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Seeking competitive sexfights and roleplay

Hetero / Switch

Hello everyone, I’m Leon. I’m 27 years old and from the USA. I usually just do dirty talk during my matches but I also love a good role play. I’m really turned on by battles for dominance and I like it when both sides are trying their hardest to win. That said, I don’t mind losing if I’m having a good time. I'm not a fan of one-sided sessions. I lean more towards the dominant side but you might see my submissive side if you manage to beat me. If you think you can take me on then come at me. Feel free to PM me so we can discuss any details.

My limits are hardcore BDSM, pain, and scat/piss play. I usually play classic and wrestling modes, though I might do hentai mode every once in a while.


2x Guardian of the Hill
2x Hentai Champion
2x Champion Wrestler

Notable matches:

Samantha Leone thought she could defeat me in the wrestling ring. She almost did but I was able to pull through with a victory. Thanks to a bet made before the match, I was able to have my way with her after the match.

Laura is a formidable opponent. Cocky and brash but more than capable of backing it up. I managed to beat her the first time we fought but she got the better of me in subsequent rematches. My record against her is 1-2.

Prinz Eugen sought to make me her latest tasty snack. We had a long, hard-fought battle but in the end, I was the one snacking on a sweet victory.

Cheater in heat was so confident that she would have me begging for mercy that she bet that the loser would submit to the winner. But I was the one who dominated her in the wrestling ring and afterwards I took my reward by having her service me.

I challenged Sara for the Guardian of the Hill title. I was able to make her cum early while resisting her best efforts to secure my victory.

I underestimated Sissy Scarlet and she made me pay for that overconfidence by draining me and “Scarlet’s toy” on my stomach with an arrow pointing to my dick.

Gabriela Garcia gave me the fight of my life. She was a formidable foe but I was confident that I could beat her. In the end I had her dead to rights but somehow she survived and managed to narrowly pull off the come from behind victory.

I challenged then-champion Isabelle for the Guardian of the Hill title. She proved to be worthy of her title and I ended up becoming one of her conquests. Since then she's become one of my favorite people to square off against. I've won each subsequent encounter but at this point, wins and losses are irrelevant. When I'm playing with Isabelle, it's always going to be a good time regardless of the outcome.

Shirley was the first woman to beat me on this site, ending the six game winning streak I was so proud of. When we finally had a rematch, she beat me again and took my Guardian of the Hill title.

I reached out to Fuyi for a match and after a couple of false starts, we finally got it on. She did not disappoint, she gave me one hell of a match. I had a lot of fun with her even though I lost.

Alexandra challenged me in the wrestling ring. She acted tough at first but that façade quickly broke once she got a taste of my skill. She put up a valiant effort but she just couldn't resist cumming for me.

I challenged Cleo the Cat to a match. She accepted and we met in the wrestling ring. She proved to be a greater challenge than I anticipated and our match ended up being a very close one. In the end, she made me submit to her.

After a couple of missed opportunities, I finally got the chance to challenge Alisa for the Hentai Championship. She really took it to me and gave my ass a real pounding. But I was able to persevere and fuck my way to victory and the Hentai Championship.

Naotsume challenged me for the Hentai Championship and I was all too glad to accept. I thought I could handle her but I was wrong. Even though it was a close game, her charms and techniques were simply too much for me and she left me drowning in pleasure while taking my title.

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