a match with good RP/ Dirty Talk

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my profile (also, if you gave me a start, please message me, i want to know you!!). I'm a switch, leaning sub mostly, but I enjoy taking control as well, so power exchange and fight for dominance are on the list for sure. I'm more into RP than most things, but trash/ dirty talk are great too, so we can play with those as well. I'm completely new to bets, i know they are things here but I never did one myself, so be my guest if you want to play with one, we can talk about it. I only play in classic or wrestling and I am almost always free for a game, so DM if you want, even if i'm not active. And as I said earlier, since I am a switch i enjoy being both the sub and dom, and as dom I prefer gentle domming, teasing and having my time with your body, but making sure we both have a pleasant time, and as a sub, I don't have any heavy preference (just not into, cumplay with me on the receiving end, feminization, degration and denial) so tell me what you want to do with me (in game, nota fan of irl stuff :x ), it could be almost anything between you making me workshipping your body to you breaking, dominating, and making me your toy sexually.
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