Lady Knight Cithria (Stufe 8) mail warning

Bi / Switch

Evolving character based on the game to game experience, starting of with no kinks adding up game after game, and timid persona... fear it will got dark soon.

Setting out to be the best warrior queen of the arena... so watch out.

BEB - the concept of it is beautifully done

Fighting the gauntlet of foes is fun, would say that warrior is easiest, mage would be medium, and healer spec is super hard (still looking for a win as healer... nope, won and hard fought at that)

Currently wearing the medieval librarian outfit for the Office tournament. ^^

Backstory and current story bellow ^^

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Cithria made her way down the winding mountain paths, she felt a mix of excitement and nervousness about the journey ahead. Her years of training in both martial skills and the ways of survival in a world filled with dangers had prepared her well for what lay ahead, but the unknown was always a challenge. The road to the Capital was long and treacherous, filled with perils of all kinds. Cithria knew she would face not only physical challenges but also moral dilemmas as she navigated through a world where lust and lewd acts were often used as weapons. Memories of the lewd arena fights and encounters with creatures like goblins, orcs, and demons flashed through her mind, but she steeled herself for whatever may come her way. Despite the darkness that lurked in this world, Cithria held on to her dreams of becoming a squire in the service of the Capital. It was a goal that kept her focused and driven as she pushed forward, step by step, towards the Capital where her fate awaited. With each passing mile, Cithria felt her resolve grow stronger. She knew that the path ahead would be challenging, but she was determined to prove herself and rise above the obstacles that stood in her way. She traveled through forests, crossed rivers, and ventured into unknown territories, she remained steadfast in her quest to become a squire and make her mark in a world where strength, skill, and courage were valued above all else. And so, with her heart set on the future and her eyes fixed on the horizon, Cithria continued her journey towards the Capital, ready to face whatever trials and adventures awaited her on the path to becoming the squire she had always dreamed of being. Cithria pressed on with determination in her heart, she suddenly found herself ambushed by a group of goblin and orc raiders. Despite her formidable skills, the overwhelming numbers and ferocity of her attackers proved too much for her to handle. She fought valiantly, but in the end, she was overtaken and captured by the brutal raiders. Trapped and stripped of her weapons, Cithria felt her hope wane as she faced the grim reality of her dire situation. The goblins and orcs, driven by their base desires, subjected her to unspeakable acts of lewdness and lust, using her as a toy to satisfy their depraved urges. In the depths of despair, Cithria clung to the last vestiges of her courage and resilience, her spirit tested to its limits by the torment she endured. However, fortune favored her that day as the corrupted creatures' incompetence proved to be her saving grace. In a stroke of luck, Cithria managed to escape her captors when a moment of distraction presented itself. With a heart pounding with adrenaline and a fierce determination burning within her, she seized the opportunity and fled into the darkness, leaving the lewd and depraved creatures behind. Though shaken and scarred by her harrowing ordeal, Cithria refused to let her spirit be broken. With newfound strength and resolve, she continued her journey towards the Capital, her will unyielding as she forged ahead, ready to conquer whatever challenges lay in her path. Despite the trials and tribulations she had faced, Cithria remained steadfast in her quest to become a squire and fulfill her dreams, her spirit unbroken by the darkness that had threatened to consume her.

