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Hetero / Switch

I bet several times with Zeze, I still don't understand his betting logic but after a few months of playing he says that I am his permanent slave, so from now on I am his permanent slave. Zeze is very docile and continually gives you pleasure until you can't hold it in and you explode, then you become his slave

If you beat me perfectly, without me making you cum once I will eat my semen rl

I played with Vicky, she was arrogant from the beginning and without realizing it, after becoming submissive, I dominated her and made her cum without her touching me, then she wanted revenge and I gave it to her, it was a more even, more sensual fight, more competitive, I won although not perfectly and as a consequence I changed my name.

I had a confrontation with ZEZE, I thought it would be easy because she was in chastity and let me fuck her and do everything to her, but I came before her and the second time she took advantage of the slightest opportunity to finish me off and I could not resist even once, so now I am her slave.

add a new rule, for the next 10 games, if someone calls you pet will be skipped
if someone fucl you, he will skip and thank you.

in my second match with Ashe she defeated me completely, I was a good submissive fighting as much as I could, but her feet and her humiliations were too exciting, she made me cum first inside my boxers and then on her feet, now I am a submissive of goddess Ashe.

my duel with Giuly has been epic, he wanted to dominate me from the beginning, but I gave him a fierce defense, he called me pathetic from the beginning and in the end he was right, the thing was very even until we got to the shower, there he fucked me in the ass until I ran and I could not follow his rhythm, now he left me a week without being able to sit, I am the pathetic toy of Mis Giuly

I had a duel with Makima, first I started hard although she wanted me to submit and I won a first game making her cum like a good cum slut, but in the second round she was unstoppable I was not able to make her cum and she made me her foot slave, now she is my foot mistress.

I challenged Zeze to a fight to see who was the slave of whom, with my arrogance I followed my rules giving her a clear advantage, although I did not expect her to be humiliated so easily, while she was in chastity she tied me up, humiliated me and made me cum twice without even breaking a sweat, now I'm his slave for this month, now he can do whatever he wants, rape me or punish me. I'm his Master Zeze

Hi, I'm "karlo" which is mud in Spanish, I'm 40 years old, with a dominant partner, she doesn't like these online games, I like meeting people to talk and this seems like fun.
I am looking for a fight to be humiliated, micropenis, cuckold and caged, I like chastity games and I would like to make bets.
Hablo español mi ingles da pena

I have to follow the following rules:

Orders: you can try to make it do what you want, it is easy for you to do it, although sometimes I like to be rebellious

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Rope bunny
100% Degradee
96% Submissive
94% Experimentalist
91% Pet
88% Exhibitionist
83% Slave
77% Voyeur
69% Brat
67% Masochist
62% Primal (Prey)
54% Non-monogamist
54% Switch
31% Vanilla
0% Ageplayer
0% Boy/Girl





Weis Schnee: I was dominated, fucked and forced to cum all over the mats by the lovely Weiss Schnee


Cummie took advantage of my chastity cage to torture and submit me, she put a strapon on me to give her pleasure and it was her downfall
This time he beat me and fucked my ass with his big strapon and then he made me suck it.

Delaney She was a great opponent, she allowed herself to be fucked multiple times with my micropenis, although I adored her big cock, in the end I came with her feet and I became her foot slave.



Salt and I fought infront of our doms, she was a tough opponent, she let herself be tamed but in the final stretch she almost knocked me down, I ended up making her cum and marking my victory on her sissy ass.

wc Ist hetero
autorenew Ist ein Switch
access_time Zuletzt aktiv: Vor etwa ein monat, Erstellt Vor mehr als 3 Jahre
access_time Ortszeit: 06:24
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public Öffentliche Spiele
timelapse Dauerhafte Effekte
radio_button_unchecked Mit Halsband versehen von Ashe, Rahla’s Girlfriend~
mode_edit Markiert von Ashe, Rahla’s Girlfriend~
radio_button_unchecked Ist Halsbandeigner von: Cummie, Sam, SillySlut
mode_edit Hat momentan markiert: Giuly, SillySlut
check Fetische: Weibliche Dominanz, Männliche Dominanz, Hardcore-BDSM, Pro Wrestling, Anal, Feminisierung, Keuschheitsgürtel/Käfige, Schmerzen, Schwanz- und Eierfolter (CBT), Pussy Torture, Cuckold, Pet Play, Erniedrigung, Verhöhnen, Knechtschaft, Fußfetisch, Achseln, Kitzeln, Arsch lecken, Dreier/Publikumsbeteiligung, Ausstellung/Outdoor, Spermaspiele, Hypnose, Schwanzanbetung, Pussy Worship, Orgasm Control, Latex, Medizinisch, Monster, Alkohol, Food
shopping_cart Spielzeuge: Knebel, Analplug, Dildo, Saugdildo, Dildo-Vibrator, Zauberstab-Vibrator, Vibrator, Nippelklemmen, Fleshlight/Masturbator, Cockring, Prostata-Massagegerät, Kragen/Halsband, Leine, Handschellen, Seil, Keuschheitsgürtel/Käfig, Gummiband, Schnürsenkel, Hodenbrecher, Peitsche, Paddel, Wachs, Ganzkörperspiegel


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