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Come talk and have some fun ;)

Introduction :

Hi, I'm Aëlys!
Gentle, quite shy (at least at the beginning), a bit stubborn some times, but passionate bisexual french guy in his 30's, looking for a good time here and mainly RP.

Alternative RP characters:
- Aëlya, his female and real form. She's a half-breed succubus dragon.
- Aëlyrya, a friend Aelya met in the forest once. She's a wolf-girl.
- Aëlynn, a friend Aelya saved in the past and led here. She's a futanari Aasimar.
- Kyraël, a funny and friendly Cheshisre cat-girl he met during his time here.
- Shannaël, a very slutty and naughty genie sub bound to her lamp.
- Maëlya, a hot half-kitsune musician and dancer.
- Maki, a cute lemur-boy.

Outside RP :

About me :

I'm usually not a fight to win person. Most of the time I don't really care if I loose or win, as long as we take pleasure playing together.
Wether you are a girl/guy/transexual, crossgendering or any other orientation, that is not a problem for me.
I'm bi and if I didn't tagged my profile as so is only because I prefer to play with guys with one of my alt female characters.

I'm a switch leaning sub, as I love to please women. But I also love equal relations. So I'll be either a nice follower, or a gentle dom, depanding on the mood and the people.
Got weak points, maybe you'll find them and make me melt, making me as sweet as a lamb ;)
Once was a faithful servant of The Sorceress Queen, until she she left this realm.
I'm not very confident in the dom side, but I start to understand the pleasure of being one in some conditions... That side of me more likely to appear with my alt character Aelya. But please if it happens with me, don't ever call me "daddy" please, big turn off for me. Also not good at trash talking, maybe I'm too kind.

About the game :

Role player for years and fantasy fan since the beginning, I just need some inspiration to go with it, even if I have some difficulties with advanced vocabulary for describing scenes.
I have a preference for Classic and Hentai modes (even if I'm willing to try the others).
Might be open for bets if you have any ideas.
Get me to my sub side, and I might reveal you one of my biggest kinks/weeknesses.

Owns some lovense toys.

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions, expectations, demands, remarks, problems, etc... You can also find me on Discord even if I'm not the more talkative guy in the server :p

My known kinks (Non-exhaustive list)
My known limits:

Concerning RP :

Aëlys, male appearance of Aëlya

Aëlys is the male appearance of Aëlya , used in the past to hide her true identity.
A bit taller and heavier with the same quite tanned skin, long dark red hair, blue eyes. He wears tailor-made black, red and purple leather and silk clothes, embellished with two richly crafted gold and silver bracelets to match a gold necklace adorned with a large ruby cut in the shape of a teardrop. You can sometimes see him with an assorted set of weapons dangling from his black belt closed with a silver dragon skull shaped buckle. The first being a dagger, the second a thin scimitar, both of mithril with adamantite handle and guard gilded and ornate. The difference between the two was their dragon-talon-shaped pommel, one in obsidian encasing an amethyst, the other in amethyst encasing an obsidian.

Like Aëlya, he posseses higher strength and sharper senses than average. The main difference is that he cannot take his true demonic form, but can still wield magic.

Concerning his preferences, he is a quite gentle switch leaning dom, but his tendency to go sub is a bit more developed. Aëlys is looking for fun, involving all kind of respectfull people. Also pretty versatile, he loves sex and almost all the kinks, exepting harsh humiliation, pain and all bath related ones.

wc Is hetero
autorenew Is a switch
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