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Cithria finally reached the outskirts of the Capital, a sense of awe washed over her. The bustling city was a stark contrast to the quiet mountains she had journeyed through, filled with sights and sounds that both intrigued and intimidated her. She knew that within the walls of the Capital lay opportunities to train and battle in the lewd and lusty duels that were infamous in this part of the world. Despite her initial reservations, Cithria soon found herself drawn into the competitive world of arena fights, where skill and seduction often went hand in hand. She honed her combat abilities and navigated the intricate dance of strategy and sensuality, she discovered a side of herself that she had never truly explored before. The thrill of victory and the rush of adrenaline in battle awakened a fire within her, fueling her desire to excel and prove her worth in this challenging environment. However, with each duel and victory, Cithria found herself increasingly affected by the alluring temptations that surrounded her. The lure of power and desire began to cloud her judgment, testing her resolve and pushing her towards a darker path. Despite the whispers of corruption that crept into her mind, Cithria continued to train diligently, determined to become a squire of the Capital. She navigated the fine line between maintaining her integrity and succumbing to the seductive forces that threatened to consume her. The moon cast its silvery glow over the Capital, she found herself drawn to the allure of forbidden pleasures that danced in the shadows. In the stillness of the night, after long days of training and battles won, her body craved the touch of another, the warmth of intimate embraces that ignited a fire within her. Secret liaisons whispered promises of ecstasy and escape, and you found yourself indulging in lewd and lusty acts that stirred a newfound desire in your heart. The intoxicating blend of desire and danger fueled a hunger within you, leaving you breathless and yearning for more. She navigated the dual worlds of training by day and indulgence by night, a new corruption took root in your mind, a twisting vine that coiled around your thoughts and whispered seductive temptations. The line between duty and pleasure blurred as you walked the path of a squire, your resolve tested by the tantalizing promises that beckoned you towards a darker path. Through perseverance and sheer will, Cithria managed to rise above the temptations that beckoned her, emerging as a skilled and respected warrior in the eyes of her peers. Her journey was not without its challenges and sacrifices, but in the end, she achieved her dream of becoming a squire of the Capital, a testament to her strength, skill, and unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

