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A rookie fighter, looking to fight and fuck his his way through the league. A man who loves sexfighting as much as he loves putting on a show, he's out to get the win, humiliate his opponents, and please the crowd with dramatic flair. His love for a good show doesn't stop in his victories though, if an opponent can turn the tables and beat him in spectacular fashion, that's almost as much of turn on as winning. Win or lose, he just wants to put on a good show.

I faced off against Tay, and after our last few matches, I came in confident that I was going to dominate her yet again. Things started off just as planned, fucking her tiny ass from below and bringing her to a squirting orgasm. However, things went downhill from there, Tay's brought a friend to catch me by surprise and bring me to my first orgasm with a sloppy blowjob. Without giving me any time to recover she sandwiched my cock between her ass and pumped me to my second orgasm. Knowing I was unsatisfied, she teased and edged my cock until I agreed to post my loss in exchange for the chance to cum in her pussy. Unfortunately I lost the dice roll as well and Tay happily left me with a ruined orgasm.

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