Zofia - Little Flame (Level 9) mail warning

Who wants a play thing 💜 All toys and restraints at hand 🥰

25 year all, 5'7 tall, 34c cup size. Love to dye my hair and my current colour is a dirty purple.

Currently can only cum if given permission by anyone, it's up to you how you use this information, I have to keep begging to a minimum.

Sub at heart but am a big tease which people see as me being a bit Dom. Always up for irl action as we play. I can perform self bondage with toys if I am feeling up to it.
Always up to for some casual talk....or dirty fantasies....if we are having an rp I aim to follow any actions irl and rp how I am feeling during them. If I am holding up to your attacks I will aim to be more attacking back as I have my stamina but if I start to struggle irl this will start to show in rp as I being to lose myself to the pleasure.

Horny bisexual, Tease and Denial, Forced Orgasms, Sexting king of girl. Love been told what to do.
Force me to cum without me knowing I am allowed to. Make me your cum slut.

I do not have a high pain tolerance. I do not like extreme pain, humiliation, toilet play etc.
I do not enjoy anal other than having a vibe. (Slowly working on improving this)

Feel free to DM on the discord server or even message me on milovana.

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