Being a squire, the next step was becoming a knight, and that was a hard and grueling task, as you have to defeat a gauntlet of monsters under the influence of Dark Lord lieutenants that commanded Goblin soldiers, brigands, Orcs and Demons all aiming to corrupt the minds and souls of young adventurers that seek glory. Three of such challenges needed to be overcome, as a Warrior, Mage and Cleric. Cithria did all, but as the last challenge was won, the corruption of lust reached its peak. The final challenge approached, Cithria felt a mix of excitement and trepidation within her. The allure of achieving knighthood and fulfilling her destiny as a skilled warrior was within her reach, yet the whispers of corruption continued to echo in the recesses of her mind, tempting her with dark desires. With her trusty sword in hand, Cithria faced the first challenge as a fierce Warrior. The battleground was fraught with danger, as she battled against ferocious Goblins and cunning brigands under the sinister command of the Dark Lord lieutenant. With each strike and parry, Cithria's resolve was tested, but her determination never wavered. Cithria faced the goblins in the final challenge, their lewd attacks filled with lust and desire were met with unwavering resistance. Her years of training and discipline had instilled in her a sense of control over her own desires, allowing her to deflect their advances with ease. With each swing of her sword, she deflected their lecherous intentions and focused on the task at hand. The battle raged on, the bandits under the Dark Lord's command found themselves worn out by the relentless onslaught of Cithria's allure. She moved with a grace and confidence that left them entranced, yet it was not their desires she sought to satisfy. Instead, she used her trained body to outmaneuver them, using their own lust against them in a display of cunning and adaptability. Through her encounters with various companions, both men and women, Cithria had learned to harness the power of desire as a weapon. She defeated the bandits not with brute force, but with a seductive finesse that left them bewildered and defeated. In that moment, Cithria proved herself not just as a skilled warrior, but as a true lady knight of lewdness and allure, conquering her enemies with a mastery that was uniquely her own. She emerged victorious, her armor stained with the blood of her enemies, and her body washed in the lust filled desire left on her by the bandits. A testament to her strength and prowess in combat.
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Next, Cithria donned the robes of a powerful Mage, wielding the forces of magic against the vile Orcs and malevolent Demons that stood in her path. The air crackled with mystical energy as she unleashed spells of fire and ice, weaving intricate incantations to overcome her foes. The vile Orcs fell to ashes before Cithria's magical prowess, she felt a surge of power and determination coursing through her. Her robes billowed in the mystical energy that surrounded her, weaving a protective barrier against the relentless demons that now surrounded her. Though exhausted from the intensity of her magic, Cithria stood defiant against the horde of demons with unwavering resolve. They sought to overwhelm her with their insidious intentions, she summoned every ounce of strength within her to push back against their advances. The fiery touch of their flesh upon her skin only fueled Cithria's determination to emerge victorious. With each spell she cast, she inched closer to turning the tide of battle in her favor. The light within her burned brighter, guiding her through the relentless darkness as she stood as a beacon of hope amidst the chaos. In a final breathtaking display of courage and power, Cithria emerged as the triumphant victor over the drained and powerless demon horde. Her spirit unbroken, she stood tall against the malevolent forces that sought to bring her down, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before. The darkness threatened to consume her at some point, but Cithria's inner light shone brightly, guiding her through the shadows and into the light of victory.
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Lastly, as a devout Cleric, Cithria called upon the divine powers bestowed upon her, channeling healing energies and sacred blessings to purify the corrupted creatures that stood before her. The battle was intense, the forces of evil seeking to test her faith and dedication to the path of righteousness. With a steadfast heart and unwavering belief in her cause, Cithria emerged triumphant, her spirit unblemished by the darkness that lurked within the shadows. With a serene grace that belied the inner strength she possessed, Cithria faced the Incubus, a being of dark seduction and temptation. The creature attempted to cloud her mind with visions of forbidden desires and perverse acts, Cithria remained resolute, drawing upon her training and inner light to counter the insidious assault. With a knowing smile, she gazed into the Incubus' eyes, her own gaze unwavering and filled with determination. Instead of succumbing to the lure of lust and debauchery, Cithria harnessed her own desires and redirected them with a purity of intent that left the Incubus taken aback. The Incubus faltered, Cithria's aura of righteousness shone brighter, dispelling the tendrils of darkness that sought to ensnare her. With a whispered prayer and a gesture of divine power, she banished the corrupting influence of the Incubus, leaving it weakened and defeated in the face of her unwavering faith and inner purity. In the aftermath of the battle, Cithria emerged victorious, her spirit untarnished by the shadows that had sought to engulf her. With a heart filled with compassion and a soul strengthened by her unwavering devotion to the light, she stood as a beacon of hope and purity in the face of darkness. The last challenge was overcome, Cithria felt the tendrils of corruption receding, their grip loosening as her purity and virtue shone brightly.
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She had proven herself as a warrior, mage, and cleric, mastering the three paths of knighthood with grace and determination. With her soul unscathed and her resolve unbroken, Cithria ascended to the rank of knight, a beacon of light in a world plagued by darkness. Her journey was a testament to her strength, courage, and unwavering spirit, a shining example of what can be achieved when one's heart is pure and true. The duality of Cithria mind split into two. One still Cithria the other a dark twisted lewd and lust filled succubus persona, mirror image of her calling herself Zethria.
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Filling Cithria's mind with all kinds of lewd and deprived images of debauchery and wild magic induced acts of mating and indulging in sex acts. But breaking away from Cithria, Zethria lost all influence over her, becoming her bitter rival and greatest opponent before she can face the Dark Lord in the final battle. Cithria stood at the precipice of her knighthood, a battle raged within her soul - a clash of light and darkness, purity and corruption. The whispers of the malevolent succubus, Zethria, taunted and tempted her with debauchery and darkness, threatening to consume her resolve and lead her astray from her noble path. In the midst of her final challenge, a sinister presence manifested itself in the form of Zethria, a twisted mirror image of Cithria, embodying all the lewd desires and wicked fantasies that sought to corrupt her soul. The succubus's dark influence sought to ensnare Cithria, filling her mind with depraved images and wild magic-induced acts of lust and depravity. But Cithria, with her unwavering will and inner strength, fought back against the seductive whispers of Zethria. With each strike and spell, she banished the succubus's influence, casting aside the shadows that threatened to envelop her spirit. Zethria, once a part of Cithria's fractured mind, was now her bitter rival, a formidable foe standing in the way of her ultimate victory. Cithria emerged victorious over Zethria's insidious influence, her true essence shone forth - a radiant beacon of light amidst the encroaching darkness. The purity of her heart and the strength of her spirit carried her through the final battle, where she faced the Dark Lord with courage and determination.
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In the end, Cithria's journey was not just a test of her skills as a warrior, mage, and cleric, but a testament to her unwavering resolve in the face of temptation and corruption. With Zethria banished away for time being, Cithria ascended to the rank of knight, a symbol of hope and virtue in a world besieged by evil. Her victory was not just a triumph over external foes, but a triumph of the soul, a victory of light over darkness, and a testament to the indomitable strength of the human spirit.
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